Stella Dimoko Army Reportedly Says Panel Cannot Invite Them To Answer Questions On Lekki Shooting Except The Govt Invites Them


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Sunday, November 01, 2020

Army Reportedly Says Panel Cannot Invite Them To Answer Questions On Lekki Shooting Except The Govt Invites Them

Major Osoba Olaniyi, the acting Deputy Director, Army Public Relations and 81 Division, has said the judicial panel set up by the Lagos government cannot invite the army to testify over the Lekki shooting.

Speaking in an interview with Sunday PUNCH, Major Olaniyi stated that the Nigeria Army cannot release the number of the names of the personnel deployed to the Lekki toll gate.

Asked the number of personnel involved, Olaniyi said, “It is against operational security. We don’t give that. It is against the policy of operational security. There is no problem here. The picture some people paint, as if we are fighting with the state government, is wrong.”

On the judicial panel, he said it was not the duty of the judicial panel to invite the Army to answer questions regarding the reported shooting of unarmed protesters at the Lekki toll plaza.

Olaniyi said, “If we receive a letter from the state, we will go. Are we not under civil authorities? Are we not part of Nigerians? Have you forgotten that we did not go there (Lekki tollgate) on our own?

“It is not the duty of the members of the panel to tell us that. If the state wants the (81) Division to come, they will write and we will oblige. See, if they have written to the division, it is our duty to go. It is not for them to go through the media as if we are scared of coming.

“It is the state government that constituted that panel of inquiry. So if anybody needs to get in touch with us to come, it is still the state and not members of the panel.”


  1. He is right though.

    1. This force people also don't have sense.

      All of a sudden the government is forming they care about you people, releasing money for you people here and there and you people are yarning trash now.

      Question should be what started you people's corruption? Is it not lack of money?

      Can't you borrow yourselves sense and see you are being offered money because they FEAR you! They want you on their side and are buying you off? All your years of suffering gone to the drains!

      Instead of you people to lias with civilians and fight for a better Nigeria that you will also reap from, you are running into the armpit of these old men that will keep giving you peanuts and making you turn to corruption that bring curses for your generation!

      You guys should reason well abeg! Who plans a coup? They are afraid of you people. Use your power wisely and free yourselves from slavery.

      Force job should bring you honour and not curses!

  2. respect for human life in this country

  3. Well, he's correct. The government won't invite anybody. Anybody who thinks anything sane will come out if this panel shindig was probably born yesterday. Its like telling a rat to investigate the activities of a cat. If you like dress a rat up in wig and gown and let it twerk from dusk till dawn, a cat won't consider it for booty calls.

  4. "Have you forgotten that we did not go there (Lekki tollgate) on our own?". With this statement made by the Army spokesman, Eesah is it still the IPOB as you foolishly claimed went to the Lekki gate on Army uniform? Your shame got no rival. If the Army above have admitted being present, then they should be held responsible. The government created the panel, so inviting them by the panel is in order for they represent the government.

    Sanwo Olu, the fingers are beginning to point at you. Trouble looming.

    1. No finger is pointing at sanwo olu, even if he invited the army for security purpose, did he ordered them to shoot or kill?
      U people focused on sanwo olu while wine is having a free to air in obigbo. I don't just understand.

  5. Here we go again. The state government has already delegated authorities for the investigation to the judical panel through a defined terms of reference. Hence the response from the army rep does not hold any water and another diversionary tactic as usual.

  6. So they were there at the Lekki toll gate (and did the shootings?) I thought they denied both all along?
    We are getting there; the place where the Truth lives. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  7. Nasa for Nigeria,what is d army hiding?


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