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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Wordless Morning Post..



  1. Talking won't reduce the prices. Talking won't solve anything.

    1. Keeping quiet either will not change anything..
      Funny how people were so aggressive over removal of subsidy during Gej regime, ogah Buhari did the same and there is graveyard silence..
      Chizzy j

    2. Abeg no Igbo should join in any protest. When IPOB was protesting against this evil regime, you people were screaming NEVER. U celebrated the killing of those boys by this government. Guess what? Buhari must rule till 2090. Enjoy it.

    3. My own is how no one is talking about the multiple bank charges

    4. Liar Mohammed has traveled to the planet Jupiter.

      I'm looking for a book on how to shut down Nigeria...

  2. It's bad!!!
    Salary is not increasing ooo Business people are not finding it funny too.
    Heard Labour is going on strike soon

  3. Talking won't reduce the prices of anything but a little protest will, but we are too alive amd afraid to protest.
    No one wants to die because this government doesn't like anything protest or agitations.

  4. Them de open GoFund me for people wey fuck inside BBnaija house, I guess it dsnt bother them

  5. The prices of things have increased, if we talk from now to till tomorrow, nothing will happen, but social media rants, protest does not work in this country.

  6. Suffering and smiling Nigerians everywhere. 😒

  7. It is well, everything are just too expensive in this country..4m food stuff to fabrics nd even body creams,transport nd so on..God help us.

  8. Boda or sista first enter street we go follow you. Oyibo no dey use live bullet on protesters but for naija na you dem go first try to know if the gun no dey jam. If person die that's the end. I rather protest with my phone. Thank you.( My opinion).

  9. We are our own problems jor. I read about how people cheat tomato farmers in venue, then come here n inflate prices like hell.

    People cheat n rip off everyday. If we are really struggling, we wont open go fund fund me for people who dont actually need it . Argue with your conscience.

  10. Really wish Nigerians would hit the street with mass protest I too join!
    The government needs to be reminded they have failed woefully ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
    Things are crazy experience!

  11. The country is in a mess, at this point only God can save us

  12. If a young single girl like me is finding it hard to but rive and garri, I wonder how the the poor & jobless are copping.

    I feel so sad about this countys'

    Is there nothing effective we can really do?

  13. My own be say we go hoard our harvest halfway because from now till 1st quarter of next year na famine, eating all my akidi finish by the way.

    They wanted Next level, enjoy it Nigerians, e no concern me.

  14. It's well with Nigeria and Nigerians


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