Stella Dimoko Actress Uche Ogbodo And OAP Freeze Share Their 'Dangerous Seed' Church Experience...


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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Actress Uche Ogbodo And OAP Freeze Share Their 'Dangerous Seed' Church Experience...

 They were both asked in church by the preachers to sow dangerous seeds and their different reactions is quite interesting.....


  1. Nor be small dangerous seedπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    1. This guy movement try sha. Eventhough many of us may not like him or his style but he has helped to open our eyes. And this has sort of spread to other African countries and people are able to call the bluff of men of god and resist day light pulpit rubbery.

  2. It’s good to sow seeds but have you watch out for the needy around you too? Cloth them? Feed them? Listen to them? Pray with them?

    1. If them like, make 'em shout till morrow, I dey my sit. God has given us the spirit of discernment. Don't be gullible. Give but not by compulsion.

  3. Side eyes at prophetic ministries. I wish the govt can close down all prophetic ministries

    1. The only reason why there are fake prophets is because there are original and authentic prophets.

      Have you ever seen a 5k fake note? I bet you will say no. Reason is because we don't have 5k original note.

      If you find yourself in a fake church or with a fake prophet ask yourself, how you got there. It's not anyone's fault that you got scammed. If they say bring it was not forced out of your bag or pocket, your hand traveled to where the money was and got it out...

      The Bible says in the last days, many will come in my and say this and that... Your responsibility is to know how to check the fake/original.

      Not everyone is fake pls.

    2. Lady T, you are your own original prophet. Their is no original prophet for you anywhere in the world. It does not exist. Seat back and minister/prophecy on yourself with a child-like trust in God and see what happens.

    3. @Sapphire, I expected you to understand what I mean. I'm sorry you didn't.
      In the Old testament we had prophets and in the new testament one of the gifts or ministry which we get is prophecy. Not everyone has that gift. And not everyone will. Prophesy. But we have prophets. Pls read your Bible. I don't go to prophets. But also God can use anyone to send me a message. Yes, the Lord can also use the Bible. Nevertheless, we can't box God or decide how He moves and operate. And yes you can be your own prophet doesn't mean God cannot use another person to bless another.
      Note: We are not all at the same level.

      Thank you.

  4. If them like make them shout dangerous, safe seed, i no dey do pass my power. I sow what i can afford.

  5. A woman sow her car,cos she was manipulated to do so by her pastor. her husband went to collect it back the following day. He told the pastor that he bought the car for her to ease her movement with the children not as a seed.

    I give but I don't give when I'm being forced. My giving is between me and my God. It is also wrong for Pastors to be telling people what seed to sow.

    1. Now this is funny

    2. I like the husband already. What nonsense🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  6. Giving is a universal law that definitely applies to the word of God but as christians, we need to avoid manipulation/being manipulated to give. I have done this once and you won't believe the gossip, jealousy, backbiting, side talks and members coming to my office to ask for money that followed. I endured all this for the next 3 years before leaving that ministry as it was actually becoming a distraction to my Christian life.

    I will never stop giving because I do it according to the word of God but I do more of charity these days and less of church. It is sad that Christians need to be cautious about assisting the work of God but it is what it is.

  7. Dangerous seed indeed. I pity people that fall for this scam.

  8. That’s how my uncle nearly used his car as a seed in a church he is visiting for the first time. Since then he insists some pastors use jazz

    1. Lol! I don't blame your uncle at all. Things are really happening, I tell you.

      I know a classmate of mine in the university, she later got married and the hubby bought a very beautiful car for her.
      There is one ministry she attends and they kinda complied her to 'sow' her car, she did ooh, fortunately or unfortunately she was not with the car documents, so she called her husband to ask for it, he was like why looking for the car documents, she said eeeh, she just sowed her car in ministry, hmmmmm, oga had to cut short his trip short and flew back to their state.
      He jejely went there and drove out the car, and banned her from ever going there again.
      Concidentalily the husband is an ordinand pastor, but he's highly educated and realistic.

      It really shook the marriage because the wife was kinda seeing the husband as the 'devil'!
      Fanaticism and brainwashed people are the worst set of people to deal with.

      Thank goodness that peace and sanity was later restored in their home.

  9. That is the damage religion has done to us as humans.
    We ignored friends, relative etc who are truly in need but once it is from our daddy in the Lord, my pastor says etc, fiam, the money maybe even more will be available.
    May God help us to know him for ourselves and not according to my pastor this, my pastor that!

  10. This world is deep. I have had experiences where I go to church and I hear the prophet abi pastor asking people to sow. Some will even tell you how much is in your bag. The kind of jazz abi whatever that they put in their mouths to talk, before you know it,you have surrendered your transport. I trust the kind of spirit I have. Shingbai you no go see.
    I remember when I was pregnant and running from pillar to post cause of the many wahala wey I bin get that time. One pastor back then was talking plenty and actually telling me everything going on with me. Bottom line,he said I should sow a seed equivalent to my age and he mentioned my age to me. LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I told him that if truly it's God that's talking,He Himself already knows that I don't have a kobo. Dude said I wasn't serious o sake of say I go die bla bla bla.mtchew
    I left him there. Day of delivery,I had labor pain by 5am and 7am on the dot I had my daughter.
    The other one said I should go and ask how much a coffin is and sow that amount.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    The most funny was the one that said I should buy a costly material and sow for his wife and him.

    As of now,I no dey do all those prophesy Waka again. When you have too many problems you just find yourself looking for help wherever.
    I am so much at peace here with Pastor Enenche and so far,I am living by the principles of the teachings of God's word.
    Me that is looking for help will now be killing myself for what

    1. Lol, funny you Marvel.

      But eeh, some of these pastors the way they hustle people for money abi sowing seeds is disturbing and troubling.
      Tufia, no sympathy!

  11. Reading mode activated🍸🍾

  12. People are falling for all these tricks because they are far from God, seek and have an intimate relationship with God, many of us know the God of our pastors not the Almighty God. The veil has broken, we are created first and foremost for fellowship. Seek God while He is near...

  13. I no sow wetin i no get, some people will just stand up just for show up, not that they really want to sow

  14. This is me presently.
    My pastor has been disturbing me for sacrificial giving towards a program
    That its painful but necessary to give my salary
    Anything i have in my account .i should sell my laptop and wigs

    Me that is looking for money for my mother treatment
    I dress well but if i tell you i earn 30k you wont believe
    I rotate my shirts well

    Now he is sending members with fake leading
    I should drop my salary and be trekking ba
    I havent even eaten today just to save cost

    Am not dropping anything i would rather resign from my post as a black sheep


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