Stella Dimoko Thug Reveals Identity Of Man Behind Attack Of Abuja #EndSARS Protesters...


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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thug Reveals Identity Of Man Behind Attack Of Abuja #EndSARS Protesters...

The identity of the man behind the attack on #ENDSARS protesters in Abuja on Wednesday, October 14,2020 has been revealed.

On Wednesday October 14,2020 some thugs armed with cutlasses invaded the protest venue at Berger junction after the #EndSARS protesters had convened.
They vandalized cars, properties and injured some protesters  

Exposing the sponsor of the attack on the protesters, one Anasu Umar who spoke with SaharaReporters’ correspondents, alleged that it was Jabi Motor Park Chairman, Nasiru Bude who contracted his brothers and convened them to the venue of the protest to disrupt the process.

According to Umar, the awful incident claimed the life of one of his brothers. He alleged that Bude asked the hoodlums to invade the protest ground with cutlasses, carved woods and other deadly weapons to disrupt the exercise.

He said, “My name is Anasu Umar, what happened today is that there was a protest for #EndSARS
Like usual, they cordoned off the road then they called my brothers to come and disrupt the protest.”
They said we should hold knives and take over the streets and when we went, the protesters were able to repel them and four people died in the process.”

Umar disclosed the name of those who died in the incident as Mohammed, Sani, Sadiq, adding that one other Ali Sidi is currently hospitalized.

Speaking about his brother who died in the chaos, Umar said, “Sadiq my brother died in the incident. He died in Berger close to the bridge. As they were advancing to attack the protesters, tear gas was fired on them and a car in the midst of the chaos ran over my brother.”

He noted that Sadiq was sent as part of an advance team to attack the protesters. He added, “Bude came personally and took them to attack the protesters but when they got there, they were resisted.”

Watch the full video HERE

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  1. Which way naija? The protesters at this point have to be extra careful fa. Toh Allah ya temeke mu.

    1. Aboki's are the problem we have in dis country. How will a set of ppl be okay with poverty,oppresion and living on hand-outs from dere rich.

    2. May God confuse their reinforcements should they try a comeback.

  2. Prayer works.

    All the evil men planning counter protests will be exposed
    RIP to the dead they didn't deserve to die this way

    The chairman mentioned should be held accountable

    1. Amen

      And I want to believe the chairman was sent by some powerful people at the top.

  3. Yes they were sponsored. We all knew that. And we saw the videos of them being apprehended and even taken to the hospital. The endsars protesters did well. But please allow me state two things! this video was altered (Sahara reporters shouldn't use endsars for his political purposes) and secondly, NO ONE died. Injured yes, but no one died. Thank you.

    1. Don't say what you're not sure of, I'm very sure that at least one person died yesterday.

    2. Anon 7:40 the attack took lives. I hope they apprehend the useless tout sponsor.


  4. I'm sorry but i'm not sorry that his brother died, yes i am not sorry at all. Who is this Jabi motor park chairman?? He needs to be arrested and be made to face the consequences of his actions. Dear some backwards stupid Nigerian youths, una mumu never do?? Why didn't the Nasiru Bude get his own children to disrupt the peaceful protest with weapons?? I guess he doesn't want any harm to behalf his own children but you fools that accepted are worthless so your deaths won't mean shit, lol. Same thing they do during the election, While their kids are well protected and living the life in the abroad, They use fools/slaves like you to rig the election and even claim some innocent lives, When are some of you dummies finally going to get it right in this country bikonu, WHEN??

    We are unstoppable, we will continue to protest until we see some positive changes, It's time to take our lives back from these old parasites, We have had enough of their wickedness, The sane Nigerian youths has woken up, Enough is enough.

    1. Don't mind them, their mumu never do
      The youth are fighting for everyone
      You can imagine burutai telling buhari to deploy soldiers to the protest ground. Same fool that couldn't do anything to boko haram
      Awon olofo


  5. They are trying too hard to silence the people

    1. Nigerians have had enough we won't relent.

  6. Nigeria my country. Went to bank yesterday. The cashier was telling her colleague that she is not happy with the end SARS people. That they blocked road and she got home late. I roared ' 'You are the problem of Nigeria lazy youth like you. Everyone turned and looked at me imagining what happened. Stupid people everywhere. Because you are working. Protesters should stop? Don't worry. I pray SARS brutality affect your direct sibling and she said God forbid. I left there very angry.
    How can a sane Nigerian hire people to disrupt this good course. I am angry at this chairman. He is Nigeria problem. He should be visited by the youths with big sticks and cutlass.

    1. The Original Shugar Girl15 October 2020 at 09:46

      You did well with shutting down the useless mindset that yeye youth was about spreading.

      I did same with one old bus driver at Maryland. He started complaining while in front of a police officer that those people don come again dem wan start their riot.
      I replied him that it wasn't a riot o but just a peaceful protest.

      The driver begin hala. I told him but it is for our general good if we can demand and get better governance.

      Baba no wan hear that one o. He said which kain better government.... he went on ranting.

      I interrupted him that since in their own days they couldn't stand up for themselves that this is our moment and we are doing so, he should let us be.

  7. He wants to disrupt it, and didn't even mind killing peaceful protesters, but when the dividends of the protest begins to manifest, he will want to be part of it.

    His judgement is left to God.

  8. They wont succeed in Jesus Name
    This is our chance it may not come soon again
    Nigeria must be better


  9. So many people from different works of life are trying so hard to stop this protest.God pass all of you and that same God no go same us.

  10. So many people from different works of life are trying so hard to stop this protest.God pass all of you and that same God no go same us.

    1. God pass them na, na fall and die prayer I dey do with tears for every evil, wicked, corrupt and heartless leader, na ps 35 go befall all of them na, bastards!!!
      Anybody we say he no go better for this country, he no go better for them, na die trowey go end am for them 😡
      Ahn ahn, how long will we continue to run away from our country to other countries that work, even the one wey we suppose better pass.
      I dey vex😡

  11. Typically a Savage Northerner.


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