Stella Dimoko Man Kills Wife Inside Police Station For Reporting Him For Domestic Violence


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Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Man Kills Wife Inside Police Station For Reporting Him For Domestic Violence


A 28-year-old woman was shot dead by her husband at Madeira Police Station in Mthatha, South Africa, where she had gone to report him for domestic violence.

The suspect who was said to be a security company’s employee, was arrested by the police-men immediately.

Some eyewitnesses who were in the police station at the time of the shooting, ran for their lives.

One of the eyewitnesses, Songezo Sanazo told newsmen ;

“I was busy having my documents certified when I heard gunshots
I heard the first one and I thought it was not something serious. But I had to run for cover and hide behind the wall when I heard a second one, third and fourth while other people were running away from the yard screaming. We were all terrified.”

Provincial police spokesperson, Brigadier Tembinkosi Kinana explained that after the shooting, the man attempted to escape before being apprehended on Monday September 7.

He said; “Whilst she was busy reporting to the police officer at the Community Service Centre, the husband entered the station and without saying anything started shooting at the wife who succumbed to injuries sustained at the scene.
The firearm he had in his possession was confiscated and will be sent to the forensic laboratory for ballistic testing.”

He said the suspect would appear in court soon on a charge of murder
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  1. Replies
    1. Cup cake are you from Nsukka?

    2. @anon, no i am not from nsukka. Dts my mom's language, ukwani in delta st

  2. And I can imagine what she must have been going through at home


  3. Smh. What a way to go in the hands of the man that promised to love her forever. May her soul rest in peace.

  4. Sick sick sick man

    Rest in peace lady

  5. Which one be forensic test again. Abi dem no see when him Dey shoot ney.

  6. I knew it could never be a Nigerian.may

    May she rest in peace.

    1. What are you saying? Is it not a Nigerian that tortured the mother of his children to death?

    2. Nigerian man will not do it at the police station. What a life?

  7. So sad a story.
    If a woman's (or person's) life is threatened anywhere,
    the first thing to do is to run to safety. I did not say
    divorce, I said, run to safety.
    A man that beats his wife has become unfaithful in the marriage.
    He is supposed to protect her, not beat her.

    1. Wtf are you saying??
      I am pretty sure that this is an abusive guy typing these nonsense..
      Awon endure & pray over it, we've lost many mothers and future mother's to y'all motivational speaker.
      I pity your female children sha, they sure have a parent that would rather prefer for them to come back in a "gasket" than come back divorced.
      Chizzy J

    2. @17:54
      Come back in a "gasket?"
      How about coming back in a
      carburetor or radiator?
      You are just fretting over nothing.

    3. Yes oh, you would prefer for them to come back home in a gasket than for them to leave their abusive home.
      Parents like you are those type that their kids would rather remain in school after the semester has ended because they don't want to deal with their parents that are extremists..
      Chizzy J.

    4. Casket or to hit the nail on the head "Coffin".

    5. Nne Chizzy,
      You still do not get the joke?
      It is called CASKET and not "gasket"
      Gasket is a car engine appliance, just like
      radiator okay?

  8. OmG! Rest in peace. What a way to die

  9. This marriage thing! It is well

  10. Jesus! The young lady must have thought she safe in that station.

    Too bad.

  11. my God, so shocking,self control and and anger management courses should be made compulsory to couples before joining them as one.

    1. Ha,there is another chizzy on this blog ke?
      Who are you, how did you form?
      Chizzy j

    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. May her soul rest in peace.#Saynotodomesticviolence#

  13. AHHHH.... why will the man take kill his wife,he has no right to take someone life.
    i hope the law do justice to this incident

  14. Now I understand what the woman must have passed through under this killer of a horseband.

    May her soul rest in peace.

  15. It's better to remain single than to end up with a beast.

  16. Rip to the woman
    Such a sad story

  17. Typical SouthAfrican Male, they don't hesitate to shoot.

  18. Nawa o.. Untop I'm not doing again 🤦🤦

    I pray for her soul to find rest eternally

  19. So heartbreaking!!
    What a sad way to die!

    Rest in peace Lady.

  20. If you read the story of one of the most successful comedians in the US who by the way is not yet a citizen but criticizes Trump freely, Trevor Noah, “Born a crime” you will understand that violence against women is all over and alive in SA where his stepfather shot his mom and damaged her spinal cord till date. Trevor is an American asset and he brings a unique African perspective to issues in America especially with our wannabe dictator Trump!

    He is biracial and by the “new” standards of some pastors in Nigeria this gem is of some “caste”. “Half caste” is considered a racial slur just so some folks with bully pulpits should educate themselves & their followers. As soon as a man starts lifting his hands to beat you, run to a church that has a social conscience. I’m born again but I have seen Catholics and few other orthodox sects display more social responsibility in all the countries I have travelled to and even in the US where I live.

    We Pentecostals need perspective. The British PM does not have a private jet! Most members of the royal family travel commercial. Barack and Michelle with their 3 New York Times Bestsellers (the latest is Michelle’s $62m book, “Becoming” do not own private jets. Why are we so immune to the sufferings of one another?

    By now there should be up to 20 domestic violence shelters in Lagos and one in every major town with security and anonymity guarantees like here. What do the looters and rulers do with money other than party and build 20 brick and mortar gaudy looking houses for themselves? We need to use SM to identify and shame looters and bullies but you have folks justifying a murder threat online. If someone feels challenging a perspective is bad and is issuing a death threat, do you not think their wives may be suffering in silence if they dare argue with them.
    I thought the Holy Spirit is the one that helps each Christian interpret the scriptures not any leader. Nigerian Christianity has embraced fascism. We forget that where God’s Spirit is there is “Liberty” or freedom as the Good Book says. These stories are sad but they are the symptoms of overbloated egos and “I’m above the law” mentality.
    I linked it to the death threat because the subject Freeze spoke on was the most used misogynistic verse that some use as justification for domestic violence “wives submit to your husband”. All he did was add the earlier and the later verses to give the correct biblical perspective of “submit yourselves one to another” which is why I do not recollect domestic violence in the Bible even in the Old Testament. Do not allow fascism and dictatorship into the church in Nigeria. It’s the people who quote the “wives submit “ without the verse before and after that often feel insecure around talented or accomplished or even regular wives and feel the need to “ beat them to submission”. Search the scriptures yourself. It’s now in most languages!


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