Stella Dimoko Abia Gov Ikpeazu Intervenes In State University's Mandatory ''Pandemic Prevention Fee" Slammed On Students


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Friday, November 06, 2020

Abia Gov Ikpeazu Intervenes In State University's Mandatory ''Pandemic Prevention Fee" Slammed On Students

 Have you heard of anything as ridiculous as Pandemic prevention fees?That is what Abia state University sent out in a circular mandating that student resuming must pay a sum or they wont be allowed into the hostels but Gov Okezie Ikpeazu has intervened.....


  1. 15k for what exactly?at the end they will still pocket it.

  2. Igba
    Have u paid their parents working for ur govt?
    U r owing several months salary yet u r claiming u want to pay audio 30k
    Fear God oh
    U nd bello dey drag award for d worst governor in Nigeria

  3. Thank God for SM, the poor students wouldn't have had a voice and would painstakingly pay the ridiculous amount. The governor is trying to save face now cos the issue is out there, whereas he was the one who initially approved it

  4. Before i comment my reserve..... Abia state share pandemic palliative?
    No be only thaaty thaaaasand..... hahahaha, lemme laugh in peace biko

  5. Thank you SDK..Atleast he heard the tears and cries of the poor students.

  6. See how the students were saved from paying money their parents/guardians ont have all thanks to SM. How won't this wicked government try to restrict social media now?

  7. This man and his unending gimmicks

  8. Well planned for next election. Mr Governor na wash, so they will say you intervene.

  9. He didn't intervene any shit. He was the one that called students leaders and fixed the money.
    It was the cry on social media that had to reset their brain.
    Biko Don't praise this man at all.

  10. Hmmnnnn!...oppressors everywhere!
    May God save us.


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