Stella Dimoko Amnesty International Issues Statement On The Lekki Massacre And Vows To Take Action...


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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Amnesty International Issues Statement On The Lekki Massacre And Vows To Take Action...

Amnesty International has said that an on-the-ground investigation confirms that the Nigerian Army killed “at least 12 peaceful protesters” on Tuesday night at two locations in Lagos.
A statement on their website claims the “killings took place in Lekki and Alausa”.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State had insisted that only one person had died after the shootings at the Lekki toll gate on Tuesday night.

The Country Director of Amnesty International Nigeria, Osai Ojigho, said: “Opening fire on peaceful protesters is a blatant violation of people’s rights to life, dignity, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

“Soldiers clearly had one intention – to kill without consequences.”

The statement added that CCTV cameras at the Lekki toll gate were removed by “government officials and the electricity cut off – a clear attempt to hide evidence”.

“As in previous cases documented by the Amnesty International, some of those killed and injured at both grounds were allegedly taken away by the military.

“These shootings clearly amount to extrajudicial executions. There must be an immediate investigation and suspected perpetrators must be held accountable through fair trials. Authorities must ensure access to justice and effective remedies for the victims and their families,” Ojigho added.

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  1. Everybody involved should be brought to book including the president.

    At this point I want to plead with the youths to forget this fight, Nigeria is not worth dying for. From now on I can't judge anyone for choosing any lifestyle to survive, except killing your fellow human.

    If you have the means and resources pls leave this shit hole. It's not redeemable, We've tried our best. There was a country called Nigeria.

    1. Stella, what happened in Lekki was a massacre NOT GENOCIDE. Except if you have evidence that only people from a particular ethnic group were killed. Genocide is the killing of people from a particular ethnic group like the Hutus did to the Tutsis in Rwanda, so was that the case in Lekki? Did they handpick the victims before killing them???

  2. Whoever gave the instruction to disconnect the CCTV is behind the whole killing. . It means that they had the main intention of executing so many people without blinking. And that useless old fool had the effrontery to run out of the country yesterday. See how he was even rushing like someone being pursued. I strongly think Tinubu has a hand in this whole saga.

    1. Oh, you thought even the federal government can touch a grain of sand in Lagos without Tinubu's knowledge? They may not need his permission but he must be in the know and must play any part ascribed to him. E.g. turning off the cctv and billboards.

  3. It will never be well with you Lagos State government for insisting that only one person died after seeing online how people's children were murdered cold blood

  4. As Dem don make people parents cry over their children, Dem go cry over everything wey them love too. Heartlet people.

  5. The Nigerian Army have insisted that they sent nobody to Lekki, which means that those soldiers were not from the military, probably the Hausa Fulani hoodlums which were given military vehicles and arms. A secret wil soon be exposed and we will know the man in Ask Rock. Am happy the youths are not backing down. Their feeble attempt to play the tribe and religion card has failed them. The manner and way they showed up in Abuja using official vehicles to pick up hoodlums shows wat we have in govt.
    Let the youth not back down, they will win. The security forces have made up their minds to support the youth.

    1. Nigerian army is lieing
      The commandant that led them is fo omata
      His picture is allover the internet


  6. From what i read FO Omata has been been traced and questioned and he said he was only there to stop those boys from shooting. And when he arrived it was late so he started screaming his name Col FO Omata! So that they'll back out but they didn't stop and the protesters picked up his name saying he led the shooters. Me sef tire o 💔💔 don't know what to believe anymore.

  7. The denying from every quarter is alarming.

    Did those soldiers come from hell?

  8. Seyi Law posted on Instagram, that S O Bello led the massacre. There's a picture of the evil guy on Seyi Law's page.
    I have compared the picture to a WhatsApp video of the guy shooting at the protesters and, it is the same person.
    Apparently, the evil guy and his cohort are being questioned.
    It can never be well with all the people that had a hand in this massacre and killing of innocent people.


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