Stella Dimoko Lagos Govt Set To Reopen Primary And Secondary Schools For New Academic Year...


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Monday, September 14, 2020

Lagos Govt Set To Reopen Primary And Secondary Schools For New Academic Year...

Schools In Lagos state are set to reopen.......Did i hear anyone scream yeaaaah?LOL



The Honourable Commissioner for Education, Lagos State Mrs Folasade Adefisayo has announced the plans for *both Public and Private Schools* resumption in the State after the lockdown of schools as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also wish to congratulate SS 3 students who have successfully completed their WASSCE exams and urge them to stay safe even as they await their results.

The plans for reopening for *a new 2020/2021 academic session* are as follows:


The Ministry is adopting a phased approach to opening *public schools* . This phased approach to opening will enable *public schools* meet COVID-19 social distance rules and safety protocols and will help us watch the behaviour of the pandemic as we gradually open up our schools.

The present JS 3 and SS 2 students in *public schools* in the State are to resume classes from Monday, 21st of September, 2020.

The resumption will permit the present JS 3 students who are already in an exit class to revise and get adequately prepared for their forthcoming Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) organized by the Lagos State Examination Board and scheduled between Tuesday, 6th and Monday, 12th of October, 2020. The resumption will also afford the present SS 2 students an opportunity to prepare effectively for their transition to SS 3. The scheduled dates and venues for Entrance Examination into Lagos State Model Colleges will soon be announced by the State Examination Board.

We assure parents that announcements for opening the other classes will occur as soon as we are certain of their safety. In the meantime, the unopened classes in *public schools* will continue their lessons on our various distance learning platforms (Online platform, radio, television and WhatsApp) while the next phase for physical resumption will be announced in due course.


*Private* Primary and Secondary Schools in the State are permitted to resume from Monday, 21st of September, 2020 and the State Government strongly recommends and encourages school owners to put safety first and open in phases similar to the plans for *public schools* . 

Phased opening also include strategies for staggered resumption in the mornings, classes on alternate days during the week and teaching through various distance learning methods. Schools must also comply with safety protocols and hygiene guidelines as instructed by the State Government through the Office of Education Quality Assurance (OEQA). The Office of Education Quality Assurance will continue to monitor and evaluate Schools’ preparedness.

Please note that *pre-primary classes and schools in both public and private schools* will remain closed until further announcements are made.

The State Government wishes to remind schools that the pandemic is still with us and we must in all situations, make the safety of our children, teachers and parents and our community as a whole our first priority.

Kayode Abayomi
Head, Public Affairs
Ministry of Education
13th September, 2020


  1. Good news with mixed feelings 😔

  2. This type of school opening, I don't even understand. They should either open or close biko!

  3. They should reopen in Abuja too nau. My daughter wants to go back to school and her uniform is getting smaller.

    1. Lol@ her uniform getting smaller. It means you're feeding her well.

    2. Lol...
      My son too said he is school sick,they are really missing school. Parents might need to buy new sets of uniform and shoes. It's new session,I pray God meet all our needs.

  4. Mixed feelings
    Cause my sister job was affected due to school closing and salary was slashed
    Am happy teachers get to go back to work and feel for the students and parents
    Especially with the hikes,Would fees be increased? How would they cope paying the fees and other expenses such a time like this?
    The virus infected cases is declining, how much prepared is the govt to follow up on the protocols laid down? Can it be sustained that we don't risk theses pupils lives

    Its well

    1. My children'school reduced their fee,they said some parents are already affected by the pandemic. Such a thoughtful proprietor.God bless you sir

    2. The truth is the government is not prepared to take care of you. They can't even take care of a few people with COVID. So be sure to do your best to take care of your family because now everyone will be exposed.

    3. You don't say Treasure
      What a commendable offer

  5. School resumption in phases. Compliance to all the Covid 19 protocols is key.

  6. Covid cases seems lower because people are no longer showing up for testing even when they have symptoms. I just pray we dont have an outbreak that will be worse than the initial

    1. Abeg carry your negativity out of here, Kofi state hasn't been testing and I've not seeing people dying anyhow, we are positive that the situation has been arrested

    2. Being cautious or cautioning is not negativity. You people fail to realize that prevention is better than cure.

    3. Meanwhile, the second wave has already started in Europe.

      My fear is that when the chips are down, the government will deny ever making this move!

  7. Let us fold our arm and keep watching them...
    State Govt will say A
    Federal Govt will say B
    Who do we follow???

  8. Tertiary institutions are not even remembered in the reopening

  9. its high long as safety
    measures are put in place.

  10. Even after the announcement by LASG, my children school says Nursery2 is not a pre primary class and should resume on Monday. I am not sure I want to do that.

  11. My own child will sha not resume until at least one month or even more! Kids that can’t wear face shield for 15mins without taking off? Before Covid they resume school and come home with all sorts of flu so you can imagine what will happen by the time they start sharing faceshields and all! I will home school my son biko. Israel is talking about another lockdown and our thieving government who have done nothing to curb the spread are talking about kids resuming. May God help us. Amen

    1. I share this same school-of-thought but i can't afford to homeschool my kids, even if i want to. I work 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday and EVERYONE is at work, no exceptions!

      Infact, a part of me secretly wishes the resumption can be postponed as i believe schools would require fees be paid immediately, and most parents can't afford that at the moment.

    2. You should please tell us another reason why your kids won't be resuming school, it certainly can't be because of Covid. The hypocrisy of the Nigerians is appalling. Everywhere else is open. The heavily populated markets are open...people troop in and out, 80% of them not wearing mask. You as a parent you are busy gallivanting everywhere... When is time for school you suddenly remember there's Covid? UK with its spikes have opened school even to Preschool level...a country that values education!

    3. Anon 13:37 you seem to know more than me so pls give reasons o. For one, it can never be fees cos I pay school fees yearly. People on social media just hope people are as miserable ! God forbid

    4. Anon 13:37, UK has closed all schools when they recorded 3,000 cases and more at a go; even worse, it was youths it affected.

      If you don't believe there's COVID in Nigeria, fine but stop going around with fake news and anon 14:42 fears are understandable except you are not a parent.

      I am a parent and I prefer my child repeating her class than getting infected!

  12. God will help us cos kids have to go back to Sch 🦋

  13. This a very good news , so happy to hear this.


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