Stella Dimoko Shocking Stories Of How SARS Killed Innocent Nigerians


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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Shocking Stories Of How SARS Killed Innocent Nigerians

Oh Dear,the stories are not stopping,there are so many and so heartbreaking...

 We will continue to bring the Narratives here..........

Auwalu survived. 

But his younger brother Hassan died from his injuries. 

He was just 24 years old.
In a civil case brought against the police, the judge ruled that Hassan died as a result of the beating he received in police detention. 

The torture, he said, was “unlawful, barbaric, and illegal.”
According to the court, the SARS officer in charge that day was this man: Yusuf Kolo.
What happened to Yusuf Kolo? 

Bulama Bukarti the lawyer who represented this family, says that no action was taken against Kolo or any of the other men responsible for the killing of Hassan.Instead, he says, Kolo was promoted to lead SARS at the HQ in Abuja.
Since then, Yusuf Kolo has had another promotion. Today, as Commander of the Special Tactical Squad of the Nigerian Police, he is one of the most senior policemen in Nigeria. 

Contacted by the BBC, Kolo declined to comment on the case. The Nigerian Police did not respond


Emirate luxury hair told a shocking story on instagram

''18/12/2008 is one of the darkest day of my life. The day SARS killed my only brother. They took his car, the money he just withdrew from the bank. We NEVER saw him again.💔💔💔 His crime? Been a well to do Nigerian youth. He begged them to spare his spare if not for anything, for the sake of my mum. 

They still ended up wasting his life at such a young age of 27. I will never forget two nights before, he took me to show me his fiancee. He was just about to marry.😢😢😢

Oh I thought my life had ended because he was my best friend. He loved his sisters unconditionally.

To add to our pain, dad died two months after.

Oh What pain we felt that period? Christmas holiday became the darkest period for us. We anticipated it with fear and pain because of the memories that came with it.

It's 12years but memory still fresh. We don't talk about it. Mum is yet to even talk about it. They took too much from her. She's decided to turn only to God to console her. But I see her pain, her hurt and it breaks my heart all the time. But I thank God who is keeping her for us.

Police/SARS changed our lives for WORSE FOREVER!

But I thank God for Jesus, our healer and our peace. We know we shall meet on resurrection morning. Continue to rest in peace #ObinnaJosephAni and #DennisAni. May the souls that have been unjustly killed continue to rest in peace. Amen.

I join my voice with my generation and say #EndSars #ReformPolice #EndPoliceBrutality #WeDemandJustice #WeDemandChange #WeDeserveBetter #ItIsOurRight #WedemandGoodGovernance



  1. God😭😭😭😭😭 I can't take this!!! God please give this the people especially that woman that lost her child fortitude to bear the loss. What's happening!!!

  2. Dear God,
    For as many people that are responsible for the death of innocent citizens
    For as many people who are responsible for the tears some families shed
    For as many people who turn a blind eye to this act of wickedness
    For as many people who kill without blinking an eye
    Dear lord, visit them with your wrath and let your anger and judgement fall upon them
    Let them receive their judgement here on earth and beyond
    Let the souls of the innocent speak against them till they lose their sanity.
    #endsars! #endpolicebrutality!

  3. Having goose pimples all over me,are these people human beings ? Dear God, you are up there ooooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. May God not spare all these agents of darkness called SARS. Very sad stories.

  5. Kai! The narratives are so disheartening,see his callous face.

  6. And they said the End Sars movement should stop because of empty promises. Every single person that has been wronged should be compensated. The culprits should be tried in a competent court of law and sent to jail. Every member of the dreaded SARS court should be out of jobs because SARS needs to be banned

    I remembered when my innocent younger brother dyed his hair gold. I went into panic mode, not because it was not fine or cute on him or because I don't support it but because of the fear of law enforcement. I guess his saving grace must be because he is not really the waka waka type and stays indoors or within the street most of the time.

    The struggle must continue until there are physical meet to their demands not end time promises.


  7. With all these atrocities, they are planning to unleash the army on us. Make thunder fire them all. Buhari, it will never be well with you if at all you are still alive. God punish you all for the pains brought to us.

    We are waiting for the army to come so we will end the country once and for us.

    1. The momentum is gathering. It's now or never.

  8. This stories are heart breaking 😥😥😥😥.

  9. This protest has really uncovered a whole lot happening behind the scene in Nigeria from the police, politics and what have you.
    I remembered when I lost my entire savings on bad investments, miscalculated forex trades and a self centered ex who pressured me into doing her bidding as if marriage was a do or die affair for her, more like she doing me a favor by marrying me..(Story for another day)
    I became depressed and knew in no time I was going to die, next I cared less about my dressing and grooming that I started growing beards against my religion, grew them so well that I had to avoid seeing family members and friends. Only for my sister to see me and next got paranoid, fear of being arrested by this lots:SARS since they parade themselves around my area.. She begged I pick up my life and be better then call my Dad up via whatsapp video call or better still herself and even send her a picture of me getting clean shaven immediately..
    Before SARS go arrest me or tag me criminal because of my current financial hardship..

  10. Oh my God! How can this be happening in a country like Nigeria that copies all things Western

    I feel hurt and sad by all the numerous stories that I've read in these past few weeks.

    I pray healing upon every broken and heavy heart.

    SARS need to be wiped out entirely and the police should be reformed immediately.

    They've done enough damage to our society

  11. Why did i even open this post, today of all days!! My heart is shattered & tears running down my cheek. I can't imagine loosing a loved one oh God of Israel i will cry myself to death.

  12. I don't see most of my comments these days,even to this post

  13. We won't stop protesting
    All the killer cops should be sent to prison
    All the press release they are doing is not enough
    We want them paraded and trial in the court
    See this idiot looking like lord voldermot
    If you are a policeman or policewoman kid/spouse start praying seriously because there is a heavy curse on your head


    1. You got it all wrong buddy. My both parents worked for the police. I'm a police officer too. And no their is no curse on my head. Why because I have never intimidated anyone and throughout my 11years in service, have never received a bribe, never will. we are not all bad, alot of us are in for the end police brutality. I cringe at the stories too. No need for the generalization.

  14. Sometimes reading all dis stories seems to me like I was watching India film where dey oppress their citizens with all dis I read about in Nigeria. God take absolute control of our nation Nigeria.

  15. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 SARS MUST END.... God comforts them....

  16. Nigeria needs overhauling. The IG must resign. We can no longer take it.

  17. Oh God 💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭

  18. Stella I remember the story of the lady that lost her brother, then her Dad two months later. Her sister was my room mate in school then and oh, that family went through alot that period. She was devastated and could hardly focus in school. It was a miracle that she was able to finish her final exams and still came out in flying colors. Sars took away the male figures in their family... I thank God for her mum and the strength He gave them to bear the great loss.

    Things have fallen apart and the centre can no longer hold. God bless our youths and keep us safe.

  19. I also join my voice with my generation and say


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