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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Good day Stellz,please post in your chronicles, i need advice.

I opened a FB account with a different name(i wasn't on any SM platform except WhatsApp)  and it isn't so bad after all.

I'm thinking of changing it to my name as i found my long lost contacts and would actively want to interact with them.

The issue is when i opened this parody account, i sent my boyfriend a friend request and he accepted. It wasn't cos i wanted to spy on him etc,i innocently sent friend request to everyone i knew. we've been actively getting to know each other(he has been a gentleman) he says he's glad we're friends and he also tells me about this his FB friend (not knowing it's me)

Should i just change my name and come clean that I'm the same person? or delete the current account and open another and not tell him?
Your red pen is highly needed. dear,open a new one with your name and delete the old one and then re add everyone you added before....Or you can still leave the old one to spy anonymously on him...Its your choice but keep shut and do not tell him it is you as the anonymous otherwise everything will go South.

Good luck


  1. I did something like this. Na market fall press me las las.
    Don't go on with the parody account. Get a new one and don't ever say anything about it.

    1. Hmmmmm this remind me of Game women play, las las Omosexy took Genny’s man, maybe the anonymous will collect your man but I guess u are lucky no anonymous. Lol

      The guy already told u about the FB friend why go forward, stop look for trouble where there’s none

  2. Do you trust your boyfriend?
    Are you ready to face the consequences your actions may bring?

  3. Lol...if u leave the parody account, he will ask u out on a fling level..that's how it starts. U can as well delete it to avoid a looming gbege.

  4. If you don't feel comfortable, delete the account and open a new one with your name, but do not tell him and do not keep it, it would not be funny when he finds out.

    when trust is breached its hard to be rebuilt.
    he might think you are spying on him, having a secrete affair or any other thing you would not want to be accused of.
    at the end of the day, the choice is yours to make.

  5. Replies
    1. He just could be playing along, knowing it’s you having gone through your friend list. I did this back in za days with my then bf. The day I opened up, guy man laugh me silly so tey shame catch me. Said he knew but was playing along that something gave me away 😂. But like Stella suggested, weight your options and decide.

  6. Hmmmmm,sistermi how old are u,which kind childish question be this, anyways stella gave u a good advice, bvs too will give u a good advice too.

    1. E reach to old are you? Do people still do all this childish stuff. Man/woman that will fall prey and cheat will cheat. Please there are too many things to deal with it in life than setting bait for a partner.

    2. No mind her, she has plenty time on her hands to be playing, shift

  7. I wonder why she's asking. Aunty abeg take Stella's advice since you're a tata.

    If youve read this blog long enough, you'll know the answers to some questions already.

    Tell him and forever make him suspicious of you na. Mtchew 🚶

  8. You had better keep quiet.

  9. Open a new account with your name.
    And send a friend request to everyone you knew.

    Or tell him if he can take it.

  10. Social media, ruining things since when?

  11. Take Stella's advice.

  12. How is this even a chronicle biko? SDK please if the folder is empty leave it like that and stop posting such yeye epistle. We dont want to be distracted by such yeye post. Instead bring us the ariaria massacre gist. #Endbadgovernance

  13. Stella has said it all!!

  14. Why did you open a fake account in the first place. You just sent in half truth in other for you to assuage your thought.Your mouth like you didn't want to spy on him.


  15. Poster you might not like what you might found out or the way things will turn out because of the way your relationship will turn out when you find out things. So is either you let him no now or open another one and close this one for your sanity sake.

  16. Women always looking for trouble where there is non.

  17. Why does my intuition tell me that he suspects that it is you. I wouldn't confess because you will lose his trust. Maybe one day when you are both old and gray you can confess and have a laugh, but I wouldn't do it now.

  18. Madam, he already knows it's you. TRUST ME.

    Just take Stella's advice.

    All the best.


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