Stella Dimoko ASUU Urges Students To Acquire Skills,Travel And Have Fun While The Strike Continues...


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Friday, November 13, 2020

ASUU Urges Students To Acquire Skills,Travel And Have Fun While The Strike Continues...

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has given undergraduates advice on how to spend their time because of the union’s ongoing indefinite strike.

The Union also listed 7 ways students can spend their time......

ASUU tweeted.....

''This strike is an opportunity for any undergraduate to get a skill.
Students should always seize opportunities to add value to their life. At no time will conditions be favourable. Successful people only seize opportunities.

Here are 7 ways you can make the most of this period yourself. Be a part of people who make things work. Join a group in church, your community, and be active in it. These experiences also contribute shaping the person you’ll be in the future.

1. Intern or get a small-time job
This may be a great time to draft your CV and pitch yourself to employers. Already, there are a couple opportunities since the announcement of this strike.

2. Join the family business
Some of us have ‘family businesses’. This the business our parents have been doing for some time. It can be a big-time company or a small supermart. Whichever one it is, it’s not a bad idea spending holiday working here. It’s one way to give back and also add to your professional experience.

3. Learn a new skill
I have an engineer friend who makes a living today from graphics design. He learnt it while we were in school. There’s almost no limit to the skills you can learn during holidays. If anything, start with learning basic and intermediate computer operations
(if you don’t know that by now). Code schools are also popping up everywhere so you can join one. You can also join the growing community of Nigerian freelancers and hone your skills.

4. Be active in church or mosque, other groups
Refuse to be an onlooker anywhere you find yourself. Be a part of people who make things work. Join a group in church, your community, and be active in it. These experiences also contribute shaping the person you’ll be in the future.

5. Travel
There’s no harm in travelling if you can afford it. Travelling is also a form of learning. If you happen to have relations scattered around Nigeria and abroad, consider travelling. Life’s too short to not explore more places.

6. Read books
We don’t mean only course-related books. Take up a novel, read a book on investment, study Nigerian history, look up spiritual books. Read far and wide.

7. Have fun
Well, you still have to catch some fun. Plus, it’s perfectly okay to spoil yourself a little. You can binge watch your favourite TV series, play football, go to more events etc etc.


  1. This shouldn't be found funny by anyone. This useless union should be proscribed and scrapped.!!!!
    They are not even ashamed, with this corona, were they able to come up with any vaccine or solution.
    Government should proscribe these old men. Sack them and employ people that are ready to work!!
    Bunch of empty heads that don't know jack claiming lecturers.

    1. What are you even saying?? For christ sake these people has been owed by the government for God knows when. For example, I have a lecturer friend that has not received salary for the past six months, This is a family man o and it's not like the money they're paid is something to write home about. Ngwanu, They should reform the universities and make it conducive enough for the students, they refused. But these are set of individuals who receive wardrobe allowance, hardship allowance and all the outrageous allowances after they've received their various monthly salaries. Why can't these people stop being selfish for once and think about other Nigerians too?? I mean, these are the future of the Nigerian youths being toyed with. It's really very sad and i don't see a reason why it's asuu's fault.

    2. You mean have not "has"

    3. Madam, please keep quiet! Let ASUU continue to fight for their rights. We live in a country where little is given to the health and education sectors. Is that not a big shame?

  2. You can't give what you don't have. Nigerians should have known better.This administration don't give a hook about the masses.

    1. A man that didn't go to sch and dosent see the big deal in it will also not take education seriously

  3. Aaaaaaaaah, meaning that the strike go tey no be small ooooooh, no shifting grounds!!
    Well how would I in all honesty blame them? Over bloated salaries of politicans, huge allowances for occupying a well cushioned seat with highly efficient air-conditioning system freezing their fat asses!!

    This is troubling.

  4. My candid advice to all undergraduate is to give their lives to Christ. Finding Christ is the
    greatest achievement you can have in your life. You will have his leading, direction, insight
    about your live, freedom from the control by sin, and eternal life.

    1. How does this end this strike?

      Make una no dey rubbish this giving one's life to Christ anyhow cuz the Bible we both read doesn't say things in this manner.

  5. Omashe o! This doesn't look or sound good at all.

    Father God, this Nation is between the rock and the hard place, have mercy upon our Nation O Lord.

    Help our Leaders the truth to know. If they send their own children abroad to learn where there are no distractions to the school calendars, those children will still return to this Nation to face these one they distorted their future through their bad leadership.

    O Lord, help us, mediate where Men have failed. Do not let men prevail. Help resolve whatever be the impasse, so that the youth will go back to school.

  6. Thank God am working. Asuu for don show me shege. when two elephants fight, it is the grasses that will face the consequences. I know FG is insincere, but let Asuu consider the children of the poor schooling here. At the end of the day, companies will be looking for 16years old graduate with 30yrs of working experience.

    1. Lol!! But lecturers have to chop too. Join Asuu and hold the government accountable. Buhari is just a tyrant.

  7. It's sad. Money that should have been invested in the government schools that the average Nigerian could afford is stolen by the govt to build their own private universities that the average Nigerian cannot afford.

  8. This is no longer funny. And the wicked government are not doing anything about it cos their children school abroad.

  9. Seeing this made me drop a tear. For how long would this continue??? Feel like letting go of school already, it's tiring 🤧
    Have been in one level since 2018 November. This is not nice at all
    The best I can do is acquire a skill or two to add value to myself😐
    To learn how to bake you'll hear prices raging from 45k 🤦

    1. Order your Goron tula and Cloves for sexual health. 0701758742513 November 2020 at 19:32

      Babe, you can get measuring cups and jug, watch YouTube and follow the steps, you'll be surprised how much you'll learn. Since Corona I've learnt all types of snacks from cupcakes, bread, pizzas and the rest all thanks to YouTube. You too can do it.

  10. How about postgraduates?

    This country is no country please! Nigeria is in a deep mess!

  11. What do u expect them to do when the FG has decided to place BH Suspects above the students.
    How could a sane leader/human allocated N380 billion to BH Suspects why N20 billion was allocated for the revitalization of public universities and you expect them to just jump at the offer.

    It is only God that will punish all of them...

    1. BH are buhari brothers. Don’t bother about him being sane. We always say Blood is thicker than water, so there you go

  12. unbelievable, when then will this strike end.

  13. Pls is university of Ilorin in session?

  14. Let d fed gov keep cushioning and pampering Boko Haram n keep owing d lecturers
    Misguided priority mchewwww

  15. Wow, just few months left for some and this! God please intervene.


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