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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Thursday In House News....



I am sorry but i am going through an emotional crisis and need time to steady  so expect dry stories...I am blank and have no motivation right now to do posts......This is the reason i don't do stories with blood or people bloodied up by their injuries cos i cant deal......I saw someone's brain lying by the road side...GOD!!!

I saw an old woman crying as they read her the last message from her child who died at the tollgate.....This lekki massacre hurt me so bad.....I cried all through the night and could not get those photos off my head....

Please as you pray fr the families of those who lost their loved one,please for everyone else deeply affected by this National tragedy...pray for each other...Blog prayer warriors,please pray for me.

I have sent monies to some people.....

I will make some major announcement next week by Gods grace.

God bless us all...



Hello BVs ,the post on the girlfriend about moving into her boyfriends house got me thinking because SIL lives with my fiance. Our wedding is already fixed January and I want to know if power tussle is really a thing to worry about. She is way older than my fiance but still unmarried and doesn't work.

 I didn't put much thought into it but reading yesterday's post, I think I should bring it up now before we get married and I move in officially. Please I need to know if this is a good decision or not.

Your Mans elder sister is living with him and you want to marry him and move in there where she is already the Boss of the house?You should be worried babe...



I just discovered the lady I am planning to get married to had s#x twice to a guy who is a friend to my very good friend's kid brother, she even took in for the guy and took pills to flush it,I am really heart broken...

Hmmmm hearsay!!!....see how someone has poisoned your mind against your woman...did they show you photo or video?Did you ask her and she confessed?Please call off the wedding if you believe the story and stop complaining......hisss!!!



  1. Firstlady blessing22 October 2020 at 14:01

    What a year!

    1. Stella Sis
      Please keep your head up and hold on . Everything would be alright, for now refrain from viewing gory photos and videos you need to protect your mental health.
      I wish I could give you a hug , May the peace of God rest upon you today and forever.

      Please fam let's all unite , we are all we have.

    2. Stella, Please stay of any media reporting the massacre for ur mental health. I'm avoiding all those videos and pictures cos they r traumatic. I would pray for you. May God continue to strengthen u and others affected

    3. Poster about to get married. A new couple needs space and zero interference to get to know themselves and feel free. Absolutely no 3rd party. Even if ur sil is an angel, u guys must clash. If her brother cooks sometimes and serves u in bed. It must pepper her or if she sees him washing ur clothes or undies. She won't see all d things u sacrifice for him. She's not in love with u like her brother. Plus wat of the kitchen. Who would be cooking? To cook for someone is not easy oh not to talk of 2. Her preferences can never be urs. If she cooks u can't turn it down even if u don't like it. Who would be sweeping house. My dear u and ur husband should join money and get her a house. Sacrifice ur money for ur happiness. If not try it and make sure u send in ur chronicles later

    4. Seriously, Stella not only you. I haven't been myself and haven't slept properly in the last two days. I have been crying non stop. My husband has even begged me to put my phone aside but I can't, tried watching a movie and lost interest. I thought I was the only one going through this.

      How then are the people who carried out this herenous attach feeling, the people that sent them nkoh! Those that new and kept quiet how are they feeling? Indeed the heart of man is desperately wicked. I just want to have my sanity back, bit I guess this is going to remain in my memory for such a long time. The worst for me was the video of the youths singing the national anthem and waving the Nigerian flag yet being shot at. Oh God I can't deal πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”.

    5. Neighbors ohhh, come and see what my eyes are seeing /watching.

      At Ojo, they opened a giant warehouse filled with Covid 19 pallatives ohhhh

      People have been looting s OK nice the past plenty hours and it haven't even gone to half ohhhhh😡😡😡😱😱😱😨

      Una good afternoon oh.

      Off to watch more videos

    6. And to think this my birth month that came with so much blood shed.. God please heal our land.

    7. Even the remaining months/weeks of the year, no one know what the enemies are planning. May God protect us all. Amen

    8. 2020 shaking my head😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. 2020 shall not see our end,, Rather we
    shall see the end in Jesus name
    Good afternoon SDK family.

  3. Apart from toothpaste and dentist washing of teeth,what other DIY methods can one use for teeth whitening?please recommend.thank you.

  4. Dunno what to say sefπŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

    I’m feeling all the negative emotions right now.

    Hurt, sad, furious, pensive, displeased & impatient..🀦🏽‍♂️

    1. Hugs this has been me for days now .
      I'm trying to hold on
      Sorry babes all would be well .

    2. Sending you lots of πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    3. Watch comedy films and make phone calls.

      My parents have refused to accept that we're safe in Nigeria.
      They are my only problem.

      Sleep ti take over.

  5. Ihn is here
    Good afternoon people

  6. #saynotobadgovernace#

    Nigeria a will survive
    Nigeria will be great!
    Nigeria will rise again!
    God bless Nigeria!

  7. Hmmm.. good afternoon everyone. God health Nigeria πŸ™

  8. I have been following a security personnel's whatapp status and mehn i just shake my head at him! In one, he said that the Lagos state government is hypocritical for imposing curfew and restricting the security from SHOOTING and arresting. He went further to say 'if we neither shoot nor arrest, are we expected to clap for them for destroying critical infrastructures'. Infrastructures are being destroyed and that's true but how dare he equate human life to infrastructures!

    1. He better watch it so evil doesn't befall him quicker than he expects.

    2. I pray those people locate him and come for him, since infrastructures are more valuable than his life. Nonsense!

  9. I stayed off posts and comments yesterday because I was tired of the usual RIP for precious lives lost when this could have been avoided if the government did their duties.

    How long will human lives be wasted and all we can do is type RIP till another tragedy strucks?


    Poster about to get married, apply wisdom in asking your fiance about his elder sister. If you do so rashly, you may put yourself in bad light and as someone who detests his family members. Use wisdom.

    And as for the power tussle, it is real and it's not something I'll wish for a new brideπŸ‘°. It can be horrible.

  10. Take it easy Stella,we will be fine❤️

    You should be worried BV,leavinh with his elder sister who is not working.Hmmmmmm

    Oga was the sex before or during your relationship with her? Leave her if you want to or be a man πŸ™„

    1. Be a man?
      If reverse was tthe case we would be hearing you have seen the sign already better run out of that relationship men are scum abi no be so πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  11. Madam whose fiance's Jobless elder sister lives with him, you are in for a big trouble. Discuss with your man and tell him to get an apartment for her in a place far from where your man's house is.. Let him rent a small apartment for her ooo and it should not be close to his house. If not, she won't allow you enjoy your marriage

    1. In for a very big trouble oo
      I have never seen a peaceful gwegwerina.
      Poster you should be very very troubled because you’re in for a big shit

    2. I tell you Fan, aunty gwegwegwes are always angry. She will show her pepper in her husband house

    3. Kano people did a peaceful #endsars, the next they decided to do #EndBuhari, some hoodlums sent by their oga unleashed mayhem on them, killed some ladies doing promo for one company, cut their breast, killed some other people, burnt cars, property. They attempted going to that non-indigene again to start killing people but was stopped by the occupants. God please protect n restore your peace upon/to us. Amen

    4. So because she's not yet married, she's allegedly bitter and wicked? Would you say same if it were a guy? Women trashing women since 1200

    5. Even older jobless brother is not good

      Abeg you will be seen as coming to invade the ongoing arrangement

      2 captains cannot stay in a ship

  12. God have mercy on Nigeria.
    Arise TV giving us the latest news since yesterday.
    Good afternoon everyone.

  13. Stella Melody gist don finish? Chai I enjoyed that column wella ooo. I miss her.

  14. Gd morning. I need ur help frm those that have travelled after covid..
    Someone booked my flight online bt i only got aiico certificate in my mail instead of flight details...he sent me d payment reference code bt I still havent gotten my ticket confirmation in mail...plz hw do i get my ticket?i havent flown since feb and it wasn't this way last tym I flew...
    Also tell me wat to expect at d airport like is check in fees still 1k,is d aiico certificate needed at checkin etc.thank u

    1. Go to the website and enter the code

      If confirmed go with mask very very early to the airport

      Journey mercies

  15. Stella you are not the one. I haven't been myself,had heart palpitations throughout yesterday,I can't explain how I feel.

    It's a mixed feeling between anger, sadness,fear,pity, empathy all together.
    No one had to die,no one!!!

    The feeling is overwhelming,I tried not to watch those videos,I tried yet I can't believe someone will order soldiers to kill unarmed citizens,I can't comprehend. Yet no one has taken responsibility,they must really take us for a fool.

    My head still aches badly. I'm tired.

    May God help everyone affected by this evil event. May the souls of the departed rest in peace. I'm

  16. God bless Nigeria. Rest in perfect peace to our youth heroes. It is well with us that remain.

  17. It's Thursday IHN πŸ’ƒ

    What a government, if man
    was God i for don die long ago

    Who would have thought I will be a victim in the hands of thugs on Tuesday? God I thank you for life.

    May the souls of all the faithful departed lost during this difficult time rest in peace.

    Call me πŸ€™

  18. It is well with us all..bvs pls stay safe wherever u are.
    Daddy code I pray u are fine.
    I love u all..e go be ✌️

  19. Please For those using Clarins which range of Clarins cream and serum is good for a light skinned person?

  20. They have shot 2police men at Iwo Road Ibadan this morning afternoon
    God have mercy upon us ooo.
    We cannot go out since last week end
    Make hunger no kill us for house na him remain so oh
    I don dye fear oooo

    1. Hunger is knocking on my own door already

  21. The pain i feel these days in my heart can't be explained. I am raged Stella,bvs... I am raged.

  22. A verg good afternoon to everyone ,it is well..Governor Okowa has order the close of schools nd also imposed curfew

  23. I am scared. My heart is beating fast and i am hypertensive. Please i need prayers. All these happenings are getting to me. What if it was my son? My eyes are so swollen from tears and sleepless nights. Tuesday evening won't just go off my head😭😭😭😭

    1. Take some time off news that scare and traumatize you, take your meds and relax with funny movies and books, or try listening to soothing music..

      It is well with you.

    2. Take some Time out babes .
      Sorry , please put your health into consideration, I was almost breaking down i had to calm down so I dont end up in the ER .
      Please be fine .

  24. Lady with the Sister in-law living with the brother.
    To me, it's not a big deal. It depends on how the Sister is.
    If she's someone like me, you've got nothing to worry about.

    Pele Stella. I totally censored what I watched. I saw some unintentionally and it's affecting me not to talk of the gory ones.

    Indeed it is well.
    Curfew has been declared in Delta State for 48 hours.
    Schools were hurriedly shut down.

  25. Teejays them will not be happy that a guy came out n said he is not dead o.fake news everywhere just to paint nigeria bad.God pass una.the truth is coming out

  26. There are some evil and malicious people out there trying to change the narrative that, Igbo people are the ones burning and killing people in Lagos. These element of evil doers wants to instigate tribal war between the Igbo and Yoruba nation. Pls don't fall for this lies. It's Bola Tinubu boys doing all this. Remember, report has it that Tinubu's son and family left for London early this morning. Don't be used to fight against yourselves. We are all Nigerian youth and tribe shouldn't be part of it.

  27. I'm so confused!!!!!

    I've been hearing news that alot of the acclaimed casualties of the endsars shooting are false news....

    I don't know what to believe...

    May God help us

  28. Good afternoon everyone,stella please try to be fine i know it's not easy for you and for everyone after the Lekki massacre that happened 2days ago we are all down both mentally and emotionally.Be strong

    1. No way that magnitude of massacre won't dampen your mood. I've been so angered and pained since yesterday

  29. Now they are trying to cover the truth by all means. So if DJ switch hadn't gone live that night, we will not see or believe the truth. God punish anyone trying to cover this massacre.

  30. Don't even know what to say. Been down yesterday. One thing is certain, God will surely arise and defend His interest in Nigeria.

    Stella i got my data. Thanks and God bless you πŸ™πŸ™.

  31. Stella it's well with us all. I really like the fact that you don't bring graphic photos here. It's one of the reasons i remain here. Hearing of these tragedies alone makes one sick not to talk of seeing pictures and videos arhh. This too shall pass, We will smile again

    1. Exactly my why SDK is my all time favourite blog, no messy pictures at all!

      Thank goodness that me, I have not watched any gory videos of the massacre, I have my WhatsApp contact to not send such to me.

      Merely reading about it alone and watching the news is enough to make me moody.

  32. President Buhari has failed totally. Awka is shaking now. Information reaching us that ENDSARS protesters are coming from nnewi now.

    They have destroyed alot at Nnewi
    Onitsha and Nsugbe
    Schools and shops are closing.

    1. They burnt police station at 33 Nsugbe this morning.
      Onitsha is on fire

      Enugu State is on fire since yesterday.
      Many killed yesterday and today.
      They burnt a police man today @ Enugu State.

  33. Father Lord,please heal our land.

    what a year!

  34. Good afternoon bvs.pls get well Stella your health is the most Paramount.i pray that the phrase in Nigeria ends in praise.

  35. Oh Stella dear please stay strong πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    May the Lord grant the souls of the departed rest and comfort those mourning, grant peace to us all who have been affected by the tragedy!
    Lord we look up to you amen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  36. Healing to you stella and all of must surely end in praise, our effort will not be in vain.

  37. Protests@ Aroma Awka..youth said no to curfew in Anambra

  38. We are all in this Stella. May be you should try to avoid such posts for now. I censor what I watch. All will be well, I trust God. Thanks for also finding the time to assist people. You are blessed.
    Let's all take heart and continue to pray for our country.

    I am having the weird feeling that we the masses have being played once again by the political elites. Time will surely tell.


    1. Are you just realising that?

  39. It is well with us all.

    @anon about getting married,plead with your to be to get a house for his elder sis,else you are in for a very big trouble,dont wait till you are married,have that discussion now.

  40. It is well with all of us. I don't open videos. So I don't allow things to affect me.

    Blog visitor with mans elder sister, wisdom is profitable. Have you ever had an encounter with her? How do you access her? Have you seen or hear of her 2 sides? Give a thought to these. Has your man ever complained of her or praises her to your hearings.

    If both of you have money, rent a new place for her or look for something for her to do.

    Do unto others what you want others to do for you. Be wise.

    Ikoyi prison on fire, just reading about it.

    May God heal everyone affected by these SARS wahalas.

    Tinubu did not know this day is for him, abi him juju no tell am say everyday for thief, one day for owner.

    Lagos murdered sleeps, Lagos will not sleep. Everyone is on edge

  41. I have since stopped entering Twitter. The pictures and videos are like scenes from a horror movie. Jesus Christ!

    Pele Stella. You will be fine. Na serious prayers we need now.

  42. Ihn
    Worried bv, don't use your leg and walk into fire. An elder sister that isn't working, living in your home? That's a ticking time bomb. Do not try it, I repeat, do not try it. Trash it out now before the marriage to avoid chronicles

  43. I had to switch off my phone till this afternoon
    I was restless whenever I try to sleep I have nightmares.
    My guy had to send me this mental health set up by covenant Christian center contract.
    I feel better now small.
    Dear soon to be married poster, what's your relationship with your SIL now?? Do you relate well? The times you spent in the house on visit how was your experience.
    I know a family friend whose sister just got married and she lived with her brother and his wife even from when the lady was dating her brother.
    They flowed like sisters and she had her room to herself.
    Cooking was decided by wife too.

  44. the images of her screaming from orgasms and multiple poundings will torment u. Ask her if it's TRUE and either you man up n be mature about it or let her go. another man go marry d babe that u have banged before...its a circle.

    1. If only that braaaa can understand that, sex is in stages, and unless for an unrepentant prostitute, sex is likened to a "tenure", which we all have been at some point in time. be it relationship, friendship, situationship, friends with benefits, one night stands, e.t.c. there is a season to which sex is covered under. she was in one of such seasons, and that season has passed, gone. Hold your woman strong, live life like you are impressing her everyday, and pray that "the Devil doesn't make her slip"

  45. I'm busy sleeping, don't like horror, the ones on tv are enough for me.
    Besides my family is locked into comedy films allday but our kids still pause to scream "Daddy gunshots". The spraying of bullets is endless, smoke everywhere, some plots have expelled bullets lying about on their patio but luckily we haven't gotten any just the ones hitting the roof and our windows are shut.
    Don't know where the soldiers from Ikeja zone came from, they got excess ammunition. Damn!

    Stella Kork...Pele o. We will pray for you and other bvs.
    Sunshine Bv, Chocolate Noir, City Chocolate, Parai Savannah so many others who can't stomach the emotional trauma. God is the Banner over us.

    Poster...marry him first, some sisters are like mothers to their younger brothers. If she's not giving her brother problems she's not likely to give you any.
    I know ladies that their hubby's sisters do omugwo for year in year out, their kids grow and become little bride and page boy at their sister
    in-law's wedding.
    Don't jump to conclusion, have a good reason to have her out of your home.
    For now, become family and good luck.

    1. Thumbs up for this your comment.
      Please poster take this advice.

    2. God I'm scared for you guys
      Please be safe , but why are they shooting??
      Thank you mama , may God's banner be over us all , we shall record no loss again .
      Please keep staying safe and comment when you can so we would know you're fine .

  46. Darling, yes power tussle is really a thing to worry about but personally I think you should have discussed about this earlier during the dating/courtship phase. Bringing it up now will look that you want to divide them and might make his family members dislike you..
    I have been living with my older brother since 2014 and he got married last two years. Of course I knew I had to make lots of adjustments. I did and we have been living peacefully since then. We stay in a two bedroom apartment, I have a room to myself while my brother shares the other room with his wife. I totally stay away from their room whether she is around or not. I work so I am not in their faces all the time, I leave for work early because of Lagos traffic and most days come back tired and retire to my room. I never interfere in their marital affairs no matter what. She knows I respect boundaries and respects me in return.
    One time, my brother came back from a party with a really cute box of goodies that contained chocolates, a mini handfan, mini hair dryer, an umbrella, jotter and a fancy pen. He dropped it the living room and I took it to my room. The next morning his wife politely requested for the box. I sensed she was unhappy and immediately apologized to her and gave it to her. You see, I should have asked for her permission before taking it. We women love to mark our territory and you would be surprised how a seemingly little thing like this would blow up and cause problems between us. However, I plan on moving out and getting my own place next year as she is currently pregnant and will be due by then. Of course she will need her own space for baby and all that... In all, she's a great person and I don't have any complaints about her at all.

  47. God knows I've been trying to get those gruesome images and videos outta my head. It's draining me so bad but thank God I feel a bit better now.
    @Bv getting married soon,Yes please! You guys better talk about it now else they will think you deliberately waited to get married first and then label you a bad wife. Since she doesn't work, your fiance should look at renting a place for her even a self contained can do. New couples need to enjoy the first year of your marriage ALONE before living with relatives. It will do your marriage a lot of good in the long run.

  48. It is well, I've stopped opening any video that has to do with what's happening in the country,cos ot always mess my mind up

    It is well, the prayers and curses of mothers will not be in vain.

    Hmm that BC whose fiance elder sis is living with him please be careful o, if I were the sis I won't even wait till after wedding before I find my square root

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. That pregnant story.
    Do not listen to everything people say before you hear your servant cursing you.
    Call this lady and ask her to tell you everything that happened. Decide if you love her
    for who she is presently or for what she did or did not do?

  51. Good advice from XP to the poster about to get married. Don't fill your mind with negative thoughts about your sister in-law to be. Let her be as long as she is not causing trouble. Marry the brother first and see how things will turn for both of you. Do unto others as you would want them to do to you and Good luck to you.

  52. Good afternoon everyone... I was able to catch some sleep this afternoon... Was unable to sleep since yesterday... Oh Lord, please heal our land πŸ™

  53. I haven't watched any of the bloody videos but I feel very bad reading posts and comments about the bloodshed. Pls lord, help us

  54. Stella I was just able to sleep abit this afternoon cos my heart has been bleeding, what thing I no is that weeping may ensure for a night,but joy comes in the morning.

    Poster that the husband to be sister is in her mans house,please have a talk with your husband about her stay, just for it to be on record,cos since she's your husbands senior,in one way or the other,she might want you to take order from her,but some of the in-laws are really nice and you will be glad she's around to keep you company.
    Poster that found out about the past of his wife to be,please calm down, since that happened in her past just let it be in the past, cos you also have your own past. You both can start building ur memories together,but if you will end up reminding her of it,just let her go.

  55. Blog visitor getting married soon, supposing you were in her shoes, how would be feeling if your prospective sister in law started doing as you are now doing??

    Biko in all we di in life can we please try and put ourselves in same position as the next person.
    This has been my approach, and so far so good.


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