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Friday, November 13, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative......



Hello Stella.

I am an ardent reader of your blog.
I need candid advise from you and your awesome blog visitors.

I am 32, married with 2 kids, Aged 4 and 6. I have a job that pays a little above 250k and hubby has a job that pays a little above 300k. He is 40. I have worked for 5 years now,although in different companies.

Now, with the recent development in the country, I have been extremely worried about our future. We have no assets or investments yet. We only do insurance. 

My younger sis brought up the idea of relocating to Canada but I have never been interested in living abroad up until recently.

 Each time I listen to the news, I have anxiety about the future especially for our kids. I told my sis I am scared of going to another country to suffer(as I often hear from people abroad). She debunked my fears and said its possible to get a job first from here but from my own research, I don't think it is possible. 

 Also I don't really have any close friends or relatives abroad that will be honest with me about life abroad.

Pls I need advice from BVs that relocated out of the country. The estimate is about 6M which we can afford if we save up and plan but I don't want to live in regrets.
Pls I need sincere advice.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Where are those living in Canada?please come out oh.
About your fear and anxiety,I am sure almost everyone that will read this post will agree with you about being scared and uncertain of what tomorrow brings living in Nigeria.....


  1. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, let your request be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

    This is also an invitation to Christ (if you do not know him). If you do, then get closer to him. He will lead you besides still waters. It does not matter where you live, he will protect you.
    People in some developed countries like Canada and USA are losing their jobs aftermath of covid. More people are homeless. Be thankful for what you earn and do proper investments.

    1. If you are a Christian, take time to fast and pray. If the Lord tells you to relocate, do. If he tells you to stay, stay.
      You will have peace if you obey him.

    2. Patiently waiting for comment. Aside for the salary, she wrote everything i need aswers for.

    3. I wish I can find such job.

    4. With a positive mind set u can conquer almost anything u set it to.
      The pay here 250+300 sounds good but for how long? What if something happens?
      Life itself is a risk! Do it for ur kids future
      There has been horrible stories I must say,but if u set ur mind right,u will achieve and not regret! Nothing dey here nwanne

    5. It's more like some of you don't really get handy of the news being disseminated almost everywhere.For starters,let's say you want to relocate to the US but have you heard of how Americans in their millions are losing their jobs or having to deal with unemployment as a result of the corona virus pandemic? ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ?? Who do you actually know there that could possibly put you through the realities on ground? It's another uncertainty itself and you wouldn't wanna suffer trust me.I wish you all the best in your endeavors and it be nice you keep us updated later on mbok

    6. A lot of people make it seem like abroad is sufferhead...but thats not entirely true. As long as you legally are good.
      There is dignity of labour and you get paid for your hours/work.

  2. Please if you have an opportunity to leave Nigeria please leave for the sake of your kids. We've all been hearing Nigeria go better as kids, even though we're adults now the situation seems to be worsening. If and when I get the opportunity I won't look back!
    When you get there you'll surely find your footing, as bad as your uncertainty about Canada is, it still can't be like the reality on ground in Nigeria.

    1. You are not alone in that anxiety o. My only small consolation is at least my children are has dual citizenship but me nko? It's not funny working and earning money that has no value. I want a better quality life.

    2. @poster, for a family of four like mine it's 8m as proof of funds.
      Trust me I don research am tire. It's proof of funds holding me back. And i don't earn as much as you do only that work is secure as I work for government but whenthey start owing salaries nko? What will secure work do for someone here then?
      I'm the same age range like you as well. I'm still toyig with the idea nd researching down. If I find Proof of funds, I don start the process be that.
      Today fuel has gone up again, meaning prices of goods will rise by tomorrow.

    3. The way out of the proof of funds is to borrow and have someone write a letter of explanation LOE for you saying that they gifted you the money, it has to be a close relation, mother, father, uncle, aunty etc. Wealth of information on Nairaland about this.

    4. Start the process first...proog of funds will be sorted when you reach that bridge

    5. Will start looking for a close relative to gift me d cash. Wanna relocate too

  3. I relocated to the US 2016, it is by far the best decision I have made in my life. Relocate if you have the means, with your experience and education you will prosper in Canada. I mean you will experience 1-2 years challenges settling in but after that you will be more comfortable than you have ever been in your life by God’s grace. Make the move and leave the fears in Nigeria, you will make it.

    1. I relocated 10 years ago to the US but its similar to Canada , ii would even say Canada has better benefits than the US. Best decision ever, first year was rough but once you get tour footing. You will be fine. Education is important so make sure you have one that is transferable and one that would pay you decent money. Outside of that you will be fine & your kids will thank you for it

    2. How did you get over the challenges? . Speak the truth now. Did you win the lottery as it’s much easier. We’re talking about someone with no papers. Even with paper’s it takes time to settle down. Poster I’m a US citizen but born in naija. This is not the best time to move o. Covid 19 is affecting a lot of people here in terms of jobs. Companies are not really hiring especially now that we’re getting to winter season. For now I’ll say visit first and make your findings. Visit couple of times, ask questions save save save before making your final decision. If you don’t have papers and you want to relocate now, you’ll regret it. Same with Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Goodluck

    3. Not entirely true! Moved without papers but have my papers now, the struggle is Worth it

  4. My sister, for the sake of your children. Relocate!!!

    No amount of anxiety abroad can equal the suffering and smiling of this country..

    I would do anything to go abroad and work for my children future if given the opportunity.

    Do professional courses online or learn a skill based on your research and relocate.

  5. Let me read comments from my people in Canada, I'm working every day to save up and be with you.

    Oh my Canada, I can't wait to see you.

    1. If you have the opportunity, go for it. It is going to be tough but it is tougher in Nigeria. You both shoud be prepared to go back to school to study a relevant course. If you depend on your Naija certificate, you both will only qualify for minimum wage jobs. The conditions (cold weather, low wages, doing things by yourself, lack of help, loneliness, racism, etc) will make you to sometimes question the reason why you left Naija but at the end it will make sense. Your children! YOU MUST MAKE THE DECISION AS A FAMILY. Remember honesty and hard work are rewarded here. Goodluck with your decision.

  6. Dear poster, if you have the means and the resources to travel please travel with your family. The bad news we listen and read its enough to give anyone a doubt about the country.
    The unemployment rate is on the high side, the insecurity is not to write home about, the increment tax with no valid is another issues. I pray God directs and provides for you and your family,Godspeed

  7. If I have 6Million Naira, I will rather invest it for e.g in food production (e.g. Onions) or any company that is Agro-allied and get dividends than venture out in the name of relocating.

    1. The six million is to show in your account that you can survive for few months over there till you get settled. It doesn't mean you are paying six million to relocate.
      The processing fees plus air tickets plus passports plus ielts exams plus verification of transcripts and other small things will cost 2M-3M for a family of 4. This will be spent in naija here before your PR is out.

    2. Anon 6million naira investor. That's if insurgents allow u bahhh? Or u will farm and harvest it in heaven? We are talking about an inconducive environment for living and business, u are talking about severe risk. Weldon sir/ma

  8. This is the beauty of being in Christ and being led by the Spirit of God. If anyone is in Christ, one will be able to appreciate where he wants her to live in. and just follow him. It gives one a lot of peace.๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š๐Ÿ•Š

  9. I am a US-citizen but live in Nigeria. Aren't going nowhere. No place like home. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    1. There are no truer words than this.Tbvh,if i am with her kinda job,i will permanently stay in Nigeria and only vacation abroad any time i deem it fit.I ain't really a japa freak truth be told.๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น

    2. Na them..if something happens in Nigeria you can easily run to Walter carrinton and say you’re a US citizen and they will take you towo tese yet you are telling someone not to better their life.

    3. That’s true, but only when you’re a citizen of US, Canada or Australia and some other powerful countries in the world then you can decide to live in Naija knowing you can go anywhere you want to go without visa hassle.

    4. But you can japa anytime because of your citizenship, my dear poster relocate, experience a different country, get your citizenship and decide if you want to stay or come back, don’t be fooled by an American citizen living in Nigeria commenter. Relocate now and you will forever thank God you did

    5. Na think 300k is salary? How much can a single person earning 300k even save? One year savings wont even fund your vacation sef.

      Nigerian education sef na zero these days...and getting worse...someone earning even 500k go hard to send their kids to better school..or even abroad.

  10. if you want to migrate because of the future of your kids,it's fine and nice.

    Just know that it comes with sacrifices, the main sacrifice is, with the combined salary strength both you and your husband command and the 'frugality' it affords won't be available when you relocate as you both already have kids and might want to have more.

    There is a reason oyibo people don't like to have kids anyway.

    But then since it's all about the kids future then you can make the sacrifice but also bear in mind that it's also not a guarantee for the future of your kids.

    This is because there are children here even above 30 still partially dependent on their parents while in Naija you can find people even less than 30 married with kids and take the full responsibility, it's also vice versa anyway.

    The thing is,, just know it's not a guarantee and be ready to take whatever you see.

    The only people I advise to migrate abroad are people who have nothing at all going for them in Naija. So in that case even if they migrate, no matter how bad it turns out, there will be no regrets after all it was same at home.

    In your case, you can take the risk and take whatever comes out of it.

    If your job and that of your husband have some kind of security and there is steady growth. I will advise you to stay put in Naija, when the kids grow they will survive too, after all you survived.

    I tell you the fact, the naija peeps who survive here the most are those who migrated from naija. Most naija peeps who migrated here in their early and mid twenties do way much more better than those who their parents migrated and where born or raised here. This is a fact.

    Naija instills in people the hunger to succeed and not laid back, that is an advantage of raising your kids in Naija over here.

    In all, why not concentrate and make more money and save as much as you can, so you can send your kids abroad for masters or so. I think it's better for them.

    But then if you want to move, just keep an open mind to take whatever happens.

    1. But how will the people who have nothing going on at all raise enough money to relocate?

    2. This is the best advice so far. Poster, e no easy anywhere. Take the above advice...

    3. Yes you can succeed and have the same level of life like you have in Nigeria because you have that hunger to succeed but the question is will your kids do same.

      Don't travel and be among those oldies who get angry when someonr who just arrived from Naija has better job and life than their kids. LOL.

    4. Dear anonymous,

      I agree with what you have said largely but, I disagree with your suggestion of them saving money and sending the kids abroad for masters .
      If they relocate now , they won’t have to think about saving money for the masters. ( we don’t know what the exchange rate will be by the time ) . And with a combined income of 550k it will be difficult o.
      My suggestion will be they relocate if they have transferable skills and if they want to do it for the kids . There is nobody that can decide how the kids will turn out in life .
      Also, when they have settled down and have acquired passports they can even return to Nigeria as expatriates because there are a lot of advantages a foreign passport will afford you o. (Health care , security and just to name a few ).
      Relocation can be challenging as they might need up to 2-3 years to settle down, but as we have all said sacrifice is the magic word .

  11. I relocated to Canada from Nigeria where I had a very good job by Nigerian standards, but I relocated before I was 30, and I’m in an IT profession and I have certifications that are recognized worldwide so I got a job in my field at the same level in 3months.

    I came with money so I didn’t need to do survival jobs while I looked for the job I want, but I know this is not the case for everyone.

    So this decision will be dependent on what jobs you and your husband does here in Nigeria, are they in demand roles? If they are, then you guys may bounce back and settle in quicker. If it is not, one of you might have to take on a job if you don’t like while one or both of you try to transition into a different career path and it might make you start regretting.

    Do your research well because bills don’t wait for anyone here, they come as at when due and you have kids.
    So move only when you have a plan, and if your husband will also be ready to put pride down to do what needs to be done in case things don’t look up immediately for your family.

  12. My husband and I are both degree holders who relocated from Gh to U.S . The journey is not easy I tell you but it’s soo worth it. We have 2 kids, I feel so fulfilled looking at them get back from school everyday. I feel we made a very good decision. You know how expensive school fees is back home when they attend a good school , they go to school for free here .A system that works , Lord I thank you. it’s not easy in the beginning but when you get a little education to top up , you will be ok.

  13. Pls move to Canada.If not for you but for your kids.There is security,almost free and better education,better standard of living and a path to a better life for your kids.What I will advice again is that you both learn a trade,if your husband doesn’t want to pls try and learn tailoring or hairdressing and yes you will get a job with that arrangement you have in mind.My friends have done it and they are living very well.just save enough money,you will need it the first 3 months before you get jobs and everything will balance up later.pls go to Canada,especially for your kids.

    1. 3Amigos Bread @ 6 Okesalu St, Ikotun. 0813851632813 November 2020 at 15:57

      You’re right about learning a skill. I don’t know about Canada but I know that in the US, knowing how to drive construction/heavy machineries, welding, electrical work, hair weaving/wig/weave etc will be very helpful to them for starters as a back up and as they find their feet, they progress from their. Having quality IT skills is not bad either.

  14. Ask God to lead you. Abroad is sweet but may not be for everybody and it may not be the escape route to peace and tranquility.
    Jesus is the only way truth and life. Accept Jesus into your life and tell Him to lead you according to His will.

    My fears of abroad is the society values are 0 to nothing. No culture, Free world thinking which could influence weak minds.

    God will continue to protect us and our children in Jesus name amen.

    1. Do you think this doesnt exist in Nigeria? How many kids go to university and come back same? Even secondary school sef...things are not like before o.
      You can still train your children properly in the abroad

  15. I also want to relocate but my husband is not willing. I will pray seriously about it and do as the spirit leads.

    1. @Chidiogo
      The Spirit is not leading you anywhere without your husband. The Spirit of God is not in your plans, he said that "it is not good for man to be alone"
      You are your husband's helper and not the other way round. Pray that God will change his mind, that's the right prayer.

  16. Poster i follow you dey wonder.
    I don't know about Canada but I do know about Australia...
    But I heard its easy to get a job in Canada. I know someone who is already processing a school visa to Canada and the claim is that after study they allow them 2-3more years to practice/work, and within this period they can work for a PR. So you might take your chance ,like a whole family is involved so your fears are valid.
    As you can afford it maybe you keep searching for genuine answers.

  17. Madam, with your kind of salaries, my advice is to stay put for now and allow the global economy to heal for like another two years.

    1. I agree, cos travelling abroad involves starting from the scratch, which means hustling till you get to that desired peak.

    2. COVID shut some doors but opened many others.

      There are some industries that usually rely on temporary visa holders to maintain their workforce, those sectors are now begging and looking for workers.

      There is international travel ban due to COVID 19, so their temporary visa holders have been unable to come in. There are jobs right now. maybe not in the Aviation or tourism sectors but other sectors are booming.

      People are getting new jobs all around me sef.

    3. 15.55, this is 15.46. I actually said that judging from the global effect of COVID 19 on world economies. Getting jobs in abroad now is not easy. However, like somebody suggested, they can actually go and wait out the two years over there as well.

  18. Please if you have have the opportunity, move to Canada.
    There will be issues to deal with, but it is worth it.
    You will need time to settle...take training...go back to school..
    but you will be ok.

    I did not want to move initially...but had to for family reason.

  19. Ask God for guidance. But I will advice u to stay back in Nigeria bcus u and your hubby are earning well. Overseas is not always rosy as it is painted. it is a capitalist society. Invest your 6million in Nigeria. Enroll your kids in good private schools. When they finish sec school u can send them abroad to further their studies. No be everybody go make am for abroad oh. As Nigeria bad reach some people are still making it.

    1. 550k is earning well before your eyes? FYI -550K is not earning well in the ground scheme of things.

      550k is about £900.

    2. They are not earning well, Nigeria is not alright abeg.
      We have suffered so much in this country that any little money to get by on a day- to-day basis feels like millions.
      A family of 4 and growing, without potentials for substantial salary/income increment, na soso manage manage.
      To get something as basic as a car for the family sef will be a struggle.
      I alone earn around their combined income and e no dey reach jare.

    3. Yes £900 is okay for someone in naija. Stop comparing what you can do with#500,000 to £900. Most people with low skilled jobs earn £1,500 after tax.

    4. N10m will not be enough to even pay fees for children to study abroad. 550k is not "earning well". Even if you squeeze, e go hard to save 200k.monthly.
      Now how many years will complete abroad school fees?

      £900 is not earning well rate sef long as you are legally abroad, the sky is your limit

  20. If you have the opportunity to relocate legally with your family, please do it. Yes, life is uncertain but the other countries are better in providing basic necessities

  21. Relocate with a solid plan. If you are not already in the IT field, my advice is to start training (or write certificate exams) in IT. In-demand IT skills are DevOppsSec, Cybersecurity, Data etc. Start your research in those areas and see how you can transition.

    You can even start now, so that by the time your relocation package comes through, you have already acquired those skills.

    So once you get to Canada, it becomes easier to find a good job

    1. Sine I'm into IT please what exams should u write to qualify for any of these. I need help. I'm confused

    2. IT is very vast. Have you identified the area you want to concentrate on? If not, you have to do that research. Examples are Cybersecurity, DevOppsSec, Data, Cloud computing, etc. Even the aforementioned areas are still vast and you still need to narrow it down.

      I would urge you to talk to people, do research, watch videos on YouTube to gain more knowledge on what IT is and the opportunities.

  22. I am a single guy a year younger than you but earning your hubby's salary. I also think about the future a lot these days. Comments from guys who have relocated will be highly welcomed as well

  23. I แนฃee some people saying that the posters salary of 250k and 300k is earning well.

    TBH this is not a great salary. You need to be very frugal to even save out of that.

    My advice is this....plan your exit out of Nigeria. But save enough money to last yu for a year.

    แนขeรฉ Ehn. Most Nigerians who have usa passport and UK passport dieing there in Nigeria have an exit strategy.

    Don't farawe! They are not your mate!

    If all you have In Nigeria is your naija passport. Start working on getting a usa. UK. Australia work permit.

    It will involve a lot of work. But you will smile in the end.

    If you don't do it for you. Do it for your Dynasty.

    Right now...I and my madam have a British passport. Our children have a British and American passport.

    It took us 6yrs to make it happen.

    I am currently toying with the idea of relocating to Canada. If I do....that means I and madam will eventually get UK and Canada passport and our sons will have British. American and Canadian passport. Triple passport like this offers the children a sea World of opportunity.

    And I'm not even counting our 'useless Nigerian Passport'.

    Yes...of what use is a passport that labels you as a scammer or shit hole even before you place it in from of a border official at any airport?

    I am not saying this to brag. I just want to open the posters mind to possibilities and the big picture.

    Davido success breaking into America is partly because he can travel to the usa effortlessly without begging the US embassy for visa.

    Let that sink in.

    I wish you best of luck.

    1. Go and settle down some where and stop jumping up and down...Oniro oshi

  24. As bad as abroad is, as bad as covid is making pple lose jobs worldwide, people are still cashing out in that same abroad.. Take a leap.

    1. True talk. My sis in law got to Australia in December and got a job in peak covid period. No time for excuses.

  25. Stella God bless you fro this post. I have been planning to mail about this. I am picking points because there’s no hope for this country again.

    Bv Reasonable Doubt , pls if you have trusted link for the skilled labour route pls can you send to Stella to share. 2021 Canada ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ Here we come ‼️

  26. I pity you. Better 'FLY' because of your children. N250k +N300k= N550-600k divided by current exchange rate X irresponsible leadership with out plans for its citizens. Mind you, there is no job security in Nigeria and you may be thrown out by your organization at any time for any flimsy reason-downsizing, new management, gender/age, etc. Cost of living here is on the increase and the total take home of you and your spouse may not give your children the quality of education THEY DESERVE for the future. Just SEPERATE YOURSELF TO PRAY WELL FOR DIRECTION, then sit and plan with hubby. Maybe one of you have to go to prepare the grounds for your family to come over. What I know now is that I better go abroad now, do my own part of the suffering and be comfortable for the future. Even if nothing, I will have access to BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE including power supply, good road, lost for choice of affordable rent/ mortgage housing, education for my children, quality healthcare and food. BETTER FLLLLLLLLY, because these people have no plans for anyone here.

  27. I have been following this blog for years but this will be my very first comment. I am commenting because i want to share my experience with you and i hope it helps you and other people.

    The questions are simple.

    Can you afford private education for kids all through to their university in Nigeria?

    Do you have the connection to secure jobs for them in when they graduate?

    Can you guarantee your safety and that of your children?

    In the case of an health emergency what is your recourse?

    How soon will the growing insecurity in Nigeria reach you and your family?

    Relocation is good, provided it legal migration and you have a plan. I.E Making an informed decision.

    Canada for example, what province/region will best suit your profession? Will you need to switch career when you arrive? If yes, then plan to up skill.

    Good thing with obodo is that you can switch careers and start over at any point in time, regardless of age.

    I moved out to Australia in February 2017 with my family. My Mrs was studying for her Masters and we arrived with less than 700 Australian Dollars.

    I worked and pushed hard driving forklift and doing age care job to pay 30K Australian Dollars a year for Mrs and 7500 for child tuition.

    After studies i moved to a cushy government job with solid pay and Mrs is doing solid job post masters.

    Became permanent Residence early this year and we are currently buying a house already.

    My blood sister moved to Canada with her family in 2018. Both husband and wive got government jobs within the 1st 2 months they arrived. They are putting down deposit on a house this coming january.

    I have countless number of success stories to share, but time no dey.

    Most people relocate without a plan, They move without good solid information. If lack a plan, you can't hit the ground running.

    Relocate, surround yourself with positive people, keep informed, work hard, be shameless and sky is the limit.

    Is the journey rough, yes. Does abroad solve all your problems? NO, it doesn't, but it does solve a lot of problems.

    Do not be afraid to do menial jobs to start with. Nobody dey check status for here. Just remember that it is us Nigerians that call it menial. employment is employment either disability support worker or bank manager.

    While i was working as a disability support worker in Australia, i was making more money than people with titled positions because i was putting in the hours. I was clearing over a 100k AUD per year.

    If you do traditional office jobs, the types sort after by Nigerians that loves titled jobs have their disadvantages. You won't have the opportunity to earn more money.

    E.G You get a job as investment banker you are put on 90K AUD per year. you can't earn more than that, atleast not until you receive your yearly pay rise of like 2k per year.

    But if i am driving forklift or disability support worker, i may be on 60K AUD per year but can work more shifts, put in some weekend shifts and night shifts and i end up clearing 120k for a financial year.

    When you ask Nigerians they will carry nose, dirty job, but is it their dirty job? wisdom is profitable to direct.

    You also want to ask yourself if you are better off living in the big cities or in the regional areas.

    Weigh your options madam.

    I tell everybody that have the means and are not connected high up to relocate if they can.

    I refuse to go begging people before my kids get jobs.
    I refuse to chase lecturers up and down for my kids to get uni admission.
    I refuse to fast and pray before i get a job
    I refuse to fast and pray hard just to travel from Lagos to Ogbomosho.
    I refuse to use multiple padlocks on my door at night just because i don't want to be robbed.
    I refuse to destabilize my mental health with generator noise at nights.

    They are heaps of successful Nigerians abroad, study them to know how they became successful, they won't tell you sey na just God, they will explain to you their process and if you apply same you get result also.

    lastly, prayer they answer faster for obodo oyinbo.

    1. Oga, you be man abeg๐Ÿ‘

    2. Wow!!! Your words are full of wisdom, thanks for sharing this. There's no hope for this country, one should make hay while the sun shine.....

    3. Thank you. Points noted. Poster over to you.


    4. God bless you sir. I've been waiting to read from a well- informed person as I am also considering this route. May God help us all. Oga currently works in the UAE. He's thinking of us relocating to Canada, while he continues working in the UAE until he gets something better in Canada

      I must confess that I am scared because it's a completely new territory for me. He asked me to begin checking on how much we'll need for a family of 5 and also how to go about the IELTS.

      Honestly,I don't actually know where and how to start getting the info to give him.

      I'd appreciate anyone with genuine info to help me out. Thanks in advance.

    5. Thank you!! My vision 2021 is operation japa God help me, hubby and I have set plans in motion, and by God all will go as planned.

    6. You could not have said it better Oga! All you said right here are on point. I relocated to the US with my husband in 2013, we both had a change of career, we put in hard work and by the grace of God we are not where we used to be. Poster, the advice I have for you is to seek the face of God to know if it is in his will for you to relocate, when you get a positive answer, then apply all that this wise man said. Wishing you all the best

    7. Who no know no go know ooo. Here in Australia, forget office job if you want to make good money oo. Cert 4 in disability and you will be grossing over 100k per annum.

  28. What is 550k in this current day in Nigeria, except you live outside Lagos and Abuja.
    Please please move ASAP.
    One is only a major ailment away from poverty in this nonsense place.
    God abeg grant me my request, because 2021 is for japaing, no time.
    For the sake of my children, if nothing else, I'm moving out.

  29. The earth is the Lord's and the fulness thereof - I am a child of God and so I can live anywhere in the world because the land (Canada, Nigeria, Gabon, China etc) belongs to my father.

    Do not fear about what the future holds in any country. The most important thing is a positive attitude and the sky is your starting point. The good thing about living abroad is that you can start again. I have over 15 yrs experience in the financial services industry but I changed career when I moved to Canada. Now, I am an IT professional. I was 38 when we relocated in 2018.

    I tell people that the most difficult phase is the initial phase. When you arrive newly in any country and trying to find a job. Remember, that it is in Nigeria we look at people working in offices as demi gods. Here, there's dignity in labour and any job is great so far you are not stealing.

    I worked as a receptionist for 5 months while training for my new career and before getting a job in that field. Even as a receptionist, I had a brand new car, of cos it is financed. There are so many things to consider, healthcare, education, accessibility to many countries in the world without visa. Most importantly, for me, it is the quality of life.

    In all your struggles to get out of Naija, ensure you are positive, work hard towards getting out and migrating legally to any country of your choice. Best of luck!!!

  30. Some one is earning above 250k and her husband is earning above 350k and some people are saying its not enough to survive in Nigeria?, how about a husband that is earning less than 100k and a wife that has no source of income with two children, you people want us to kill ourselves, right. Hmmm

  31. God please heal this land.... I really want to relocate as well, I have just few months to my graduation and look what asuu is saying, started working as an assistant teacher and learning how to make hair, just tired.

  32. Hello. Hubby and I lived in America, had good jobs as professionals and returned home in 2009. Hubby and our 2 children are American citizens. We love Naija but it is hard. We make an average of 3.5M a month (one salaried and the other a consultant with his own business) but we realize that anything can happen in Naija. I am earning less in Dollars as a top exec in a Naija company than I earned in my first year as an IBanker on Wall Street over 20 years ago because the Naira just keeps falling. Our Naira based assets are devaluing everyday before our eyes. We are in our early 50s and don't want to relocate but we are experiencing a new worry every day about having enough for the rosy retirement we planned. We studied and worked hard and God blessed our efforts. But everyday, we see the country and the crazies who run it conspiring to deprive us of the fruit of our labor!! That is the madenning part. Will our pension be enough after all our planning? Will other assets we have be sufficient? Sustaining our Dollar assets with Naira income is pitiful. Yet we have worked hard and are not dishonest. Also, the insecurity, the bad infrastructure, having to deal with the public service etc is just so much. And, we at least are in a position to buy some comfort. I advise young folks with kids to have a plan and I don't discourage anyone from relocating. For hardworking folks below 35, I say go for it. Please be concerned about the upbringing of the children if you choose to relocate. Some folks who are not working in unison sometimes miss it with the children abroad. You need to be friends of one another in a big way to not regret it with the children's upbringing later on. It is not only the economics that matters. As I said, we don't want to move back to the States but we can if we choose to. If you are in Nigeria, you now need a plan B.

  33. what is the cost for a family of five to relocate to australia

  34. I schooled and lived in England and decided to move back to Nigeria 12 years ago thinking no place like but 2 years ago I moved back to Canada and not regretting it.

  35. This period is the worst time to relocate... I live in the UK, was born here, but left for Naija as a child. I have been back here for almost 20yrs and to be honest with you, if you are not already in the medical or health care profession, just forget the UK. Canada as well, well except you migrate as a student, which is another kettle of fish.
    Millions lost their jobs here, only those in health care and some IT professionals including Bus/coach drivers are secure in their jobs. Give it time, see how this whole pandemic pans out, then try.

    1. Not true, I work in canada, I got a promotion 1 month ago, inside pandemic ohhh!!!CORRECT job ohhh. Please use the canada opportunity if you can, policies change, when I applied cut off was 438 now it is 470 . The earlier the better. In a hurry, I cant type much

  36. If you can emigrate LEGALLY then do so without blinking.
    Legal is filing through the country's immigration program then moving abroad and finding work, not overstaying a tourist visa, not doing quick marriage runs, actual legal immigration, RUN don't walk abroad, do it for your children

  37. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
    If you go canada be ready for the freezing cold.
    If you go US be ready for the racism.
    Bills and taxes are like clock work.
    There is a price to every good quality of life.
    But Nigeria is miles behind Western Countries.

    1. Which racism? It’s all lies, just stay in your lane and mind your business, nobody will be racist towards you. Americans are the friendliest people on earth. I prefer U.S to Canada, because jobs pay higher in U.S than Canada and the weather is better. Take a leap poster God is with you, nothing do you

  38. @Fierce, kindly mail me on so I can send you a link to a Telegram group where you can get information about Express Entry for free.

    1. I migrated to Australia in 2017. Hubby and I were earning about the same with your family. I have years of experience in a medical field. I was very particular about my children's future. I was not okay with the quality of education which was going down the drain. It was also difficult for us to save and prepare for retirement. I have never regretted making that move. I now live peacefully without fear of being attacked by armed robbers. My kids are going to catholic schools with very high standards. My children's future is very m tuch secured. I am working full time,studying full time for another degree. My husband has a very good job and everyone is happy. We moved into our very own house this year, took us less than 3 years .Hubby and I are already making plans for our investment home. Our life has turned to testimony. I made that move with only 750 dollars on me, was hosted by a friend for one month before I got a job. When I look back and see how far we have come, I give God the glory because he has really blessed us. People lost jobs with covid but jobs are still very much available. Another thing, there is nothing like having a very supportive govt, my school fees are subsidised etc. Those that lost there jobs were taken care of by the govt. Australia has been very very good to us. I hope that I have been able to convince you with my story.

  39. I'm a single lady
    also thinking of relocating to canada or US as nothing seem to be working for me here but don't know where to start from or how to get genuine information in order to set my plan in motion.someone should pleas help me out


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