Stella Dimoko Governor El-Rufai Signs Castration Of Rapists Law


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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Governor El-Rufai Signs Castration Of Rapists Law

Governor of Kaduna State Mallam Nasir El-Rufai has signed the Kaduna State Penal Code (Amendment) Law 2020.

According to a statement by the governor’s Special Adviser on Media and Communication, Muyiwa Adekeye,the amendment also updates the penalties for the offence of the rape of a child.

It noted that these new provisions include the punishments of surgical castration and bilateral salpingectomy for male and female convicts of child rape, and death.

In addition, the statement stated that such convicts would be listed in the S3x Offenders Register to be published by the Attorney-General of the state.

Under the amended law, the punishment for the rape of a person older than 14 years will include surgical castration or removal of fallopian tubes, but the death penalty shall not apply. 

In cases where the rape convict is also a child, the court shall order an appropriate punishment under the Children and Young Persons Law Cap 26, Laws of Kaduna State 1991.

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  1. No go castrated innocent person sha o

    1. This is the real downside of arcade laws like this; and it's why capital punishments isn't popular in most countries. So, in abt 5 years time, if it's now discovered that the accused is innocent, wetim go happen?
      Jail sentences are better but wetin these clueless leaders and tribe Sabi???

    2. Clueless leaders and tribe? Here we go with the tribal profiling!You're very much an ethnic bigot! Why don't you concern yourself with what your own tribe is doing about rape and leave this particular tribe to their laws.

    3. You wud av done well to address the issue at hand and not my personality. Let me ask you, aren't these set of people majorly responsible for the present state of the Nigerian nation? Even Saudi Arabia that is the HQ of Islam doesn't practise the religion like this tribe? How can they sentence some1 to death for insulting the prophet? Pple like u are part of the reasons we are were we are - always coloring the fact!

    4. I deleted what I first typed because SDK is my tribeswoman and it would be wrong to use her blog to express my thoughts unedited.

      So let me retell a story once told by a prominent Nigerian pastor who went to France for evangelism.

      "I went to France. An African-French woman came to me for prayers and counselling. She was singing a song using the words said by Jesus Christ on the Cross - My father, my father why have you forsaken me, and she added amen. I asked her why she was singing such song and saying amen, that the words were too sorrowful for a child of God to sing and say amen. I asked where she learnt the song because I had not heard it sung by Christians before. She said somebody taught her in her dream. So I asked what really happened to her. She was from sub-sahara Africa. Her husband had fully integrated into the French system. He was a Police Officer. One day, their daughter reported to the French authorities that her father had been sexually molesting her. Husband/Father denied the allegation. Daughter insisted. At the end, the French authorities found Husband/Father guilty as charged/accused. Husband/Father was penalised accordingly and dismissed from the Police. Husband/Father was broken beyond his limit. He committed suicide still maintaining his innocence. After, life changed for his family. Then, Daughter spoke up again. She made-up the allegation against her father. Why? To get her Father off her case (off her back). She never expected things to go awry as they did. Wife/Mother was twice broken. It was in the depth of her despondency that she was taught the song in her dream."

      After retelling the story as best as I can, I say that Rape is 100% bad. Ordinarily, a rapist deserves castration. But such law ....... Abeg I re-read my first sentence and stop here. I know get body for ....

      Well done SDK. More power to your elbows

  2. This Law should be signed across all the States and federation.They should also include the punishment for False rape accusation. Both the rapist and the False rape accuser re guilty of same crime and deserve same punishment.

  3. Castration of political opponents and poor people's law.
    He wants to tell me that if an APC-senator's son rapes a girl even on video, he will
    castrate the person?
    How many poli-thieves have they cut of their hands with their sharia laws?
    60-years of grand deceit.

  4. Nice one and also false accusers also

  5. Only in a barbaric country. Jail term is just fine. Jail is to help reform people. Now u end up chopping off their penis.

    Make it make sense abeg.

    1. Abi o... And if is later found out the person is innocent after the blokos had been chopped off nko?
      If a lady wanna deal with a guy, she can then raise a false allegation of rape dn! How abt when political opponents use it against themselves?
      The law is all shades of wrong jare. Jail terms are far better

    2. So, its only in barbaric country that they chopped off guilty rapist penis?!

      Eka Joy, you can form your own country where immorality is the order of the day and where rapist can be sent for reformation.
      Have you seen innocent kids being raped, have you seen how many lives have been destroyed?

      Oh, I bet you've not read about the numerous innocent kids/young women that were raped and then killed just this year alone.

      Jail term is for less crimes.
      Finish raping innocent kids and also feed them with tax payers money.

      Please, stop being rapist solicitor!!!

    3. This is needed to deterr the rise in rape cases. Rape is just too much now. They now even kill their victims. All states should do same. It is too much, even babies and little children. Enough is enough.

    4. Thank you Ms. A! I totally agree with you. Eka Joy, you amuse me really, you're a woman and would have kids, if your underage daughter of say 5-14yrs is raped mercilessly and the suspect is captured, I suppose you would prefer he is sent to jail to get reformed on tax payers money abi? If you're honest, you will want that guy's penis off as a form of punishment. Always try to imagine being in others shoes, before you open your mouth to condemn.

    5. Why am I just seeing this??? Pls use ur own child as a case study and not mine, Eve, shey u hear.

      Let's look at cases of error in judgement or a false accusation. You sentence the person to life imprisonment and he's later found to be innocent, at least he still has his manhood.

      Imagine castrating an innocent person, how do u correct that????

      For me, a long time imprisonment is a good enough punishment as any for a rape case.

      MS A, I know u don't have sense and that's why I just read the first few lines of ur comment and nothing else, since u don't have the brain capacity to think deeply.

    6. Eka, You have no capacity to think deep and you don't have any atom of sense in you.

      You did not call rapist barbaric, but you decided to call people against it and those trying to make sure they stop raping innocent kids and women barbaric.

      You're evil personified!
      You're evildoers enabler, wear your πŸ‘‘ in peace.

  6. Chop off their penis when they are caught on the act.

    Chop off their penis when there's proof that they are rapist

    Chop off rapist penis.

    I support it.

  7. Hmmmmn, it is well with our country


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