Stella Dimoko BBNaija Housemate Erica Apologises For ''Horrific'' Outburst On Saturday Night..


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Sunday, September 06, 2020

BBNaija Housemate Erica Apologises For ''Horrific'' Outburst On Saturday Night..

Big brother lockdown housemate Erica has apologised for her wild behaviour on Saturday.....

Erica apologized to other housemates for what happened after she rained abuses on housemate Laycon..

According to her;

This is like the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, admitting that I'm wrong and I'm very sorry for acting out and been stupid, said a lot of wrong things to different people.

I feel like it's very easy to blame it on alcohol, I said a lot of things that even other people who take alcohol wouldn't say such thing, so I can't really blame it on alcohol.

I blame it on the fact that I am angry and frustrated about some other things for a long time and I need to do something about it because I don't want this to ever happen again, so I'm sorry to each and every one of you for the bad words I said. That's it, that is why I'm here''.

*I watched that video and excuse me,I love the dreaded one called Laycon for not responding...OMG,Laycon is a man!!!....SERIOUSLY!!!!


  1. Xoxo, I'll defend you for the next 365 days. You be person. You dey use your number 6.
    My fav is Trikytee, but you see Laycon, he reminds me of my younger self, manipulative to a fault. Yenyen yen about not wanting her to be disqualified. Na their way.
    They'll mess up, you'll still find yourself apologizing. It's what it is. I still have that power in me, but I don't use it in my marriage.
    As for Erica, she is just an airhead. For her mind she dont catch rich man. Lmao. I'm sure kidd knows about her escapades before the house, cos his own way no pure

    1. I really really like Trikytee. That guy is the realest guy in that house followed by Kid

    2. You are talking in the total arrant nonsense!
      Get lost

    3. Laycon is very manipulative. I really do not understand why people do not see that. The guy is evil. First he could not take being rejected. Then he turned everyone against her. Men like him are cowards and will never talk to your face. And him not talking when she was spewing her trash doesn't mean he is a man. He knows viewers are watching. He remembers. She doesn't. He wants to appear good. See how he talked about not replying cos he doesn't want to get her into trouble. All lies. It's part of the manipulation. He triggers a reaction from her and watches her mess up herself. People close to the guy need to be careful. Same thing I said about BrightO. People were hailing him and I said for this guy this is his real character. It's not a strategy and he came out and stupidly admitted it was his character.Erica is too but her manipulation is with men. Trying to manipulate kiddwaya emotionally to get him to commit to a real relationship while using Laycon as a stand by. Erica herself is no saint and has no excuse for saying many of the things she said. She is trying so hard to secure a relationship with a man who does not want or claim her. She feels if she does not bag the money at least let he bag a rich man's son. Acting so desperate and disgracing herself

    4. If Biggie pardons her today and if she has little sense left, let her mind her business. Erica, your life is not tied to Kidd, face your game. This is why I like Nengi because she's focused...

    5. You are talking rubbish.

    6. You are talking rubbish.

    7. What Erica did is dispicable and we need to stop using all dese excuses of childhood trauma; childhood trauma yes can damage u,but i dont agree it has to bring out aggression in you. It can make her type clingy to men, it can make u promiscious**(not her) especially dos with daddy issues but i dont think trauma shld make anyone abusive or commit murder in general.
      However i do not also feel Laycon is a saint. He has a hand to play in all dis nonsense. He doesnt respect boundaries and he dragged dis issue too much...u clearly see Kidd and Erica are an item. Why go dere at all?why talkn to everybody under d sun abt d issue. Nengi rejected Prince,i dont see him going abt complaining.
      I once had a male bestie too dat liked me,but i always let him know i like u as a friend,i enjoy d time we spend 2geda but i see u as a brother,no attraction. Maybe he thot with time i will change my mind,but i always made it clear.
      I met my husband,started dating him and dis guy became my enemy; stopped talkn to me completely till date. Telling ppl i betrayed him. How can i betray smone i didnt date.
      Laycon is not a bad person,infact he has an A1 in endurance but he isnt blameless.

  2. Power of Gordons
    She should come out and see the video of her messing up.
    Shameful and disgraceful.
    I wish her well sha as nobody above mistake

    1. The reason one should know their limits and avoid it. Why should she allow alcohol to be control her???

  3. I watched that. I will not classify that which she did as an apology at all.

    She should go and sit the fuck down.

    1. I watched her so called apology, and that was no apology whatsoever. Very vain and bile human being.

  4. Simply because you can't face him and apologize to him in person , you called everyone and apologized.. You are not truly sorry, this apology is full of pride.. When u are able to face laycon and tell him you are sorry, same with prince, then you are truly sorry. This one na wash

  5. let her apologise from outside the house, after being disqualified. the annoying part is she is an igbo girl. igbo girls put money first before love. ozo and Erica is Disgracing the Igbo Tribe

  6. I went online and noticed that People of the world are actually blaming him 🤣. Talking about gaslighting.
    I'm looking forward to the eviction show. Let me see what Biggie will do.

  7. Whether outbursts or volcanic eruptions,
    these folks are apologies of humans.
    No character, no moral integrity
    and please
    no talents.
    Reality star is not a talent!

  8. This Babe is mentally unstable she needs to go home and I pray laycon's management sues her for threatening his life

  9. Stella Kork camdan jor na scripted show.
    Laycon is acting Tobi's script against CeeC,a gas lighter does not reply abuses,he ducks.
    Their characteristics:slimy,manipulative,calm while driving you nuts.

    My pain is calling him chickenbone,the last person that called me olongono do you know my response?Mscheeww!

    Erica after your punishment today bridle your tongue to secure this 85mil bag or else?

    GORDON's label is quiet,it is called Blame it on the Alcohol for a reason anyway,now I know why my Igbo people ask 'inuru kai?'Did you drink kaikai(schnapp),hahahaha.
    Erica don enter Biggie net,her punishment go hot.

    1. Gbam! Ijiya.
      " Her punishment go hot", that is if she won't be disqualified from the show tonight.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this inu Kia just reminded of chief imo and Maggie...

  10. Should I help you people knock ozo's head from here.. That head wey I dey see for picture rn? 🤣😂

  11. As i see Gordon for their front last night i no say yawa go soon gas. Our elders wey dem dey use small cup give ancestors/ god of iron drink, una think say dem dey mad. But Erica say no b say she dey drunk. Make dem no come spoil market for d owner of d gin o

  12. I totally agree with you Stella, what Erica did was inexcusable.and Laycon must be commended for keeping calm.

  13. Yes oh Laycon na man jare...just keep your distance from her

  14. Laycon, na man you be

  15. I felt so terrible seeing Erica abuse and curse Laycon. I commend the guy for being so calm. Well, let's watch and see what biggie will do.

  16. I watched it this morning. Her so called apology was an insult. She wasn't remorseful at allll

  17. Anyone that’ say it’s laycon fault may huge accusation be made on your head.
    The boy only offense is he is not Erica spec.
    Which he agreed and moved on. Stayed far away from her.
    She tired to kiss him, which she agreed too yesterday. The multiple times is the vex issue.
    He said she was intoxicated, he confronted her and she thanked him for not taking advantage of her.
    She has been the proud one, not wanting laycon name to be associated with her because she rejected him.
    She so much hate him, she nominated him, she is so sure he can’t have fans because he is ugly, she so believe in her self that she is the show.
    She kept repeating why is it’s that when ebuka call him, her name will be associated with it. Why not senseless girl, you have a love triangle.
    He his using her to trend, this and that, to the extent of wishing him death.
    Put ur son or brother on laycon shoes and all you wish for him will be ur brothers portion.

    The stupid girl said he is talking about her, people will talk about it, that is not ur own problem, how u handle it is your own problem.
    Has she not talked about anyone in the house? The house is a small circle, you talk only to ur people.
    Just because he is not kidd. And kidd is the beginning of her problem, physically and spiritually, from the day she entangled herself with him, it’s from one trouble to the next.
    Focus Na Man U dey find go house.
    Erica is her own problem, gaslighting ko, gas wiring ni.

    1. What's the curse all about??? Now, what's the difference between you and Erica???

      State your points without curse....

  18. Laycon is playing Tobi's game. Erica too is emotionally drained. What I hate is the lie part of Laycon. Men are always like that, and Nigerians hate women that stand up to a man in public.
    Think about this, if there was no camera to validate her innocence, she will just be carrying the mark for trying to kiss a guy she Doe want twice.
    A man did the same to me, and my his and l confront him with pure madness. It is very wrong to spread bad things about someone. I rejected a man, but he went at my back, and started telling people false things about me. Please, we should be careful of how we Stan with people. Erica did wrong in her outbursts but never think that what Laycon did is right.
    Btw, l don't like support Erica but l hate people that manipulate, and pretend that nothing of such happened.

    1. Write in your dialect next time.

    2. You can twist things sha. All over this post. Let us stop condoning bad things. Erica did not do well.

    3. a guy has actually claimed he had sex with me.i saw dis guy at a party i went with my bf den,noticed him staring at me but i dont know him from Adam.
      Nxt thing hes telln ppl later,what am i feeling like im a snub,dat dis girl he has finished.
      Never seen such lie in my life. Someone i dont even know. Wrong accusation can be so painful especially when it has to do with sex with a man u dont know. Dat is how they break peoples marriage for no reason with lies.

    4. Anon 20:20 sorry about your experience, but did you later go ballistic and threaten the guy? Many things can happen to one in life, but it is one's reaction that counts. She went into the house to play a game, then she lost focus. That is the genesis and revelation of her being evicted. She had a solid chance with very loyal fans, but she blew it.

  19. Hnnnnnnnnn. This girl will not kill me. Let her carry her bags and come home while I still have love for her.

  20. That's not an apology Erica abi wetin be ur name again....well I am not a fan of anyone.

  21. This girl shouldn't be in the Bbn house, she should be in a psychiatric hospital. Or regularly visiting a Shrink!
    That wasn't a remorseful apology btw.

  22. Hi anonymous 18;21
    Lycoon isn't manipulative he is an extreme great guy, remember erica whispered into lycons hear just to tell him she hates him alot at the party last night just like that,lycoon only replied with a huge smile and immediately Dorothy pulled him aside to talk strength into him....
    Immediately they got to the kitchen after the party, Lycoon was sitting gently while erica walked up to him and started raining insults on him agn..
    Who does she think she is to claim she owns kid ?
    She had a fight with kid first bcs kid was helping dora out with her wig, later she moved on to neg....
    She's so delusional, she needs a big break.. All she wants is kid not even the 85m. She wants kid n his fadas wealth
    Hmmmmm nawa too much to talk about but abeg


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