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Friday, August 07, 2020

Nigerians Need To Calm Down!

There’s this hilarious video that went viral recently. A boy had offended his mother, and was about to get a beating. Tearfully, even before he got whipped, the boy tried to plead his way out.

As the mother told him to stretch forth his palm to be caned, he entreated: “Mummy, it must not be hard beating o...This is my last chance. Last chance in the world.”

Amidst tears, he said he had a question for the mother:
“Will you be going out today? You must rest a little...Mummy, calm down. Don’t be angry. I’m just telling you to be ‘calming’ down. You must rest a little.”

The boy then reclined on a couch, to show how the mother must calm down, and rest.

The boy and his mother became some sort of celebrity. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State asked to meet with him, and said there were fundamental lessons to learn from his tearful admonition to his mum.

Calm down. I’m just telling you to be ‘calming’ down. Hahahahahaaaaaaa.

But if the truth the told, that message from the boy is for the entire country. We need to calm down. We are too uptight, nervy, edgy. We grumble, murmur too much, call the government a lot of names, try to demonize those serving the nation, when it could be “our last chance. Last chance in the world” to really fix things.

If you listen to some people; angry youths, religious leaders, political analysts, newspaper columnists, news reviewers, so-called activists, then nothing positive is happening in the country. It is all about insurgency, banditry, killings, joblessness, corruption, lack and deprivation. True? False!

Those things are there, as they are also in many countries of the world. But they are not the only things happening in Nigeria. Only that we would not see the positive things, except we calmed down. We would never enjoy the rainfall, if we expect rainstorm to carry away our rooftop at any moment. Calm down. “I’m just telling you to be ‘calming’ down.”

One of my favorite boyhood songs is the one by Jimmy Cliff. ‘Keep Your Eyes on the Sparrow.’

Here I stand with my head down in my hand
Wondering what on earth I have done wrong
There’s a cloud that has overshadowed me
Blocks the light from my eyes, I cannot see
But I know where I wanta be
Right or wrong, I’ve got to face my destiny

Somebody tell me to
Keep your eyes on the sparrow
Keep your eyes on the sparrow
Keep it on, keep it on now
Keep your eyes on the sparrow.

That is a song of hope. It’s a song of encouragement. The God Book says God keeps His eyes on the sparrow, and none can fall down without His permission. If He watches over a bird, how much more we human beings, created in His image? But man has walked away from that original estate. We sit on the complaint counter. We murmur, curse, cavil. We rail against God, against man, against government, even against our own selves. We indulge in hate speech, concoct and spread fake news. And it blinds our eyes. It blocks the light from our eyes, and we cannot see. We never see good, even when it surrounds us. We focus only on negative narratives.

Let me give a practical example. Last Sunday, one of the guests on Sunday Politics, hosted by Seun Okinbaloye of Channels Television, was one Group Captain Sadeeq Garba (Retd). He was also deputy head of safety and security at the African Union Commission, and now a private security consultant.

The retired Air Force Officer was asked to talk about the worrisome trend of killings in the country. The man said the killings were sad and regrettable, but things were not as completely negative as some people and interest groups would want to make them seem.

Quoting what he called reliable statistics from the Centre for Research in the United States, he gave these figures of the evil development from 2011, in number of total killings:

2015- Not available
2020-6195, as at June.

Now, one life lost is already too many. One single life should not be taken wantonly, not to talk of in hundreds and thousands. It is bestial, inhuman. But why do some people want to make it appear as if we hadn’t passed through worse times in this country? Forget about who was in power as President. It is not about individuals now, it is about the descent of a country into the Hobbesian state of nature, where life is nasty, brutish and short. For President Muhammadu Buhari, it’s a solemn pledge that lives and property would be secured. And a lot is being done in that direction, though we are not there yet. Unkind, negative comments can only demoralize those fighting to secure the country.

When the President said recently that things were better in the area of security than what he met in 2015, some people wailed endlessly, as is their wont to. But when the Group Captain came with facts and figures on national television last Sunday, not one word was heard. Not even a whimper!Why do people like to spread negative, rather than positive developments? Killings dropped from 15,600 in 2014 to 4,618 in 2016. But not one positive word. Simply because their eyes are blinded by negative thoughts and sentiments. And they now need to calm down. Rather than upbraid, our security agencies should be challenged and encouraged to rediscover what they did in 2016.

During the week, Ministry of Power said electricity generation had returned to over 5,000 megawatts. Not a word from professional complainers. If it had dropped to below 1,000 megawatts, we would not have heard anything else. Calm down. “I’m just telling you to be ‘calming’ down.”

If we calm down, what would we see? Massive infrastructural developments. Roads, rail, airports, bridges, efforts to reverse power deficit of many decades, newly approved Youth Bank to empower the younger generation, strident efforts to secure the country, N2.3 trillion stimulus package to combat the negative effect of COVID-19, and many other positive developments. There are many, and many more.

Jesus looked at Jerusalem, and wept over it, saying: “if thou hadst known in this day, even thou, the things which belong unto thy peace. But now, they are hid from thine eyes.” (Luke 19:42).

We will see the things that pertain to the peace of our country, if we would just calm down. As the young boy said, “this is my last chance. Last chance in the world.”It could well be.

*Adesina is Special Adviser to President Buhari on Media and Publicity


  1. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    1. Thank my good God I did finish reading before I scroll to check the writer. Na this asslicker I wan go scatter my brain dey read him rubbish.. This life no balance at all.

    2. Imagine trying to use the small boy to shine. Nonsense! 6 years in government and you want praise for small extra electricity that smaller african countries are enjoying 247. Ordinary BH you cannot put under control..disgrace. You people obviously have no shame

  2. Replies
    1. Senseless post.
      There’s nothing there to learn From that video. Trying to make excuses for their incompetence. All of a sudden, we should not call them out but it was ok to do so to GEJ. Clueless and mean bunch.

  3. Mtsheeeeeeeewwwww!!! From someone who said protesting is very irritating..We should calm down when people are dying..Until we place premium on the life of every Nigerian, the wanton killings will continue..

  4. Buhari has been calming down since he resumed office, its time for him to act up

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  5. Femi should go and rest, enough of this show of shame, he's retiring with Buhari if care is not taken, destroying his career to safe Buhari's government because of how much, people like won't even be smart enough to get the large part of the national cake since he's busy saving his master name day and night.

  6. If we calm down, what would we see?
    Femi Adesina: Massive infrastructural developments. Roads, rail, airports, bridges,......


    YOU: Add yours below. Reply this

    1. If we calm down, we will see Thiefnubu bullion vans

    2. If we calm down, EFCC will rise again

    3. If we calm down, $1 will become N1 as per Bubu’s promise in 2015.

    4. If we calm down, eyes go soon see nose for naija

    5. If we calm down, Tinubu will become Nigerian president.

    6. If we calm down, the looting will continue unabatedly

    7. If we calm down, Nigeria will become a town under China.

    8. If we calm down. There will be no Nigeria left for our children.

    9. If we calm down boko haram go kill us finish

  7. Calm down ke? When genocide is ongoing in Southern Kaduna and the governor is doing nothing about it.

  8. Calm down, calm down, naso APC/Buhari take sell Nigeria to China.
    Femi go and sit down jare.

  9. Lemme just leave this post before I insult someone's father.

  10. I almost thought it was Oga Reuben Abati
    I played the video for my daughter and the girl was just giving me side eye.
    Once my first daughter sees Cain, she'll just literally faint. I rarely beat.In fact I can literally count how many times I have beaten her. Too much beating is not good as it will either make the child too scared or make the child hardened.
    Since I rarely beat mine,once I carry the Cain,she will just adjust and know it's serious.
    The boy is quite intelligent

    1. Next time carry Abel.

    2. Lol
      And I even repeated it twice
      Thanks Phoenix

    3. Cane is your daughter's Achilles heel. You don't need to shout or talk much. Just bring out Mr Cane and she adjusts right away.

      Each child is unique. Study yours and know what works for that child.

      For some, it could be caning, spoken words, side eye/angry look, punishment etc.

  11. From the cabinet?
    No way. If we Nigerians calm down with their likes at the corridor of power,the already decayed system will re-decay.

    I didn't even read the article finish.
    I stopped after he explained the video

  12. "We need to calm down?"
    So that the looting and looters will continue
    Why won't we be "nervy, edgy,?"
    When Birrions of dollars are being looted
    from NDDC, CBN and no one has ever been
    questioned, not to talk of being put to trial
    or jailed?
    When students are stranded in UK because some
    poli-thief had siphoned their funds?
    When China has paid half a billion dollars and
    bought everybody and everything in Nigeria, on and
    offshore and you, yes, you and your principals have
    shared the monies? And we should calm down... is that the
    name of a dance?

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ don’t mind this man. This hot afternoon e go make person just dey vex.

  13. I thought the article was from Mr. Agbati, but, as I read through, I noticed the difference in the writing.

    Oga Adesina, you self need to send this message to your Oga at the top.

  14. Go and tell people in Southern Kaduna that are slaughtered like flies everyday to calm down๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

  15. I am calming down here because it is my last chance.

  16. Calm down? Tell that the the person whose house is on fire.
    We are in this quagmire because we are too docile and accepting; that is why the political class have had the effrontery over the years to spoon-feed us garbage because we will accept and say thank you. We have brains that are not properly engaged to critique the performance of our government starting from the grassroots! We live in denial and sing praises when we see any government official build something tangible with a minute percentage of our resources, almost as though they have granted us an enormous privilege. And the beat goes on because ‘notin dey happen’, they know it, and they improve on their atrocities daring us to speak!
    Mr Femi Adesina, you are properly discharging your duties to your principal. I just hope you will be proud of yourself when you take stock of your activities while in service, you know, when no one is watching, in solitude, between you and God.

  17. After reading some paragraphs, i had to scroll down to the end to see the writer and as I thought, na them.

  18. we in southern kaduna cannot calm down ,tell that to your dullard boss.

  19. All I want to say is that history won't be KIND TO BUHARI.

  20. This is Buhari's Reuben Abati๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

  21. Who else apart from me scroll down to see the writer before thinking about reading


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