Stella Dimoko Couch Convo - Delilah's Alleged First Move.....


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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Couch Convo - Delilah's Alleged First Move.....

What was Delilah's crime in the Bible?....
Do we have modern day Delilah's?What would be the first move of one if she meets a man?


  1. Hmmmm.....Wicked moves i must say..

  2. That's their work. You met him with his family but when you entered his life, you don't want to see anyone from his side but will prefer having your family come visit and even stay over as long as they like. Smh.

    Story plenty biko.

    Who get time for nonsense? If he can't use his sense to know what the lady is doing, as his family, we'll ignore them and face our lives.

    1. Funny how me I dont want anybody from his side or my side. Jst leave us alone.i long for quite spaces

    2. Me too anon, visit and go whether u are from my side or his side.

  3. Side eyes to my g/friend who is in d process of destroying her new mans family

  4. And this Delilah could be a manπŸ˜“.....

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I had a neighbor we all lived in the same street while growing up. My siblings and I were very close to her kids.
    Their mother never wants any relative of her husband's coming close to their house. She used her attitude to chase them all away, her hubby would always complain then and they always had verbal altercation over it, he would come to my mom to complain and beg her speak to her about it, especially his brother had just died then and he was the breadwinner of his family too.

    On the other hand she always had her own siblings flocking her house, she was living with her youngest sis and niece then who was my very good friend, her hubby was training both in school, she was a stay home mom of 5, her hubby owned a big pharmacy with different outlets in town.

    I recently ran into her niece who was my good friend then, and we later met to catch up on old times.

    when I asked about her Aunt and family. She told me sadly that the man has been sick for some years now, they had taken him to many hospitals but his condition kept detoriating while they were spending so much, so the wife decided to take him to traditional healers in their village where he has been for several months now and The wife goes to visit him once in a while.

    Hmmm I asked who is then taking care of him and his feeding since his main health challenge is Diabetes, she said the husband's brothers Children are there with him, that they are feeding him. She (her niece) advised her against the decision but she insisted she had to take care of their business in town so she cant be with him there. She was even angrily telling me that all the woman really does is go to the different shops at night to collect money they made for the day and sits home all day watching Telemundo while her younger sis who was living with them is now a pharmacist and oversees the running of the business.

    Meanwhile the man's late brother's children who are most likely illiterates are now the ones she packaged him to and they have been taking care of him in his sick bed in the village.

    So after he sacrificed not been there for his family just to please her she still let him down in sickness. I pray he Survives.
    The spouse we marry in this life matters a whole lot. May my Brother and friends not jam this type.

    1. This one na real Delilah 😏

    2. Oh dear 😒😒😒

    3. Original Delilah 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    4. Take it or leave it. A man needs many women in his life. As a man I don't subscribe to tolerating a bad woman and women's loyalty mostly sway according to their environment and the kind of friends they keep no matter how good they are initially.

  7. I know of someone who isolated her own siblings when she got married . And in her own case na she be Ada,someone her siblings prayed and rejoiced with when her husband came. They saw her other side as soon as left.

  8. It's only a sissy that will allow a woman separate him from his family n not separate her own from herself. You don't want my family over, yours will not step foot in my house too. Square.

  9. God knows i dread this alot, i have one on this table....truth is, i figured out that through my experience and observation, most people that do the "delilah" never/hardly experienced family togetherness. as for me, all forms of "family" is everything to me. the very moment anybody tries/makes a move to even a much as show a sign of trying to separate me from my family, that is the end.

  10. Delilah from Scripture literally cut off Samson from the Holy Spirit; the source of his strength.
    Samson's strength in the Old Covenant dispensation was in his locks of hair. Today, in the New Covenant,
    Christ in us is the hope of glory Col. 1:27
    So what shall separate us from the Lord of Christ? Romans 8:35 was where this question was asked and
    answered. Note the things written there that can't separate us from Christ's love. Did you notice that
    fornication or idolatry (extoling anything else above God, including money, beauty etc.) was not on this
    list. God says, flee fornication 1 Cor. 6:18, why -because, it can separate you from Christ.
    Flee, flee, flee fornication, flee every appearance of evil.
    Any woman that submits himself to fornicate with you or seduce you is a Delilah!

    1. thank you. the only one who got the real message of Delilah

    2. Samson was the most foolish man to walk the earth abeg, to think that Delilah tried 3 times, yeye man.

    3. Exactly Gifty! It was so obvious she was out for him yet he still failed

    4. @Gifty
      "Most foolish?"
      These days, the Delilas no longer even try
      The dudes are falling like packs of cards;
      On national tv, online, inside the bush, on the kitchen sink
      inside car boots,
      It is fornication all the way. Breasts are the commonest commodities
      on the social medias. 7 delilas swoop on one dude and fight it out dirty
      on the internet. We even saw one this morning here.
      So if Samson was "foolish," what do you say to the Nigerian young dudes and ladies?

  11. Some women are wicked, may God never allow us to meet wicked women/men.


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