Stella Dimoko Groomsman Proposes To Bridesmaid At Their Friends Wedding Ceremony..


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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Groomsman Proposes To Bridesmaid At Their Friends Wedding Ceremony..

A video of a man proposing to his girlfriend at their friend's wedding ceremony has since gone viral. In the video, the bride walked over to the unsuspecting lady and handed over the bouquet to her. The lady then turned behind to see her boyfriend on his knees with an engagement ring in hand.

Many social media users have shared their thoughts concerning one proposing at another person's wedding ceremony.


  1. Congratulations to them.. The bride and groom gave their consent, case 🔐.

    1. Exactly. They are fully informed and aware....

    2. Exactly!
      The bride and groom were in the know and gave their consent.
      Me likey🥰🥰

    3. You can say that again!

  2. Replies
    1. Lmao. Abi.
      It looks/feels weird. Just as the bride finished walking down the ‘aisle’

  3. On his knees again..
    This boyz no dey hear word😐

    BTW, China had better start asking for the payment of the loan given Bubu cos our generation are not going to be paying any Buhari's debt.. see Suffering everywhere, even buying foodstuffs now is now a luxury.. Common onions now in market is the price of what it used to cost to buy a plate of rice.. 1 ball on onions for 100box.. how much go come be the food..

    Making stupid and senseless policies that would shoot up hardship and borrowing monies to incur more debt..

    Una dey mad.. but even mad man dey get sense when e see wetin pass am.. no wahala..

    If una like make una unleash fulani army.. we dey wait..

    Sunday Blessings Fam
    Aluta continua ✌

  4. Congratulations to them! I don't see anything wrong with the proposal, I assume the guy must have briefed the bride before going on with the proposal plans.

  5. Good for them
    Hello future wifey! I won’t be proposing 💍 in the public ooo
    Will you be cool with it?
    Say something 🤔

    1. I'm very cool with it.
      Just you and I
      in a candlelit dinner
      on a rooftop
      Sipping champagne 😍😍

    2. Ife mi,Won bi e da,ko ma propose ni ita. (My love, dem no born you well make u no propose for outside..)I don soro soke oooo

    3. ❤️ Bluntbaby and gold ❤️ sweet kind of Nigerians we want now.
      @anon 10:21 pls dnt hire a gun🤣🤣

  6. Congratulations but don't come on my wedding day and take my shine.

  7. Congrats.but I would be upset if something like this happens in my wedding AND no! I won't give dem my permission either🤨

  8. All those saying they wont be happy. If to say na you create yourself you for no gree make them create another person on that same day ba?
    After you guys would be angry with politicians when they get rich and make policies for the masses to remain poor.
    Another persons shine cannot and would not take away your shine. The sky is big enough.

    1. As in ehn! I just tire.
      Me I wouldn't mind oo. It will even give people more things to talk about concerning my wedding.

    2. As in ehn. They only get attention for the first few minutes of proposal, the rest hours go back to the bride and groom.

      Only stingy ppl will see this as stealing the shine of the bride and groom

    3. I just tire. The level of self obsession I see these days is amazing. Who you be sef? Na you first marry?
      I love the bride's attitude.
      The sky is big enough for all to fly abeg.
      Infact I would see my wedding as a big blessing to the couple sef.

  9. In as much as the couple are in the know.
    But please, it's not nice to spring such as a surprise on someone's wedding

  10. Congratulations to them,the couple gave their consent,so no big deal

  11. He is an idiot, mtshewwww!

    That mofo that proposed to his gf during #endsars protest annoyed the hell out of me, if i were her i would have given him a brain resetting slap for being stupid. Kmt

  12. I hate this thing. Make person no try am at my wedding. I did not get proposed fo at anybody’s wedding so don’t distract attention at mine. Go somewhere else. Na envious people de do this kind thing...

  13. It could be after the wedding 🤷

  14. Congratulations.. Las las naija go will end up in praises

  15. It's obvious the couple gave their consent. What are we now arguing about?


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