Stella Dimoko Jailbreak In Benin City Or Nollywood Movie?


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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Jailbreak In Benin City Or Nollywood Movie?

 Did you watch the videos?What do you honestly think happened?Was that a jail break or a Nollywood movie re-enacted?


  1. Nollywood oh
    Prisoners that were coming out with phone and ear piece
    1 was coming out with box
    He went for vacation in d prison
    Prisoners with pot belly
    Make them well done oh
    We r all watching their movie

  2. Whose script is this? The prisoners were let out by the prison warders themselves. Don't be fooled.

    This is not the Vision.
    The Protest has been hijacked.

    1. Yes, the protest has been hijacked by some hoodlums and degenerates.It will never be well with them.

      It is time for the protesters to get off the streets and give this protest a break, it is time to re-strategise, give the government an ultimatum and see If there will be changes.

      During this break, let the protest continue actively online. The destruction and mayhem I heard and saw in videos yesterday was heartbreaking. They broke into a hospital, harassed patients, stole hospital mattresses and other valuable equipments. Schools and supermarkets were not spared by this hoodlums.

      How nice will it have been if these air heads were robbing those who put the country in a mess? But No, they attack genuine hustlers and throw them into debt.

      Please give the protest a break for now because of these hoodlums who have sold their future for Paraga.

    2. I agree with you AB ��.
      It is time to go back to the drawing board.

    3. Miss Abroadian your second to last paragraph is very true. It's pure wickedness making your fellow man who is also suffering to make ends meet to suffer. Go and meet the people that put us were we are now.

    4. What was the prison warden doing?? Where they all asleep, why didn't they break out from prison since, why now??

  3. Low budget Nollywood movie.
    How come we haven't heard of any warden dead? No prisoner died while escaping? One prisoner came out with his box sef.
    Were the wardens just folding their arms and looking at the prisoners while they escaped?
    I've been to the prison several times to visit clients, the walls are not walls one can climb without a lader. The prison walls were built by the whites during their time in Nigeria so they're strong "unclimbable" walls stella, see forget this people abeg. They think we're stupid.
    So many unanswered questions.

  4. Prisoner that is wearing current Arsenal jersey? Where did he get it from??

    The costumier for this movie deserve to be sacked ASAP...

    If you have ever been to a prison for even a prayer outreach,you would understand the protocol isn't easy for someone to just break in and free prisoners..


    1. I would have even believed them if they came out in boxers cause that's their dressing there.
      Very sad narrative

  5. Prisoners that were showing their faces, instead of looking for where to hide. One even had hand luggage sef! This is a script abeg

  6. michael scofield na learn for this movie.

    If you are in Benin, please don't go near Adolor.. A lot of shooting is going on there now.

  7. The videto obviously show the prisoners were aided from inside. We can't be fooled.

    1. From the videos,not even one law enforcement officer in sight

  8. This country tire me... We're loosing people and properties everyday cos of the protest and all these yeye government can do is to look for ways to make everything worse. This is not just about Ending Sars anymore. Bad government and everything wrong in this country needs to stop. They can't fool us at all. Using old tricks to confuse themselves. Old, clueless leaders.

  9. Let Edo govt and his goons continue to deceive themselves not me. Our politicians are so desperate to see this protest come to an end. They are ready to go any length to see it come to an end. Whatever evil they plan for protesters will fall on their children and grand children. Amen!!!

  10. Mtchew..
    The army barrack is close by.. they claim they were held down for 3 hurs.. and they didn't call for reinforcement bah? But if it's to go and arrest judges in the midnight they would be up and running..

    You see how that stupid old man in Aso rock keeps insulting my intelligence.. and you'll say we shouldn't come here to swear for him bah..

    I have been avoiding to talk on this issue cos it's just so insulting.. using analog sense in digital age.. una never learn any lesson yet.. una think say na joke.. una eyes go soon open

  11. Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

  12. They are not even prisoners from what I gather. Just a bunch of miscreants ready to do anything for 5,000. Who escapes from prison and still grants an interview?

  13. Ms Abroadian,nooo. If we keep withdrawing once they send thugs to disrupt protests,our politicians will keep doing same once there is a protest in the country. If they used same energy to tackle boko haram and Fulani herdsmen,there will be no insecurity in this country. Let us fight this fight to finish,so that our country will be great again.

  14. So a prisoner hearing there is a jailbreak had time to pack his luggage? Lmao
    Another one came out and started granting interview. Let them keep lying o. The truth will prevail!

  15. A low budget Nollywood movie for that matter. These politicians think we are fools, who escapes from prison and grants interview as if he just won an election, I never knew prisoners in Nigeria are well fed that they even develop pot belly, prisoners with clean shave and one wearing belt mtchewww.


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