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Friday, August 21, 2020

The Controversial CAMA Bill - Your View

The Senate on Tuesday, 10 March 2020, passed the Companies and Allied Matters Act (Repeal and Re-enactment) Bill, 2020 ("the CAMA Bill").

 The CAMA Bill seeks to establish an efficient means of regulating businesses, minimize the compliance burden of small and medium enterprises, enhance transparency and shareholder engagement and promote a friendly business climate in Nigeria.

With the CAMA Bill, the church is technically grouped among the NGOs, which means it's under control of the government.

Note that the President of Nigeria nods affirmative to this bill...

What is your view on this?Should the government control the Church?


  1. And how about the mosques, are they GO -governmental organisations?

    1. Abeg ask them. What about mosques? Are they not NGOs too

    2. Have you heard any complaints from the Muslim association?

    3. Mao & Akuh you asked a good question.

      The most Complex B

    4. Mao Akuh, don't be such a HYPOCRITE❗❗❗

      Has Christians in Nigeria stopped Muslims from practicing anything in their religion or even Sharia Laws which contravenes the constitution?

      Has any Christian leader in Nigeria given a nod to any FG agency or Ministry to encroach on Mosques/Islam?


    5. This is bull crap! They can't try this with Muslims. Gosh!

    6. 23:38, you clearly have no clue what this is about. It's ok to ask for road o. Better to ask than miss road.

  2. What about the mosque, shrine and their likes? If it's included, then we can start talking.

    If, not, i see a victimization of the christains. And this country is a liberal state.
    Government should concentrate on their various failed venture for a better Nigeria, instead of tampering with the church, God's house.

    Have they finished cubbing corruption in every sector?
    This is how freedom of worship is taken away.
    The church should stand up and fight this.

    1. We need to understand the process before we comment.

      First, ALL "REGISTERED" RELIGIOUS BODIES will be regulated according to this bill.

      Secondly, we seem to forget that the executive signed but the bill was deliberated, debated and passed by our supposed reps in the NASS. IF, our religious leaders are sincere about their position, they are powerful and connected enough to have contested this bill and shut it down way before it got here. They took their eyes off the ball. Some were more concerned with the loss of income.

      Maybe it's time for our religious leaders to Feel some pressure. The most I have heard them speak publicly is during this lockdown. And now this. Seems they are mostly concerned only when they are directly hit.

  3. Is it just the church or the mosque is also included

  4. I have found it very comic that the CAN is now crying out. Before the president gave his nod to this bill, it passed through different readings in both the lower and upper chamber of the NASS. They in turn had several meetings with reps of CAN. What happened? Did someone fall asleep? Did some people look the other way with a bit of financial inducement? Or maybe some CAN members truly feel that their "industry" should be regulated as it appears that some of their "prosperity" is casting doubts on the general body of Christ.

    Whatever it is, there's NO WAY that this could have gotten as far as it did without inside support. The noise might just be for the heck of it.

    Back to your question Stella, in most parts,religious houses are regulated (in different degrees).

  5. Trouble looming here, mosque and other religion nko?

  6. No. There's no freedom of worship in China now thanks to a law like this one

  7. People misunderstand CAMA the position of CAMA 2020. Under the company and allied matter act(CAMA) 2020, Churches and other NGOs will continue to be run by board of trustees as was done under the repealed CAMA 1990. In lieu of trustees, a manager will now be installed in NGOs only where there are cases of misappropriation or mismanagement

    1. Under the new Cama bill the Registrar General of the CAC can appoint and remove trustees.

  8. NGOs legit mean NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION. they are non profit organization and as such don't pay task(not the case in Nigeria though). They're putting a restriction on freedom of speech during worship and increase in fraudulent activities in the church. This was done probably because of the amount of wealth amassed by churches. Many churches are richer than the entire Nigerian govt.
    Having looked into this, they've allocated a caregiver to all religious body who oversees the activities of the church including it's expenses. If this so-called caregiver tags the church leader as incompetent then he or she (I.e the govt) takes over the church.
    In summary, a govt representative will now be present in every parish council. If he or she feels you are incompetent, no matter how true that is, the control of your church goes to the govt

  9. I will address (my view) this beneath each of the statement made by the CAN rep below:
    “We thought CAN won the argument until we heard of the CAMA that the President assented to, making the rejected bill a law.
    My view: Sirs, you "THOUGHT". This was a debate that had all stakeholders in attendance. You stated your views and didn't follow through. Error number 2.
    “The satanic section of the controversial and ungodly law is Section 839 (1) &(2) which empowers the Commission to suspend trustees of an association (in this case, the church)
    My view: Please sirs, let's drop the mind games. We know that as soon as the average Nigerian sees the word Satanic/demonic, all reasoning flies out of the window. The law isn't an attack on the church. It's a law governing ALL "COMPANIES". Error number 1 which I will go into later is the reason why the trap caught a big cat.
    “We are not against the government fighting corruption. But we completely reject the idea of bringing the Church, under the government’s control.
    My view: I agree with you here Sirs. The government should face the business of governance. However, we must remember that the Bible teaches us to obey the laws of the land.
    “The government cannot control the Church because of its spiritual responsibilities and obligations.
    My view: Sirs, spiritual responsibilities? I wish this comment was a bit more detailed.
    "Nigeria should not be compared with other nations in the relationship between religious institutions and the government.
    My view: We seem to choose what areas we want to be compared to the western world.
    In Nigeria, people’s religions are tied to their humanity and of course, their life. How can the government sack the trustee of a church which it contributed no dime to establish?
    My view: EXACTLY!!! The average Nigerian ties everything to his/her imam or pastor. One of the reasons, we are where we are.
    Sirs, you ask how can a government sack xyz, I agree with you here. But isn't it the same religious bodies that has called for the government to regulate contents on TV that they didn't contribute a dime to? The different faiths have on diff occasions called for the government to ban a movie, music, reality TV show. MURIC(Islamic body) hounded the government till they shut down Falz's song!
    How can a political minister be the final authority on the affairs and management of an institution which is apolitical?
    My view: I agree sir. A minister that isn't of the same faith should ordinarily not be allowed to speak on it. However, we must remember that the minister is in charge of ALL COMPANIES, be it oil and gas or Herbalist incorporated. Once again, error number 1 is the reason our religious bodies have found their legs in this trap. But then again, our religious leaders have been mainly silent when a square peg was minister in a round ministry so long as the individual is from our village.
    “The government does not have the technical expertise to run the church of God because of its spiritual nature.
    My view: LOL SIRS. Please stop it! Just like in government, we have had and continue to have all manner of charlatans claiming to be called by GOD. Technical expertise??? Lol.
    “If the government is bent on imposing a law on us which the entire Church in Nigeria is against, then, they have declared war on Christianity and the agenda to destroy the Church
    My view: please don't raise religious issues sir. We are still dealing with this. The law isn't an anti church law. It is for COMPANIES.
    “We call on all well-meaning Nigerians"
    My view:Even if those well meaning Nigerians are the same people that have pilfered us to RED?!
    Sirs, please fight your battles and allow us fight ours since I can't recall when you fought and stood for us. Well meaning Nigerians indeed!
    Note: the brief was longer than this but I have already taken enough of our time.

  10. Why did our Christian leaders not fight this law, what where they thinking?

    This is how the Americans Christian leaders kept quiet and prayer and right to prescribe to people in public places like schools were taken

    I am not shocked or surprised, the world government and men will do more and worse things, because these are endtimes, and a lot of trials and tribulations for the church of Christ.

    All we have to do, as the church is put our acts together, stop chasing and putting our priorities on that which is passing away like prosperity and worldly possessions
    Set our sights on the things that matter and will last, cos our soul matter most.
    Heaven is our goal, chase it


  11. Redeem GO and his people that said god told them to vote for this govt in 2015 how mkt? Hmmmm a lot of Nigerian christians dont have sense. These men of god would be lying using the name of the Almighty God and they would continue to believe and follow them. Even the so called GO has not said anything since this issue came up. GOs in the day time Occult men in the night time.


    Go figure.

    1. 19:44, and you believe that you have it figured correctly in the eyes of GOD?!.

      Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    2. 20:15 you have a right to your opinion just as I have mine.

      I repeat, TAX AVOIDANCE IS NOT A CRIME! Not against Ceasar or GOD.

      You don't speak for GOD!

  13. Whatever bill and law they like, they can pass against the church. The law is made by men and men will punch the loopholes into the law.


    1. 19:51,

      Please, let's always take some time to read up on these matters before we join issues with people that only call for backup when the need suits them.

      There is no law against the church.

      The CAMA 2020 bill governs all companies, so long as it's registered with CAC. The section causing all this brouhaha, (839;1&2) addresses not just the church.

      How I wish we can attempt to read a bit more.

      Truly, if you need to hide anything from some people, just put it in words and place it right in front of them. They'll miss it totally!

    2. 20:33 I read and understood it.
      I don't need you to educate me. Those who know the target, knowsl why the law came to be.

      Everything is not just black and white or "intellectual".
      Many profess to be wise but know very little.

  14. "Religious institutions are not taxed in Nigeria because the current legal regime grants them a tax-exempt status. However, churches have branched out into profitable activities (such as owning expensive private schools and publishing houses) while enjoying their tax-exempt status.(source...Forbes Africa)

    Our religious leaders (all faiths) wanted to have their cake. Which they did, and now it's running their tummy.

    Different governments in the past have wanted to tax our religious bodies.
    The religious bodies came together to continuously insist that they are not a profit making organisation despite having businesses that generate profit. So, year in year out, they were left alone.

    Then it happened!Under the CAMA BILL 2020, NGO's fell under certain laws. Now remember, in the past, our religious bodies had said they were not profit making organisations so they have not been paying tax.

    Alas, the CAMA BILL 2020 happened and our religious bodies were caught between the rock and a hard place. Pay tax as a "business" or be governed as an NGO.

  15. Suddenly Nigeria government realised there's monymin church business and since they have drained our natural resources, they need another strong means of generating revenue.
    Ndi ara. Soon, the slave trade will start. They will start selling us

  16. Another statement confirmed from Ngozis post on Friday ( Malians Vs Marlians).

    The average Nigerian youth have absolutely NO CLUE as to why they are agitating. Neither are they interested beyond posting 1/2 comments. They lack the what, the why and the how.

    Ugochi, please Google the CAMA BILL 2020. It's long, but you can bookmark it and read it at your leisure. It's embarrassing to read comments like yours. It serves you up immediately.

    1. 01:31 please, while Ugochi googles CAMA BILL 2020, could you tell us what your government has done with the N50 STAMP DUTY debited per deposit of N1,000 (before), N10,000 (now) yet the foreign loans increase by the day.

      Malians vs Malians indeed!!!


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