Stella Dimoko Nigerian Embassy In Canada Suspends Activities After Nigerians Attack Staff..


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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Nigerian Embassy In Canada Suspends Activities After Nigerians Attack Staff..

The Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa, Canada has announced an indefinite suspension of its activities. 

In a statement posted on its website, the commission also said the special intervention arrangement for emergency cases “on discretionary basis” has been suspended.

The commission said it had devised a system in which citizens with emergency cases were attended to strictly by appointment that allowed a limited number of people into the chancery at a time — in compliance with the laid-down rules of physical distancing.

But it said some citizens chose to abuse the system by showing up without an appointment.

It also accused citizens of acting in an unruly manner and disturbing the peace at the chancery.

It said the situation came to a head on August 14, when a group showed up at the high commission and refused to allow embassy staff members to attend to those who had appointments.

It alleged that a female staff member was held hostage and subjected to physical abuse.

“This kind of conduct is considered unnecessarily hostile and totally unacceptable and no embassy would tolerate conduct that puts the lives of its staff members at risk,” it said.

“We are closing down the embassy and we shall be considering ways to make our premises more secure and less susceptible to unruly behaviour and violent mob action.”

It also said the closure of the air space has impaired the transportation of passport booklets into the country.

”For individuals trying to renew work and study permits, the commission asked them to apply for renewals online. At the appropriate time, applicants would be asked to submit appropriate documentation,” the commission said.

“If you do not have a valid passport when this happens you may ask for a 90 day grace period which would be granted.

“Nigerian citizens whose study or work permits have expired since March 2020 and who do not have a valid passport have a grace period that lasts until December 31st 2020. By this time we expect to have resolved some of the challenging issues that COVID-19 has created.”

In March, the Nigerian consulate in New York suspended emergency passport services owing to a shortage of booklets.

The Nigerian high commission in London also suspended passport processing services in order to limit exposure of staff and applicants to COVID-19. It later announced reopening of visa application in July.

The Cable had documented complaints by Nigerians of how difficult it is to get a Nigerian passport.

The Cable


  1. The way these guys act is terrible. They have zero work ethics. You are asked to be there at 0900 hours. They don’t even call you till almost 1pm. When you complain, they threaten to kick you out. Since they have the yam and the knife, you bite your tongue and wait. I feel bad for those who take their kids there. The kids get cranky, having missed their nap time.
    Why in the world do our embassies, keep running out of booklets?? I just tire.

    1. You couldnt have said it any better. The one in the UK is nothing to write home about. You go for a 9am appointment and end up spending the whole day there, no coordination whatsoever and long queues. The last time I renewed my Nigerian passport in 2016 it was hectic. My husband renewed his in 2018 and the story was still the same he almost had an altercation. He said when we go to Nigeria with our baby it will probably be with a visa then we sort out the passport when we get to Nigeria

    2. That of the UK need to be addressed. Most of those staff are from hell. An adult like me, I cried the last time I was there. It's time for renewal now and I keep postponing the date. I don't even know if they have started operation.

  2. Replies
    1. Chaiii even in the abroad the fangs of bad behavior still dey bite. I tire!!!

  3. Hmmm...this is bad and sad.

    1. it's worse in the Abroad my dear.

  4. Dem wan do am to punish the Nigerians there. Wicked people.

  5. Nigeria is not working and when the head is not working, the ripple effects is wide. Inasmuch as it's a Nigerian thing for all her embassies the whole world to be found wanton, some have worked better in some regimes than others. Why must Nigerians in diaspora suffer passport issues every time/all the time? Why the embassy officials do not intervene when you have issues as your country's embassy, having passport booklets should be the least and most basic service they should offer.

    No wonder some disregard registering at the embassy sighting "what can they do for me" as excuse.

    We can do better.

  6. Oh Lord! It's a pity that this is happening to our abrodians . And we here can't wait to join you guys. Anyways, it's not easy anywhere.

  7. Hmmm Canada my dream country.fear of being denied Visa and losing my hard earned money when denied no let me near embassy.God abeg help our country oooo dis isn't nice to hear

  8. And that is how my Canadian passport has been with them going on 6 months no visa no nothing!!! Borders are closed so we can’t travel only God knows what we could have done !!! Kai Nigeria could easily be the worst country in the world haba!!!

    1. Hope ur passport never lost sha. Cos he no pass their power I. Me I've been waiting for their 10yr passport until then we'll stick to visa. I no get strength for their nonsense anymore.


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