Stella Dimoko Nigeria's President Buhari Approves Date To Celebrate National Youth Day


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Thursday, September 03, 2020

Nigeria's President Buhari Approves Date To Celebrate National Youth Day

The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has approved November 1st of every year as the National Youth Day ...


More like National 'lazy' youths day...LOL


  1. Oga president sign inthe electronic voting law thing, forget all this your baseless approvals, stop doing so many senseless things and do one reasonable one.

  2. Stellakoko, o gini? Hope its starting off this November 2020....

    Its a welcome development. Its time to give the youths audience and allow them make an impact too.

  3. Ok, Nov 1st is National Youth day. Eh e. What's next? What are you going to do to empower them, eh?

    1. He has empowered them by providing 3 months menial jobs which National assembly is fighting for their slots

  4. Stella oil dey your head! What is the need of National Youth day when it is the same leaders that oppress its youth when they want to carry out their civil rights..2nd base Jare..

    Nigeria will be 60 in October 1st but it lies in wanton waste, strife, hunger,wickedness, inordinate desire for money and wealth..Can a fool at 60 be a fool forever?

  5. Wicked and Clueless Tyrant of a president. Destructions are for you and all those in power working with you!.

    Chai God could you please come to our aid already and hear us??? This is becoming toomuch for us to bear. I'm so afraid for the future and the future that I'm talking about is not even in few years, I'm talking about the nextfew hours to come, tomorrow...
    God I'm lamenting!!!

  6. National Youth Day my ass. What is the need when you Mr President and people of your generation have refused to ensure that the youths enjoy the same benefits you all had but has destroyed Nigeria to the point that youths in Nigeria have nothing to hold on to.

  7. Hmmmm...misplaced priority. Shior!

  8. Children of anger insulting a man that will never read your insults. 73 billion was provided for youths to help them start a business, expand existing businesses. How many of you have applied, how many of you are going to apply. Your mates are already doing so to better their lives, while you are moving from one site to another complaining and insulting those old enough to be your grandfathers. Yeah, na connection, l don't connection this is what you believe right. Just leave the comfort of your home and give it a try. People who don't have connections like you have gotten government loans.


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