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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Nigerian Celeb Quote


  1. Agreed,
    No excuse for adultery.
    But it is also not a man's fault
    when a woman cheats and breeds strange
    kids under his nose.

  2. Yeah... it's not the woman's fault at all though the society will always looks for a way to blame the woman.

  3. You can say that again. Man wey wan cheat go cheat even if she's Agbani Darego of this world.

  4. Cheating is a choice. I find it very funny when women claim they cheated because their husbands / boyfriends cheated. It is simply stupid. Own up to your shit. If you don't have the capacity to cheat you will never cheat. If you cheat today, it is because you have cheated before or you have always wanted to cheat, you have it in you. No decent and rational person can ever allow the words/ actions of others push them into what they don't like. You could use men in your comment, using women in mine is a personal choice

  5. It's his foundation, his structure.. Had an admirer two years ago who hinted he has been having sex since age 14 and he was 35 at the time. And he was having it every week talk about his one night stands, flings, and friends with benefits excluding girlfriends and side-chicks. Every single week. No jokes! So Calculate that. He was exposed to that life at an early age.
    The company he keeps. Take a glimpse at the man of yesterday "Bep" talk about his friend "enviable conquest" with sheer admiration. "His is 200 and counting" such a braggart revelling his exploits.
    his flawed mindset. A man wasn't designed to be monogamous and the same designer(God) talked about adultery.
    Lack of self-control.
    Lack of fear of God.
    So in all these I wonder why any one would still think a woman is the underlying cause of a man's debauchery ways. A cheat is a cheat because he wants to be.

    1. Thank you sabella . God bless will hear them say a man is not supposed to be with one woman he is suppose to spread his seed tell me how such a man will not cheat. I like your reply on boredom post this morning imagine this same men trying to make you feel guilty for saying 5 body count is too much but this same men expect my body count to be just 1 . pocrit


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