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Friday, August 21, 2020

Wise Saying....

If you get mama, e no get where you wan go wey her prayer never reach


  1. 😄😄😄😄😄 this wise saying reminds me of a lady who was a friend to one of my roommates back in school,she said her mum called her on a particular day to always tell her where she's going to because her prayer is always"God look over B in school and the school location" not knowing her daughter travels to other State to see men

  2. Awww I don't know where I'd be without my praying mother.

  3. Very true. My mom prayed a certain prayer For me this week and I'm still thinking the power of it. Waiting for its realisation cos I know God has answered

  4. Mothers can pray eh! My Mum can pray wella, she doesn't joke with it. Always praying for her children and grandchildren. My late grandma was a prayer warrior. Back then, it was a must to have morning devotions by 5, and evening devotions by 8. Even days when she could not join us, we did it in her room. May God bless all praying parents. Amen.

  5. Never underestimate a mother's prayer

  6. My mum can pray ermmm
    Her morning devotion is like church service
    Then my Mother in law(God bless her Soul) after gisting and all, her prayers on phone last up to 5 minutes before we end call.

    I remember Mummy T when I was in Abuja, she bought a new glass center table and asked us to gather and pray for the new arrival.

    Mother's are blessings
    Mother's are everything
    They have this unconditional love.

  7. Yes....o,her prayers always got me

  8. I Love My Mama AkA My Chosen The Prayer Worrior...

  9. Its certain, I tag my mummy my prayer warrior cos even when think she is asleep she is busy praying for her children and family

  10. I wish i could agree with this posts, not all mothers are prayerful, mine isnt .. i cant even recall if she has ever prayed for any of her children, maybe she does in her own quiet time. When people talk about having the love of a mother i feel sad, cos all i feel is resentment. She always shouted at us while growing up and this made me an introvert with an inferiority complex. Hhhmmm my dad is nothing to write home about, his military experience made him too strict with his family... I dont dont relate with my parents well, and this has gone on for 29 years of my life, nd i still live with them, or am i the problem? I need to see a shrink maybe... I feel broken and i envy mother-daughters relationships...


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