Stella Dimoko Nigeria's Debt Hit N31 Trillion Naira...


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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Nigeria's Debt Hit N31 Trillion Naira...

The Debt Management Office on Wednesday released Nigeria’s total public debt stock as of June 30, 2020, and put the country’s entire debt at N31trn, indicating an increase of N2.38trn within a space of three months.

Nigeria’s total public debt stock includes the debt stock of the Federal Government, the 36 states, and the Federal Capital Territory.
Just as the country’s public debt stock, the DMO also released reports on Nigeria’s Actual External Debt Service Payments in Second Quarter, 2020, as well as Nigeria’s External Debt Stock as of June 30, 2020.
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  1. Replies
    1. A round of applause and strong ovation with drumming rolls 🙌🙌🙌🙌👍👍👍🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

    2. Modern day "willing" slaves.

      Quite a "huge" legacy these crop of leaders from the '60s are leaving for both their pampered projenies and deprived masses.

      For a nation that is blessed with a great wealth of natural resources, it's unfortunate that it's saddled with the burden of the "double tragedy" of wicked and blind leaders.

      Well, what should one say to the same crop of "leaders" who jumped into the saddle without even learning how to ride much less saddle the horse?

      CHECK IT - which of these leaders from the '60s have "successfully", IF AT ALL engaged in any enterprise or manufacturing that thrives to date?❗

      All they have known is "grabbing power" and "grappling with power". They have NEVER LEARNT how to HARNESS POWER for the common good.


    3. ...........and counting........

  2. Lauretta Onoiche and Garba ishiewu are preparing a speech to pass over to Buhari to blame Jonathan for this debt. Just watch out. Soon you will read it from Bubu that Jonathan is responsible for this debt.

    1. Garba gini?😂😂😂😂

      Charlatans in power
      Very low intelligence
      Zero creativity
      Highly possessed
      Ambitious for power
      Ignorance on steroids

      Until non idiots get interested and beat the blockheads at their own game to get power to do good

      This display of non awareness will continue

  3. The rate at which these government officials take us for a fool is alarming. What kind of yeye talk is this?😩😱

  4. it could have been better if the money was used to redefine our sectors,they kept borrowing with almost nothing positive to point to,not even plans of paying back.Coronavirus came and gave them reasons to borrow more. it was irritating listening to Mamowora giving excuses to why they can't meet up the doctors request,they careless since the international flight is open, the poor can die.
    if you know the garage where they take Canada bus in Lagos,kindly update your sister,I need to confirm something over there

    1. I'm telling you, nothing to show for... No single thing!!!
      Fuel expensive, light increased, no health care, no road, no security, education is decaying.
      I don't even want to think about it be I will be angry from within and start transferring aggression on innocent people that didn't offend me.
      You see that Canada or Australia,when you sabi the garage make you update me biko help a fellow sister too

  5. And cold is just catching me anyhow ����������
    Which kind of evil and wickedness is this???
    The money borrowed the people are not seeing the impact rather it's hardship upon hardship.
    Father please pick my call let me leave this country because I'm officially tired if Nigeria ����������

  6. Las Las Nigeria will be re-colonized. Because we cannot pay back

  7. China don take over this country be that... while you all gave your attention to BBnaija, the country and the contents were sold to China. Start taking classes to learn their language o

  8. See y'all better try to make money and secure the future of your kids. Government issue is dead on arrival,no fucking hope unless we divide......

    1. Securing the future is a collective responsibility because no matter what you do, policies, laws, systems and infrastructure or lack thereof will still affect you.

  9. Now I'm beginning to believe this;

    "President Buhari has sold Nigeria to China"

    I think I agree with it reasons being that...
    President "Buhari" is always borrowing huge sums of money from China which Nigeria may never pay back (and you know what happens if you borrow/take a loan with colletral and unable to pay back).

    He is actually not Buhari
    He's not Nigerian
    He's got nothing to loose at the end of the game.
    He'll go back to wherever he came from (those that draw the map of this buhari/jubril thing would decide on what to do with him thereafter).

    You can call me whatever name, but I've given it a thought over and over again and this is what I deduce from the whole scenario

  10. They never borrow to channel it into building infrastructures but rather they do to steal so they can fund their luxurious lifestyles. Now one clueless head will say all the youths are lazy,blaming the youths for their failure. If you ask them to initiate the process Capital punishment bill on embezzlement, they won't do it. It is the CAMA,water bill and other nonsense that will not positively affect the lives Nigerians that you will see them jostling to pass into law. Wicked set of leaders

    1. Very greedy and useless. Nigeria is still in a pitiable state despite all the monies they have borrowed, shameless lots.

  11. What was the money used for? Nothing to show for it but self enrichment. Thieves

  12. Debt management office? Is this a misnomer? Was someone being sarcastic? This is terrible!

  13. may chinese not become our official language in jesus mighty name amen...bubu keep sleeping

  14. Our mumu never do

  15. It’s in the pockets of politicians, cronies and relatives and contractors of fake projects, in Dubai real estate sector and western economies to develop them. May it never be well with the looters of Nigeria who threw the masses into poverty and unemployment with lack of basic infrastructure! They probably just have the CBN give them any amount they want. Like wedding shopping for “neck pain”!


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