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Thursday, November 12, 2020

A Story To Learn From......

This will definitely make sense to you cos it might look like something you did recently.......

''The sharp point of a nail was facing upwards, Kombo saw it and avoided it instead of removing it. He whispered to himself that it didn't concern him and as such does not matter to him.

The next day, Kombo's new client couldn't show up for the deal he was to sign with him. This deal meant everything to Kombo because it was worth millions. 

Kombo had already promised his mother a car, his siblings 50k each and made arrangements for a new apartment immediately this deal is signed.

But the client didn't show up. When Kombo called; the client was in the hospital attending to his only son who had stepped on the sharp point of a rusted nail. 

The son had stepped out of the car to buy something on the roadside when he stepped on the nail and incidentally it was the nail that Kombo had refused to remove when he saw it dangerously positioned.

Kombo regretted not removing the nail because he thought it didn't concern him the moment he missed stepping on it, but it was already too late as the damage had been done.

*He lost the deal and every benefit that would have come from it just,because he didn't remove the nail from harming someone else..

We are all connected to one another. When one is hurt everyone else is hurt and when one is helped, everyone else is helped. 

*When you see anything that'll pose a danger to another person, please remove it and if you see anything that'll be helpful to others, please promote it.*

Light each others candle and everyone's path will be lit.....
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  1. 👌very apt. By helping others or looking out for others, you also help yourself.

  2. Be your brother's keeper and let love lead....

  3. Thank you for this .
    Reasons why I would never be team drink water and mind your business.
    We have to look out for each other but with wisdom.

  4. This is so deep. Let love rule❤❤❤

  5. This is nice and so true.

  6. Interesting piece,and informative too

  7. When were young and living in face me I face you my mother would always be the one to sweep, clean the environment day in day out. I was always angry at it. I asked why are you the only one cleaning? Why can't others or the other mothers do it? She said my child every child in this compound is my child I don't want any of you harmed. So today, I do what am asked or not asked to do to serve my fellow human.

  8. Wow,I don't care/ it doesn't concern or affect me attitude doesn't pay.


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