Stella Dimoko Violent Protests Rock Kano As Teen Dies In Police Station After He Was Allegedly Tortured.


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Monday, October 19, 2020

Violent Protests Rock Kano As Teen Dies In Police Station After He Was Allegedly Tortured.

17-year-old boy Saifullahi has reportedly died in Police custody and the people of Kano are protesting the manner which he died....

Saifullahi of Kofar Mata quarters was said to have been arrested 2 days ago by the police, while he was sleeping at his family house.

Reports have it that despite protests by the people of the community that he was never known for any criminal tendencies, he remained in police custody where he allegedly gave up the ghost.

Dailypost gathered that Saifullahi had been released on bail only for the police to re-arrest and detain him again, where he was allegedly tortured to death.

The police brought his corpse to the family house this morning, Monday, a development which angered the people to take to the streets and they started making bonfires in protests.
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  1. Please protests must remain peaceful. We need protests, not riots. The military are armed, civillians are unarmed. Remain focused on endsars and police brutality alone. If not it may get bloody and no, we can't win the military. The only way you win the military is via a coup which takes months or even years to plan, and which is a bad idea for today.

    1. .... in PH I can assure you, we will win the military, almost every Abobi is armed, plus we know the terrain better.... if they do anyhow, they see anyhow.
      They're outnumbered.
      No time for careless capping or lacasera

    2. @anon 17:21 your comment reeks of ignorance and selfishness. Do you think a fire fight will be limited to just people who think like you? Have you thought about the collateral damage in terms of human lives and property if this scenario you've described occurs? Go to your history books and read about Odi massacre.

  2. Just what we are clamoring for and they still perpetuate more crime.

  3. Even with the ENDSARS protest going on across the country. Nigeria police brutality is follow come.

  4. OMG. Nigerian police are trained to kill their people. #ENDSARS

  5. This is what we're protesting for

  6. I just can't with this uniformed men.
    That's how someone's child just died like that at a time like this

  7. Tailer load of abokis with cutlass roaming inside the federal capital city at the moment. Had to make u turn now

  8. All the police officers need to be retrained and those found wanting of heinous crimes against humanity sacked. We need a total overhaul of the police force in this country.

  9. Innocent blood is cryingbout loud, and God is speaking,enough is enough.

  10. They shouldn't turn this peaceful protest to a violent one please.mau the soul of the young boy rest in peace.

  11. That’s how hoodlums, take over lawful and peaceful protests. Someone sponsors the right wing nuts to come out with machetes. Who sponsored them???? Big question. Guess they have learnt from the protesters and counter protesters in the US.

  12. This Kano killing might be fight between 2 people from diff towns.


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