Stella Dimoko Lady Who Just Birthed Baby Boy Posts Shocking Messages She Received When She Was Trying To Conceive...


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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Lady Who Just Birthed Baby Boy Posts Shocking Messages She Received When She Was Trying To Conceive...

WOW.....................She is posting the screenshots and a long message to encourage someone out there,who may be going through what she went through.....

The person who sent her these shocking messages is a woman disguised as a man so that while she feared the men around her,the culprit would stroke more...

Thank God the narrative ended well.....

''This date brings to my memory an experience looking back, I stand in awe of God. You know when I share stories of being mocked for being without children, some people think I cook up stories. So, see. This is one.
Exactly a year ago on this day, while we were still dealing with the trauma of a miscarriage, trying to settle down in our new jobs and in a new country, the devil laid it in somebody’s heart to remember me. 

You know how we pray to God that our helpers should remember us ba... this one received an instruction from the devil for me. 

This person yielded to their wicked desires and sent me this anonymous message (picture attached), all filled with hate, manipulation and vile.
Reading this message again, I am given to believe that this may not exactly be about us being without children, It appears to be some deep seated envy/jealousy of me and my achievements.

This person had and felt the only way to demean, mock or spite me was not having a child at that time. They probably wanted to use me to prove some silly points they've concorted in their heads about me being in misery, being unhappy, gloat, and make subs about me. I mean, what else could they use to shame me? I get job, I dey obodo oyinbo, I get man wey get pickin remain.

This moron ensured that I read this message (by drawing my attention to it) and waited for me to read the message. The anonymous identity and deliberate attempt to hide the gender, proves it’s a well calculated attempt to hurt me.
A message crafted deliberately for pain. One deliberately carried to hide the identity (and gender too).

Just as the sender intended, the message hurt me deeply. This is not something I'd be dishonest about. I doubted my truth and reality. I started to ask if there was something wrong with me. I started to ask if I was really a virgin when I got married or maybe my organs had been destroyed somewhere without my knowledge. I started to ask if I really got pregnant when we did. I questioned God several times. In everything, I am grateful for my sisters, few friends and my husband who held my hands all the way. 

I cried buckets of tears. If there’s anything that has hurt me most in my entire existence, it’s this message. I was dealing with the trauma of a miscarriage, feelings of failure and helplessness, and somebody sends me this message. I was almost going mad with hurt. I couldn't understand it. 

The only thing in my head that kept me sane was knowing we had been pregnant before - an information this moron was unaware of, and called me barren. 

For each tear that I shed, I cursed this person over and over again. I cursed this person in my pain and sorrow. I was like Hannah in the Bible who was mocked for being without a child.

But look at God o. Just a look at God. Two months after this message was sent, we got pregnant and exactly a year later, God gave us a son. Hahahahaha. Isn’t God good?
To whoever you are: 

I’m posting this publicly because somehow I think you’ll get to see this. Who are you when God has not spoken?
It's even silly. I don't understand it. What were you thinking when you sent me this? You forgot people intentionally decide when they wanna have children? 

What of if I was pregnant at the time you sent this message? Didn't you think of that? What of if the issues you highlighted had nothing to do with me? But your dark heart and evil intention wouldn't let you understand all that, neither would you realise that in a split second, God can turn things around for anyone. It just took my father a year. Nothing is indeed impossible with him. 

You wrote me this in a cruel attempt to mock me whilst hiding your identity. You said I've hurt people yet in the same breath say I'm not one of those I've hurt. How manipulative?! If you had some guts, you should have come out boldly to say what beef you have with me. 

The general belief is that you expected me to gloat about my lack of children, be miserable, wear mourning clothes, even go offline, choose to discontinue living because of this. You watched out for when I'd make posts about being worried because we had no children. With each landslide I made, each milestone I achieved, each posts I made that proved to you I was genuinely living my best life now, you were bitter. 

I’m wondering why with all your hate and bitterness for me, you couldn’t come out boldly to send me this. Why did you have to use an anonymous number to send me this? I'd have expected you to chest your bitterness for me and reveal who you are. Shows how despicable and wicked you are! A human who lacks conscience!

But you see God...He has shamed you! You should hide your face in shame!
Whoever you are. May your life continue to be miserable. May you never have any reason to rejoice. May every good thing elude and be far from you.
You’ll suffer and live your life in agony. You’ll live the rest of your live in misery.
As you deliberately sent me this message to spite me, and cause me pain, same in greater measure, press down, running over shall be given unto you. Amen!
I hope you seek repentance and genuinely repent (na, this is not because I want to know you), but because if you don’t, you’re gonna live the rest of your life in penury, lack and sorrow. 


To any of you who deliberately mock others for what they don’t have. I hope you’ll learn from this. I know it’s hard to openly confess here if you’ve been guilty of this, but I hope that in your closet you’ll cry out in repentance, seek forgiveness from whoever you’ve hurt and sin no more. If you don't, the same fate awaits you. 

I hope you’ll realize that you have absolutely no right to mock anyone for whatever they seem not to have. I hope you’ll understand that you do not have your own life in your hands. I hope you’ll realize that the person you’ve mocked today can be in a better position (than you) tomorrow.
Learn to be kind. It costs nothing from us. People fight battles everyday. Many of which are unknown to us, the best we can do is to be kind to them. 

NB: Kindly walk past this message if you're tempted to drop any kind of unsolicited sanctimonious of forgive and forget. I’d delete your message and block you!

Until this person reveals his or her identity AND shows remorse or repentance TO ME, I’m not obligated to offer my forgiveness.
I know God has shamed this person but it also gives me absolute joy to put this out, call this out, afterall Bible says we declare it to the wicked, it shall not be well with them. This person deserves no mercy from me.

I have waited for a year to make this post. When I received this message, I NEVER said a word to this person. It’s lifted off my chest now, so please, desist from telling me I shouldn’t have posted this. Or you expected more from me. Remember, I'm not your role model and I don't operate with the standards you've created of me in your head. 

You're also free to curse this person. Rain as many insults as you like. Humans like this are despicable and we shouldn't spare them. 

Leaves the stage and sings ...*Who has the final say? Jehova has the final say*

Finally, may I use my story to encourage every woman or man waiting for a child. Everyone who has suffered miscarriages or some sort of infertility issues, everyone battling with some pain, some grieve, or some battle on your inability to have children. Everyone who has been mocked and called all sort of names, jested at etc.
I want to hug you and tell you that I can relate - maybe to a little extent but I understand your struggles. I understand the pain.
I use our son as a point of contact for you too. I pray that God answers you speedily and suddenly. May He give you your own testimony just like He did for us. May your mockers bow their heads in shame.


When you're done reading this screenshot, know that THIS PERSON IS NOT A MAN. THE END OF THE MESSAGE IS A DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO HIDE THE GENDER. It's a DISTRACTION... you that while I'm being careful with men around me, I wouldn't know the real enemy is a woman.
Men are hardly petty with issues like this. It's women that often carry another woman's inability to have children on her head, mocking her fellow woman. 

So while you curse out, please curse like you know this is a woman's handiwork. We need the curses to be directed appropriately o.


  1. Nigeria is the hardest place to live on Earth I swear,lord!!😭😭😭

    1. I have received so much humiliation for my inability to procreate that I feel no pain anymore. God has the final say.
      Lord, I accept only your verdict.

    2. When I had a miscarriage, my mother in law said I was the cause because 'they told her my mouth was loose'!

      Thankfully, 2 years later, God answered my prayer. She was shocked when she saw me because my pregnancy was far advanced before we told her.

      God will bless you when men mock you. Just be steadfast with him.

  2. When it comes to being wicked at dey learn work naa.

  3. Na wa!! I think many people will start calling that number!

    1. It's not going true.Omoby and her sisters tried calling but did not get through

    2. The Original Shugar Girl10 September 2020 at 18:28

      All the while I was reading I had concluded that it was a female who sent her those
      Vicious texts.

      Only for me to read the later part of the chat and I discovered that it was a petty man- I mean, someone who would consider himself a man stooping so so low!

      I am speechless.
      What a waste!

      I thank God say man no be God o.

  4. Wow. This is really deep and I thank God for coming through for this woman. She had the last laugh.

  5. The Anonymous earned herself the curse until she reveals herself and ask for forgiveness the curse will stand,there are people you don't offend in this world because if they curse you from a place of anger e don be,instant manifestations,I know and have seen one of such people,so folks be careful of what you say to people,so when you start running Helter skelter you know where the source is from,peace✌️✌️

  6. I saw this story and I said a prayer "Lord do not allow my enemies to mock me" Wicked people are everywhere, the insults were laced with so much hate. It was meant to kill and destroy her soul. Thank God! Man no be God if not e for be helele for this life. Mockers are everywhere but may the good Lord disgrace them. As for that person, I am sorry cos the curses she hipped on him/ her can't be wished away by prayers.

  7. Jeeeeeez!!!. I didn't even finish reading. So much hatred and bitterness in one person. Thank God he shamed whoever that evil person is.

  8. I don't understand why people think it's alright to be looking at a newly married woman's belle.

    The person that sent that message, their heart is filled with bile

  9. What a word we live in. You have small dick, na problem. You have small breast na problem. You have small yansh na big problem. You short na big problem. You have no spouse na big problem. You short na big problem. You ugly na big problem. You have no money or job, na there your own finish. Everything na problem for some people. Who can satisfy this world? Nobody. Just live your life cus this life no fucking balance.

  10. I follow Omobolanle Adeyemo "OMOBY" on Facebook. Very nice and inspirational lady.

    I'm happy she has her Son now. About 2 months old baby.

  11. The things we see in this TTC journey no be small. God answer our heartfelt prayers.

  12. Thank God for your life and may God bless and protect your baby. Amen.

  13. MORON TO THE MOON AND BACK . What's this one feeling like . Well , oga , let me burst your bubbles, YOU ARE NOT GOD AND WILL NEVER BE, PERIODTT.

  14. Thank God for safe delivery.
    You are calling on God and at the same time,
    cursing out this woman and calling her a "moron?"
    Do you need all these at this time?
    Does your new child need all these trade in bitterness?
    God said; "Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insults, but rather repay evil
    with good" 1 Pet. 3:9
    Please focus on giving your child a motherly attention and
    do not give in to all these pettiness.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  15. The poster is right. It wasn't a man who sent her this message. It's a woman, most likely a close relative from either her side or her husband's side, or an ex girlfriend or someone who had an interest in the man but didn't succeed.

  16. Hell got no fury like a woman scorned. Especially with barrenness or childlessness.

    Life is a seed. Let's be careful with goes out of our mouth and hands cos it will die and return back to us and unfortunately in good measure, pressed down and running over proportions.

    This is ungodly and worse still to have come from a woman to a fellow woman. May God have mercy upon her as she ask for forgiveness and make restitution were necessary.

  17. No need to curse the person. The person is obviously not normal and very miserable. Face your baby and ignore them. More blessings to you and your family.

  18. Thank God,man is not God, thank God once again. Whatsoever a man sows that he shall reap ,chikena.
    Also the evil that men do,lives with them........ everyone should continue doing what they think is best for them,no need to caution anymore,since some people are adamant to correction ,there are consequences for whatever we do and when the right time comes, accept it with your full chest.
    I am not perfect but I can't be caught saying demeaning/ derogatory words to my fellow human being or planning evil against another,God forbid. Some people are just wicked witches.

  19. Stella it could’ve been a man. Some men have very evil tongues. Especially if they were toasting you and y out didn’t give them face. Whoever it is, man or man, should seek forgiveness. How evil can a person be.

  20. The world is a wicked place. A supposed Human sent this to another person... isnt this the height of wickedness?

  21. Thank God for coming through for her.

  22. I am so happy about her testimony, God never fails. If she was not a strong woman with good support system this message would have even made her depressed or take her life especially at the time as she just had a miscarriage. Choi, I can just imagine.
    May God continue to come through for all the GTC women. It is a work of faith.

    1. I can't wrap my head around those messages. Like someone, I mean a human being sent this to another? Evil hearted individual.

    2. Is not easy at all,God pls answer my prayer before this year runs out

  23. When I was married to my Ex and without a child, I went to visit a relative. I and one of my sisters look like twins and if people are not careful they mistake us for one another. My uncle thinking he was talking to my sister said, " that your sister sef, she no wan born...?". I played along until my sibling came in and without knowing exposed me. The shock on the old man's face when he discovered it was me. He was too ashamed to say anything else.

  24. God is not a man that He should lie. He doesn't fail His children. Thank God for this great testimonies. God has shamed the evil and wicked person that sent that vile message. It's only God that will judge their types. Karma is a patient gangster! Trust me. To everyone TTCing, God will wipe away your monthly tears, don't give in to depression and fear. He has done it before and He will do it for you again.


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