Stella Dimoko Reality Star Bally Says 60 Percent Of BBNaija EX Housemates Have Suffered Depression


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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Reality Star Bally Says 60 Percent Of BBNaija EX Housemates Have Suffered Depression

Ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Bally Balat, has said some housemates go through depression after the reality show....I believe him!

Bally in an interview with Ndani TV, said pressure affects the mental state of housemates.

According to him, not everyone can handle the pressure involved in the show.

”Going for the show is not easy. I keep telling people that the pressure involved in the show is not for everybody. Not everyone can survive it

”I might be wrong, but I will say maybe 60 percent of housemates have gone into depression. They might not be in depression now but they have gone through it one time. There is so much pressure.

”For example, you come out of the house and everybody loves you. You have access to something and your life is glamorous and then you go into the next phase and realize that all those were not real and it was just a part-time thing.

The real life is setting in and as they announced the next audition, things are moving and you enter the deep state where you are forgotten. I am sure a lot of housemates have gone through these.

From Dailypost

WOW.........sending love and light to any of them going through hard times or depression...


  1. True,the pressure to live a life you honestly cannot afford.

    1. I beleieve it because i remember Alex writing she feels sad on IG when the new BBN started.She said she was sad and didn't know why.I just knew it was because of this even if she didn't state it.

      The most painful part is the fan pages and team.They immediately change their facebook &IG handle names to the latest housemates.E no easy oh.I don't even remember all the housemates from this year after 2 weeks, not to talk of people from 2 years ago.

  2. It is well with them.

    They should also prepare to go back to the jobs/businesses they had before going into the house if it's possible and if endorsement comes, fine. If not, life goes on..

    This might help when those pressures starts setting in.

  3. Why they suffer depression is because they want to always be in the eye of the public. They should learn from Miracle. You must not be a celebrity. Just do your thing and keep winning in your own way/ world.

  4. I totally agree with him on this one

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Why won't they be having depression?
    It is not only them but those that follow them
    and fight due to divergent views.
    Even those that will come here to fight my comments
    are all depressed due to BBN. Tell me one good thing that
    has come out of that house since inception. It is either
    fornication, heartbreaks, commotion, greed, bickering, backbiting
    and so.
    Absolutely nothing good.

  7. And depression leads to suicide.

  8. True though but they should use the opportunity well and get good paying jobs instead of remaining in entertainment industry, they can do both if they wish but ensure you get something tangible to avoid depression

  9. "All those things are not real..."
    That's the truth right there. It is all a mirage,
    a ruse, a sham.
    And people will be following unreality as reality?

  10. Word @ Ang ' people will be following unreality as reality. True that @Ang

    1. Please what's the full meaning of ANG? And seems there are two AnGs on this blog. Most posts have two of ang-like comments.

  11. Fans should also stop putting pressure on them. Recall the insults Alex faced if she didn't wear expensive things or when fans abuse one that their time is over.

  12. Yeah fans are the evils not Nina not ceec not tacha or Erica. You fans are the devils fanning the flames of the devil in the name of competition and stanships. You'all keep pitting them against their selves encouraging their mistakes in the name of love.

  13. WHO GIVES A F***!

  14. After all their DEBAUCHERY, what do they expect?


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