Stella Dimoko CBN Cuts Interest Rate On Savings Deposits To Stimulate Economic Growth


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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

CBN Cuts Interest Rate On Savings Deposits To Stimulate Economic Growth

The Central Bank of Nigeria Monday cut interest rate payable on monies held in savings accounts to around 1.25% per annum from the previous benchmark of around 3.75 per annum.

The rate cute is effective from September 1, 2020, according to a circular to all banks from the regulator
With the development, analysts expect a mass exodus of funds idling in savings deposit accounts into money market instruments, which currently gives returns of around 3-5% per annum, as well as the real sector.

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  1. Stella this may be great news to get money circulating but it is not great news for those who actually need to save and it is also cheap funds for bank to earn a higher interest on through loans. No viable money market in Nigeria anymore. Treasury Bill rates have fallen so low as well. I understand the need to boost the economy from time to time but there should always be a right balance to satisfy all players in the financial market that have different needs.
    Marketers will now face greater pressure to attract current account deposits in order to shore up the banks' available cheap funds.

    1. The rich will get richer as in Banks will just be making profits. Why cant interest on loan also be reduced?

    2. Sincerely the economy is bad. Stella do u know that bank charges every single inflow that comes into your account.

      I mean every single moni from 10k is charged. Calling it stamp duties. Is not fair. The economy does not fav the poor.

      Salary is bad! Employers will give u long list of duties! Working weekends and weekends for 35k. Nepa increase bill, call rate high. Data high.

      Now every single inflow is charged. Is not fair. My friend bf had to sell his car last week becos business no pay again. Govt will charge uber drivers! Uber go charge. U will buy fuel. No gain. How will small businesses grow??

      As pandemic no let oil sell. So na we the citizens dem won chop nd suck dry
      Failed leaders.

    3. You are even saying 35k, some are receiving 18k, some even 15

  2. Mtschew! #spotremover#

  3. They keep getting it wrong because they have toll the wrong direction. They don't have solutions or answers to the issues that truly affect the masses. Please, cut the interest on loan too.

  4. How is this great news? Reducing interest on loans would be great news, not this. There's no financial advantage to saving money in the banks so why would I put my savings there? I pity marketers because encouraging people to deposit money in the bank when the interest rate is really low would be hard.

  5. Everyone should kuku do MBA forex let government see no one sends them again

    1. Abi oo. I have started. Every month na alert💃

    2. Which one is MBA forex I am interested please


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