Stella Dimoko NDLEA Proposes Drug Tests For Ladies Before They Marry....


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Sunday, August 23, 2020

NDLEA Proposes Drug Tests For Ladies Before They Marry....

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), on Friday in Maiduguri said drug tests may be included in premarital screenings due to the increase in in drug addiction among girls and married women.

NDLEA Chairman, Mohammed Mustapha Abdalla, who stated this during the destruction of seized illicit substances, said the target of illicit trafficked drugs which hitherto used to be among the male youthful population was fast expanding to now include teenage girls, young women and old married women.

“As an extension of the proposed Drug Integrity Test Policy for the public servants, the agency is considering partnering with religious leaders to make drug testing a prerequisite for marriages in churches and mosques as the case for HIV/AIDS”, he said.

He said the essence of the event was to ensure that all seized illicit drugs were put out of circulation, adding that 19,234.58 kilograms of illicit substances including controlled prescription drugs, cannabis sativa, cocaine and heroin were destroyed.

From Daily Trust


  1. Replies
    1. lol, bunch of jokers, mean while its the men who bring the drugs into the country. How about arresting the men who bring the drugs in. Unbelievable, and the reason for them doing it is for marriage purposes, nothing else.

    2. Can you imagine. They will just wake up one morning, sit down amongst themselves and start planning different ways to persecute women, while the source and root of it all are men.

      As facs have shown the most disrespected and most persecuted women in the world is the black muslim woman. They should continue until they reap what they sow.

    3. Both of you above don't have sense. Go to the north or find out from anyone you know that lives there about how the girls from that part abuse codeine and pills in an alarming level

  2. Really? And no test for the guys ba? Keep up the fantabulous work. πŸ™„πŸ™„

  3. What is this one saying? What about the men? πŸ™„

  4. Why only girls???

  5. Lol really??
    No drug tests for men??
    Didn't they look at their records to ascertain which gender are more likely to be busted with drugs, either buying or selling??
    And hope that the drug test will be free and not another avenue for the government to make money??
    This present government is so heartless that one day they would start taxing us for the oxygen that we breathe..
    A government that is anti middle & low class earners, mchewww!!..
    Chizzy J ..

  6. Hmm they should screen for Underlying mental conditions as well.
    People are going through a lot Iv realized.

    1. Haa Convince.
      This one is enough before they add checking of ladies with ogbanje spirits to the list.

  7. I think the Chairman is only trying to create awareness on the increase in drug addiction among women in Northeast Nigeria. It's a real problem there.

    1. When the drug addiction among men in the northeast was on the increase, they did not propose drug tests to men for premarital screenings.

  8. The these female northerners dey drink codeine, na like water

  9. Good one,I was born in the
    northern part of naija.they do
    drugs a lot. smoking too is a
    norm for both sex.

  10. They should do the test for both sex, the abuse of drugs in the north is alarming. Even more common with the rich folks. #spotremover#

  11. What does marriage have to do with it? Misogynistic as fuck! Why do men always feel the need to control women?


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