Stella Dimoko EFCC's Embattled Sacked Chairman Magu's Epic Quote...


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Friday, September 25, 2020

EFCC's Embattled Sacked Chairman Magu's Epic Quote...



  1. Na scam ooooo....Magu you collect bribe

  2. He might be saying the truth, so far the giver didnt call it a bribe but "gift".

  3. Maybe someone has been receiving on his behalf. Mtcheeeeew. Story for the gods.

  4. All the monies in your account you got from your salaries abi?
    Issorite 🙄🙄🙄

  5. Oh yes he has never received bribe all his life but have receive cash and other gift items.

  6. Abeg he should just remain quiet and stop emabrrassing himself.

  7. I watched his interview on Wednesday and I like the fact that he is fighting back! If not for anything else, but for his name. A lot of us have gotten comfortable with moving on. The Powers that be needed to remove him. They did. No problem! But we can't ask him to accept a title that isn't his. He is asking for the uptenth time, anyone who gave him or a proxy of his any "bribe" should come out!

    1. When a woman is labelled as a prostitute, u hardly see "any Man" who has slept with her... Do u realise that even giving bribe is an offence in Nigeria?
      Annoy 10:25, no1 will come forward that he has given him bribe. Don't be deceived bro!
      Moreso, these guys know how to clean the traces

  8. Magu-mugu

    He's a liar, a thief and a hypocrite

  9. My mum is a virgin
    I have seen slept with a woman before although I have 2 kids
    Nigeria is the best country in the world and APC is the next best thing after slice bread...

  10. Then who are those that gave him bribes? They should come out with proofs.

  11. Magu is saying the truth.
    He has only receive "gifts" (in billions from arrested poli-thieves).
    Please you folks should stop accusing Magu Magu.

  12. Magu you're not alone. My grandmother is still a virgin after 12children. Magu 600 years for you.


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