Stella Dimoko Woman Dies During Water Baptism After Mermaids Allegedly Grabbed Her...


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Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Woman Dies During Water Baptism After Mermaids Allegedly Grabbed Her...

Ah,Mammy water keh?

  26-year-old Rutendo Nhemachena has reportedly died during baptism at Manyame river in Zimbabwe.

Nhemachena is believed to have been possessed by a mermaid spirit before becoming violent and jumping into the river where the leading prophet, Isaac Manyemba was cleansing men and women with his aide only identified as Mai Manyika or Madzimai Jennifer.

HMetro reported that the people who were with her believed that she had been grabbed by a mermaid and didn’t try to rescue her. Manyemba confirmed the tragic event by saying Nhemachena overpowered him and seemed like she was possessed by a mermaid spirit.

The Prophet said;

“The two convinced me and I led them to the river where we attended to a number of men and women when Nhemachena suddenly came into the river possessed.

“She pushed all of us and we failed to handle her before she immersed me and disappeared into the water.
We were comforted by one woman who claimed that her child was once taken by a mermaid when he was seven years old and returned from water at the age of 14.”

Nhemachena family spokesperson, Patience Gwebede however denied suggestions that the deceased was abducted by a mermaid. She said the deceased was going to be buried in Chihota after a post mortem.

He said;

“We are expecting the law to take its course as well as get an explanation from the traditional healer or Madzibaba and Madzimai who were conducting the cleansing ceremony.”

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the mishap and said the police are still investigating the circumstances leading to the drowning.


  1. What kind of story is this? Is this for real though? Being taken by mermaids and returned after a while.

  2. Hmmm! I will send you a similar story soon

  3. Replies
    1. Something similar happened in my neighborhood in Lagos.

      A pastor led his congregation for baptism, at the newly built ferry terminal by the LASG around my hood one Sunday afternoon o. After almost everyone had been baptized, the last lady, who's a plus size, pushed the man of God into the river, as she was being lifted from immersion. The security guys at the place were able to save her but the pastor wasn't so lucky.

      Na local divers come find the corpse o. The wife nearly went crazy

  4. Mermaids are real AF,My mum had similar experience when she went to Abraka,that stream close to Delta State University. She went there to wash her clothes and told me someone held on to her waist while pulling her deep into the river fortunately for her ,she mustered the strength to call "Jesus " and the hands loosened it's grip. Strange but true !!!

    1. Wow! Thank God for her. Didnt know the mermaid stories were real.

    2. My dear Essa it's real oo,see that river in Abraka has taken so many lives.

    3. Kindly take your meds please

    4. my dear @Liz, you are absolutely right...i am a graduate of DELSU Abraka and i can authentically tell anyone who wishes to hear/believe that ALL the rivers surrounding that school have "bodies" in them...MOTEL BEACH O,MUDI O,i lost friends during matriculation back then....every year, it is ascribed that the marine bodies take people each, worse still, it selectively takes "only males", most especially young boys...this life though. G!

  5. Dramatic things do happen during water baptism, reason why most churches conduct serious prayers before going
    When I did mine,some people were baptized the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues after their immersion.

  6. It's possible. I know one lady though she's late now, she told me on more than two occasions that she can enter boat to cross any river, that if she dares it she will be taken by mermaid

  7. If you are possessed Biko don't near water "talking" from experience

  8. Zimbabwe and mermaids!!!! Them plenty for that side. One of their dams have not been completed because the workers ran away,talking about frightful females coming out of the waters to attack them. Especially at night . Foreign workers, not the local ones.

  9. I heard they had to do sacrifices before the third mainland bridge could be built.

    There's a relative that Mammy Water visits but they had to do something before she could be overpowered spiritually.


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