Stella Dimoko Nigerian Government Apologises For Asking All Account Holders To Re-register With Their Banks...


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Friday, September 18, 2020

Nigerian Government Apologises For Asking All Account Holders To Re-register With Their Banks...

The Federal Government has apologised for asking all account holders in Nigeria to register their details again,despite having their Bank Verification Numbers and the National Identification Number.....


  1. Sigh.....i was thinking about it deeply

  2. Misplaced priorities. Nonsense government will never address what is affecting the masses. 🙄🙄🙄

  3. That's why we are backward. How on Earth did you post such? With BVN no other information is needed from individuals. All the information should be in their system.

  4. Replies
    1. PMB is the collision course. someone who has not the least idea of governance. He is a mare statue. Right now government is on auto pilot. everything goes, no coordination, no direction and no focus.

      The buck stops on the presidents desk and right now, the president is sleep walking. Anyways, he has always been sleep walking while people like you make excuses for him and either blame the previous administration or blame his appointees.

      The problem we have in this country right now is Buhari. Remove him from the equation and you will see a significant relief for the masses.

      We can continue to deceive ourselves all we want. Only a fool does the same thing over and over again and expects a different result.

  5. Yeye people with misplaced priority.MTCHEWW!

  6. We don dey crase for this country. Why tweet something you are not sure about.

  7. Tufiakwa! I'm tired of Nigeria, we're slaves in our own country where we call home. Because of the outcry they're twisting it.
    If we don't die under Buhari wellw survive any other presidency

    1. This same animal released list of Board appointments in 2016 containing many dead and incapacitated Nigerians. No surprises!

    2. Iyke Desmond you can state your opinion without calling people names, not the president or even a baby.

      Believe me, I don't like this government and never voted APC or PDP (they are the same).

      Well, every nation gets the government it deserves.

      We can all do better in our own capacity.

      Man in the mirror - take a look at yourself and make a change.

  8. Confused be only "it's not for everybody". 🙄

  9. Please what is the difference oh?

    I just read the "proper" press release and didn't see much difference.
    How many Nigerians operate only one account in one bank?

    Maybe I didn't understand well oh

  10. Awon OPONU...Confused lots. How the hell could you even contemplate it??? In this Covid Season? What has become of the BVN Numbers we spent HELL-TIME getting??? And then, is it not better for you to spend all your loose energy chasing your government officials, Ministers and Governors who are stealing us DRY everyday? You should be conducting inventory on them, and not innocent Nigerians who can barely eat lunch. WAKE UP....bloody APC Government. Una don FAIL !!!

  11. In compliance with that protocol, people who have bank accounts in other countries and foreigners who have bank accounts in Nigeria are required to obtain, fill and submit the self certification forms. This does not apply to all bank account holders in Nigeria. (This is to enable governments to collect tax from their citizens that are based abroad).The banks are expected to know the customers that this directive applies to (due to the Know Your Customer [KYC] programme) and to inform them of the directive.

  12. They want to start taxing Nigerians in diaspora forgetting that their personal home remittances alone contributes hugely to Nigeria's economy.

    These category of account holders already have their foreign numbers on their accounts. The country code tells you their tax jurisdiction. So, why ask them for self-certification?
    They have BVN which they pay to register for in their countries of residence.

    Besides, what have this government done with the STAMP DUTY charges?
    They need to be transparent and accountable for that.

    How much can the FG squeeze out from an already crushed citizenry?❗

    1. their personal home remittances alone *contribute*.... (my error 🙏)


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