Stella Dimoko Weekend Arena - Ghana Is A Mosquito That Has Landed On Nigeria's Blokos...


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Friday, September 04, 2020

Weekend Arena - Ghana Is A Mosquito That Has Landed On Nigeria's Blokos...

There is a popular proverb about the best way to kill a mosquito, which has decided to ‘attack’ an angry man on his scrotum. 

It presents a helpless situation, because a grave consequence can result from a reckless reaction. That is the situation the Nigeria-Ghana rivalry is assuming. The two nations have a lot in common, so much that in the West African sub-region, Ghana, is seen as being closer to Nigeria, than Benin Republic, which shares a border with Nigeria, no thanks to the scramble for Africa, which saw European nations delineate the continent according to their choice (greed?), while imposing their various languages on the various ethnic groups.

Ghana and Nigeria by this action, inherited a common colonial master, Great Britain, which for administrative convenience foisted English language on the two countries, while fostering cooperation between the authorities in both countries. This development has rubbed off positively and negatively. It has engendered an age-long rivalry, leaving positive and negative traits on its trail. In every sphere of life, Ghanaians tend to compete against the Nigerian interest. Perhaps it is an ego thing, because they have consistently done so in football, in regional politics, in jollof rice, in attracting the opposite sex, but the current economic war in this regard, is on the negative path and something needs to be urgently done to nip it in the bud.

In 2020 alone, Ghana has seized and demolished two buildings belonging to the Nigerian High Commission at 10 Barnes Road, Accra and 19/21 Julius Nyerere Street, Accra respectively. As if that was not hair-raising enough, the country has also locked up businesses owned by Nigerians, whom they imposed an individual levy of $1m on! Of course, this looks like an affront and Nigeria’s Minister for Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, pointedly stressed this, but like a ‘stubborn child’, Ghanaian authorities are defending their actions with various excuses, culminating in an insinuation that they were paying Nigeria back for closing her borders in August 2019.

According to Ghana’s Foreign Minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, “August 2019, saw Nigeria close its land borders without notice to community trade. Explanation: ‘To stop smuggling and to protect local industries from imported/smuggled rice, etc. Of course, this decision ended up hurting Ghanaian exporters and brought many of them to their knees financially as trucks were stuck at the Seme Krake border for months.”

The ‘takeaway’ from the Ghanaian Foreign Minister’s response is the fact that Ghana is attacking personal businesses in reaction to Nigeria’s national action. Shutting of the Nigerian border, may have affected more Nigerians than Ghanaians, but to take it out on private individuals hustling in Ghana from their personal sweat, is in bad taste. $1m, going by today’s exchange rate is almost N400m and to impose such a ludicrous sum as levy is an indirect way of asking the person to shut down his business and try something else. I doubt if these Nigerians would leave Nigeria to trade in Ghana if they had that kind of amount stashed somewhere in a vault like the Ghanaian authorities are making it seem.

While Nigeria maintains diplomatic maturity in resolving this truce, it is pertinent to reinforce that the present hostilities from Ghana may not be unconnected with the state of the economy in Nigeria currently. Would Ghana have meted this kind of treatment to Nigerian nationals in 1980, when the Nigerian economy was strong and the Naira was commanding more value than the dollar? Not likely. After all, we have not read of similar actions towards citizens of South Africa, or even the preponderant Chinese! In the late 70s and early 80s, Ghanaians were trooping into Nigeria to seek economic refuge. Some came to take up lowly positions in the Nigerian system. But the reverse has happened today. It is obvious that many Nigerians are seeking economic redemption in Ghana and the number may be overwhelming their authorities and the easiest way to curtail such migrations will be by rolling out such guidelines.

There is no gain stressing that the Nigerian economic environment has remained hostile to businesses. Apart from the lack of basic infrastructures, which naturally help businesses boom, the government has been coming up with more taxes to stifle growing ventures; and this is scaring investors-local and international. In the past one week or so, Nigerians have been forced to contend with what many are calling a ‘festival of increments’. From Value Added Tax (from 5% to 7.5%), petrol (N143 to N160), electricity (N30.23 per Kwh to N62.33) to transportation and basic food items, especially local rice…prices of everything is on the vertical growth, including the penalty for hate speech.

Some Nigerians have been defending the increases, which is part of our mindset. You would hear them comparing the price of petrol in United States with what it is in Nigeria, without telling people that Nigeria has crude oil reserves they cannot refine over the years. They will not tell people that Nigeria is like the child who lives by the river side and cannot find water to do his laundry.

Ghanaian citizens have every reason to enjoy the benefits of their land. They once passed through what Nigerians are experiencing today. By dint of collective will, they enthroned a leadership class that pulled them out of their dilemma. Nigerians have the tool to be like them, but they need to purge themselves of ethnic, religious and sectional sentiments when choosing their leadership class.

OMG,Ngozi you hit the nail on the head with this classy style of reporting this issue.....Thank you and Happy Birthday to you as you celebrate your birthday today...
May God give you more wisdom to write more classy reports and may God equip you with all that your heart desire..
May your Ikebe lose some fat and reduce so that people will stop wondering why a man with a woman's name has the backside of a woman...LOL

Happy Birthday Ngozi..SDK and Blog visitors celebrate with you as you celebrate in far away Awka where you travelled to some days ago to do what i don't know....
Please any BV in Awka willing to meet and give Ngozi a treat should call his dilapidated number up there and give him SDK VIP treatment if you can....


  1. I enjoyed every bit of this article. Nigeria will be great again

    Congrats Mr Ngozi. Happy birthday to you and may more ink flow in your pen

    1. We all pray Nigeria should be great again, Mr Ngozi really did well with is write ups
      Happy birthday to you sir, God will continue to give you wisdom,knowledge.more blessings upon blessings will continue to locate you

    2. Happy birthday Mr Ngoo.
      Shine on.

  2. Nice essay there Mr Ngozi. Happy birthday to you. Bigger and better you I pray. Stella, that your prayer concerning his 'ikebe' got me laughing so loud that people around me are wondering what the matter is. You are a clown o. Lol.

  3. I agree in part to this article.
    But if we want to say the whole truth,
    a lot of Nigerians are in
    countries like Ghana doing crimes especially internet scams.
    That is not seeking economic redemption. The other unmentioned problem is the "greed culture" in Nigeria.
    "Making it" has become a mantra that
    respects no law or norms.

  4. Beautiful piece could not have been better said.

  5. Well said!
    Happy blessed birthday Mr Ngozi

  6. Hbd to our own personal blog blessing. And nice write up by the way.

  7. Nice article. Happy birthday Mr Ngozi

  8. "By dint of collective will, they enthroned a leadership class that pulled them out of their dilemma.".... You are right Ngozi.
    I would add, "By dint of Jerry Rawlings and men of like vision, Ghana is a CITY SET ON A HILL whose light Nigerians and nations come to its brightness."

    I've only been to Ghana once and was really impressed.

    Shame on Nigerian leaders and citizens. With all the natural resources, such a country is still wallowing in the mud of underdevelopment due to corruption!

    Happy Birthday Ngozi and many more fruitful years on earth. Enjoy Awka 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸœ

  9. Happy birthday Mr Ngozi, God bless your new age.

  10. Hit nail on the head? I beg to differ please, I don't think so at all. If Ghana doesn't want Nigerians, let's think deeper. Let's ask ourselves why is it so for Nigerians almost all over the world? What are they doing to make even the most friendly countries reject them? Until we tell ourselves the hard truths, nothing will change.

    Even countries with very solid economies have their citizens travel to other countries. So it's good for Nigeria to fix it's economy but that alone wouldn't stop the rejection Nigerians face from other countries.

    Let's take the case of Ghana as a case study. Ghana at a point was noted to be the 2nd home for most Liberians during and long after the civil war. Were the Liberians treated the same? No. Even now, there are many foreigners in Ghana, infact statistics shows that, when you pick 3 people in Ghana, you find 1 foreigner. Why are others not being treated the same? So let's stop beating about the bush and train the Nigerian child to know that, crime doesn't pay and also abide by laws. Thank you!

    1. Ask Liberians, tgey were treated bad too.

    2. @Star you are wrong. Liberians were really supported by Ghana. The only time they had issues were when some started selling their refugee camp land after the civil war. It wasn't for them to own but they wanted to own it since they stayed on the land for so long. This is a story I know very well. Even after the Ghanaian authorities decided to retrieve the land back, they provided them with planes to take those willing to go back and even gave them some amount though very small then to reintegrate them into their country. Check your facts.

    3. Anonymous, not true from all tge accounts of the Liberusns i met who were there as refugees waiting to leave to the US. That is their own fact. I know you are ghanian and trying to sell uour umage, but from the way you all are treating thr foolish nigeruans trying to live in your country, its obvious the Liberian' account of the fact could be more right than yours.

      I also have experience with Ghanians in my neighbourhood in naija and elsewhere and I see many of you lots are like rats that bite and blow, pretending to be nice but kill you behind your back.

      Dont get me wrong, the good ghanian will die for you if he liked you, but those many terrible ones.....

  11. Wow so my fave columnist happy birthday is today..Wow long life and prosperity..God bless you for this beautiful write up

  12. Happy Birthday Mr. Ngozi. I enjoy reading your articles.

  13. Happy birthday Mr. Ngozi, here's wishing you an awesome year! Cheers!!!

  14. Happy birthday sir, beautiful write up

  15. Happy birthday... I enjoy your insightful article always

  16. Thanks for this amazing write up. Happy birthday sir and more blessed years to you.

  17. This Nigeria versus Ghana issue is really tiring.
    Ghana should remember that it's dangerous to trample on an unready fallen man, He will rise again.

    Happy Birthday Ngozi, more power to your penπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

  18. I wish the Nigerian businesses in Ghana would do to them what Nollywood did to them years ago. Remember when if producers wanted to shoot a movie in Ghana, Ghana would insist in having a Ghanaian play a lead role before they could allow them to shoot the movie? That is why we started seeing actors like Van Vicker, Nadia Buari and the rest. But when Nollywood said enough is enough and started to shoot their movies in Nigeria, tell me, na who lose? Do you think those Ghanaian actors are making as much money as they used to make in Nigeria? Are Lagos and Asaba not better locations to shoot movies than the Ghana they were going to?

    Those owners of businesses should make plans to come back home and see how they can work with other businesses to make business easier in Nigeria, else Ghana will continue to treat them worse than this.

    What nonsense! We can't continue running out of the country. Is it USA that can fix Nigeria?

  19. 3 hearty Cheers 🍻 to you Mr Ngozi .
    God Bless you and more ink to your pen πŸ–Š.
    I love your writing style and always look forward to reading from you.

  20. Obviously, the real meat of the matter is not being addressed. Perhaps the culture and mindset of both cultures are so different that they cannot peacefully coexist. Who knows, I am merely speculating.

  21. Nice write up as always. Happy birthday Mr. Ngozi. Gods grace and favour be upon you. Amen

  22. Happy birthday Mr Ngozi.
    God bless you.

  23. Happy birthday to the amazing writer, may God bless you beyond your expectations. Amen.

    I enjoy reading your article. I used to live at Awka, no more again, now living at Onitsha.

  24. Happy birthday Ngozi, Stella abeg no make me laugh with d ikebe talk.Na God give am but I hope e no affect d front cos I hear say d flatter d back d bigger d front and vice versa.🀭🀭😬😬🀐🀐 Shut up

    Nice write up ,yes I agree d closed border did not only affect Ghana cos even we Nigerians dey hear am too.D rice matter to help local industries grow is dat why rice is now very costly.Anyways I pray d construction of d rice mill at Imota Ikorodu would bring job creation and help production of rice in good quantities and qualities but we need more of dese factories to meet d demands of our pple


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