Stella Dimoko Crooner Davido Addresses The Talks Going Round That He Denied Protesting To #EndSARS


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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Crooner Davido Addresses The Talks Going Round That He Denied Protesting To #EndSARS

 OBO Crooner Davido on Monday night issued a press release addressing why he told Police spokesperson Frank Mba that he was not involved in a protest but had gone to ensure there was peace among the protesters....

Please read it before you Judge him.... 

Nice one David!!!

“Today my team and I met with the IG of police at their headquarters in Abuja to discuss the #EndSARS protests and the way forward.

I want to make it clear that I never went there to deny protesting. My comment was taken out of context. I was trying to explain that I was not at the protest to cause trouble or fight as you can hear me say in the video, but rather I was there in solidarity with every Nigerian demanding an end to police brutality. I was also explaining to Mr Frank Mba, the Force PRO, that my intention on leaving Lagos for Abuja was not to lead a protest like many had thought. I had finally secured an invitation from the IG of police to come to Abuja for a stakeholders meeting scheduled for Mon day morning. That was the reason for my trip and for my Abuja tweets.

As for the talk doing rounds about me going to ‘deny protesting and lie due to intimidation or whatever. It’s a shame that at this particular time lies have to be spread by blogs that should be focused on fighting for the cause, and a shame that I have to explain myself, but I have to.

Mr. Mba had seen videos and pictures of myself on social media protesting in solidarity alongside my fellow Nigerians and asked what happened as he also knew that was not the plan. I then ex plained the reason I got involved with the protesters and led them down to Force HQ so I could dialogue with the officers in charge who were accused of effecting arrests. I was there until we were given assurance that all protesters were released and we left shortly after. Hence my ‘I didn’t protest explanation. I am not one to fear police or fear protests.

I had someone record on IG live was because as usual I’m trying to carry people along on every step. This movement belongs to each and every one of us and no one single person can claim to be the leader of this.

The room we were in where the video leaked was Mr Mba’s. We waited there briefly for the IG to see us. The actual meeting with the IG though recorded has not yet been shared. That was where we discussed extensively the issues facing the youth and facing us as a nation.

I have never claimed to be the voice of the people, nor can I claim to have been personally victim ized by SARS. But as a young Nigerian, there is no way I could be silent on this matter and not help to the best of my ability-as flawed as it may come across to some. The crime here would have been inaction.

I’m a Nigerian FIRST, David Adeleke Second.

I would like to thank the IG for agreeing to meet with us under such short notice and hearing us out, the great Nigerian youth for being so inspiring and showing the world that things are chang ing, and in particular i’d like to thank the REAL voices of this movement-our WOMEN. They have been the backbone of the protests, and we must protect them at all costs.

Lastly, may we never forget those that have tragically lost their lives to police brutality before and during these protests.

Yours always, David Adeleke”.


  1. They wanted to implicate him but he borrowed himself brain

  2. I swear e get time to explain

    What do Nigerians really want?

    They are the ones who were shouting on twitter that davido does not represent us and still shouting why he denied protesting.

    His response that he never led any protest was a good one any lawyer would advice.

    1. Carry on Davido, you're doing well. πŸ’ͺ

  3. I appreciate everyone at any capacity that will help with this SARS issue. Well done David and all the keypad warriors that don't protest but are calling out those doing so, let me not say you won't find anyone to stand by you in your time of trouble because I am a christian so i'll just say, Well done, keep discouraging those fighting for a good cause.

  4. Its not easy to be a human right activist oooooo its not a child's play rara.

  5. Yea enwe nmeta!
    Ezigbo Ogo don’t even bother, you can never be wrong in my eyes

    1. The Original Shugar Girl13 October 2020 at 10:17

      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜„ in-law #1

      On this subject he is just soooooo right to be misinterpreted.

    2. The way you love this boy eh!

      Davido should find you real quick

    3. Original Sugar he has never been wrong oo the young man has the heart of gold

  6. He's done his part. WeldoneπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ David

  7. Weldon David.. it's always good to clear the air

  8. Thanks David. I hope and pray these protests bring the change we all expect

  9. Well done Davido. And well done to all the youths. Step in the right direction.πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ’ͺ

  10. But what he said was true, he didn't lead any protest, but acknowledges being part of the movement doing what he can in his capacity.

    Please let's agree that not everyone will be on the streets, some are always working from other side, so let's appreciate each other, because no part of the body is useless, but all work in harmony to achieve a common goal.

    Kudos everyoneπŸ˜˜πŸ‘


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