Stella Dimoko CNN Exclusive Report On Lekki Tollgate EndSARS Protests Alleges The Army Killed Unarmed Protesters And Took Their Bodies Away.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

CNN Exclusive Report On Lekki Tollgate EndSARS Protests Alleges The Army Killed Unarmed Protesters And Took Their Bodies Away.

This is an Exclusive report by CNN 

if you want to watch the detailed so HERE

This report confirms real bullets were shot at Lekki tollgate on October 20,2020.
It also confirms the dead bodies were taken away and the Nigerians interviewed says they are still looking for their dead....

You will understand why no one is responding to the government asking for people with dead ones to come forward....Nobody trusts their intentions!..
The report says some people are in hiding and some have left Nigeria...
It also says the Nigerian army lied!

Report is graphic and shows dead bodies of EndSARS protesters.

The report begins....

''Sometime after midnight on October 21, Elisha Sunday Ibanga answered a phone call from his older brother's number.

The person on the other end of the line -- a stranger -- broke the news that Ibanga's brother, Victor, had been shot dead at the Lekki toll gate, in Lagos, Nigeria, where he had been peacefully protesting against police brutality earlier that night.

"The person told me that the police took his body away," Ibanga, 24, told CNN.
An eyewitness to Victor Sunday Ibanga's death told CNN the 27-year-old entrepreneur was shot in the head during the protest.

CNN has obtained and geolocated a photograph of Victor's body lying in a pool of blood and wrapped in the white and green of the Nigerian standard -- one of the same flags gripped by fellow protesters earlier in the evening as they sang the country's national anthem. Ibanga confirmed the photograph is of his brother.

The Ibangas are one of several families yet to locate the bodies of their missing loved ones -- protestors at the toll gate -- who dozens of eyewitnesses say were shot at, first by members of the Nigerian army and then hours later by police. Eyewitnesses told CNN they saw the army remove a number of bodies from the scene.

What happened on October 20, and into the early hours of October 21, at the eight-lane Lekki toll gate -- a key piece of Lagos' road network -- has stunned the country.

The protesters who were present have told CNN it was a "massacre" with multiple people killed and dozens wounded. But local authorities have downplayed that account.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, admitted to CNN that footage showed uniformed soldiers firing on peaceful protesters but claimed only two demonstrators were killed. But, he then said there was "not a scratch of blood" at the toll gate when he visited. The governor said no families had approached authorities saying they were missing relatives.

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the army denied any involvement, describing reports of the incident as "fake news," before backtracking and saying that soldiers were present but fired their weapons in the air and used blanks, not live rounds.

CNN's calls to the Nigerian army have not been returned. But on November 14, during a judicial inquiry into the shooting, army representative Brigadier Ahmed Taiwo said, "There's no way officers and men will kill their brothers and sisters. I repeat no way. We have those who constantly seek to drive a wedge between us and between the citizens of Nigeria..."

The army also said at the hearing that it was the governor who called soldiers to the scene because the police were overrun. The governor has denied this, saying he does not have the authority to call in the army. The army has continued to restate that they did not fire live rounds.

But an investigation by CNN into the disputed events has cast doubt on authorities' shifting and changing statements.

Evidence of bullet casings from the scene match those used by the Nigerian army when shooting live rounds, according to current and former Nigerian military officials. Verified video footage -- using timestamps and data from the video files -- shows soldiers who appear to be shooting in the direction of protesters. And accounts from eyewitnesses establish that after the army withdrew, a second round of shooting happened later in the evening.

Since Elisha Sunday Ibanga learned of his brother's death, he has been visiting hospitals in a desperate search for his remains.

"My mother, my sisters, all my family are in prayer, just to see if we can find out and know where my brother's dead body is," he said.
The bodies of other protesters are nowhere to be found.
Peace Okon, 24, hasn't seen her younger brother Wisdom, 18, since he went to the protest the night of the shooting.

"He just came back from work on that Tuesday, ate his food and went there," Okon told CNN.
She started worrying when he didn't arrive home that night. By the next morning, Okon was out searching for him. "I've gone to hospitals, I've gone to police stations, I've gone to everywhere. I can't find him," she said.

Her brother had only moved to Lagos a few weeks before the protest -- Okon had helped him find a job as a cleaner at a bank. She says he didn't know anyone at the protest and had never been to one before.
Okon said she wants the Nigerian authorities to tell her if her brother is alive and detained or dead.

The shootings at Lekki toll gate followed weeks of "#EndSARS" protests against police brutality that had burst onto the streets of cities across Nigeria.

For almost a fortnight, thousands of young Nigerians mostly under 30 -- a demographic that makes up 40% of the country's population -- protested, with calls for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a police unit widely and repeatedly accused of kidnapping, harassment and extortion.

Police had agreed to disband the controversial unit but protests continued. It would be the fourth time it was being disbanded.

There were peaceful marches, candlelight vigils, multi-faith prayer sessions and DJ performances that attracted backing and solidarity from celebrities, the Nigerian diaspora and supporters around the world. The movement quickly widened beyond police brutality to other grievances -- capturing the frustrations of a young population demanding an end to bad governance in the oil-rich country.

Lekki, a relatively affluent suburb of Lagos, and the toll gate became a focal point of the movement.
However, about 10 days into the protests, the demonstrations were hijacked by "thugs and sponsored hoodlums" who attacked protesters, causing deaths and injuries, according to Amnesty International Nigeria.

In response, on October 20, hours before the shooting, Governor Sanwo-Olu imposed a strict curfew starting at 4 p.m. following looting and vandalism in other parts of the state.

It was later moved to 9 p.m. to allow commuters to get home. The timeline for when the curfew was imposed has become a point of contention between the Governor and the military. The army said their soldiers were unaware of the change to the later time, according to the army spokesperson's testimony to the eight-person judicial panel on November 14.

For 24 hours, only essential service providers were to be allowed on the streets of the 20-million strong city.

Demonstrators protest police brutality at the Lekki toll gate on October 20.
Testimony from dozens of eyewitnesses and family members interviewed by CNN and a forensic examination of hours of video and dozens of photographs captured before, during and after the two shooting incidents show how a fledgling protest movement was all but extinguished by the very thing Nigerians were demonstrating against.

Less than three hours after the original curfew time came into effect, army trucks left the Bonny Camp barracks on Victoria Island and headed towards the toll gate plaza and the protesters, according to videos reviewed by CNN.

Two eyewitnesses told CNN they saw soldiers arriving in a Toyota Hilux pickup truck with "OP Awatse" written on it -- the name of a joint military task force that operates in Lagos State.

Videos examined by CNN show the army trucks approaching the protesters from both sides of the toll gate -- barricading them in.
DJ Switch, a local musician whose real name is Obianuju Catherine Udeh, was streaming live on Instagram when it all happened and the shooting began.
The shooting started almost immediately, with no warning given. Panic ensued as protesters attempted to flee.

"Please explain to me how, in which part of the world, do you go to a protest with live bullets."DJ Switch
"There was a guy that was running, and he just... he fell, and we looked at him. He was shot in the back," DJ Switch, 29, told CNN, as she tried to talk during an interview while crying.
"Please explain to me how, in which part of the world, do you go to a protest with live bullets," she said.

From multiple videos, CNN has pieced together a timeline that shows that shooting by the army lasted from 6:43 p.m. until at least 8:24 p.m., according to video evidence.

The videos capturing some of those 101 minutes tell a story of terror and chaos. They show graphic injuries and people bleeding on the ground.
One eyewitness, Sarah, whose last name we're not publishing for her safety, told CNN that the soldiers shot in the air but also directly at protesters.

"They pointed their guns at us and they started shooting," she said. "They were shooting in the air, they were shooting at us, they were shooting everywhere."
Some chanted: "We are peaceful protesters" and "End Sars, we no go gree [pidgin for we will not agree, or give in]."

"They're shooting, they're shooting," another person screams in one of the videos. Cries of "Na lie, na lie [exclamations of disbelief in pidgin]" can also be heard.
In several of the videos, reviewed and verified by CNN, some of the protesters can be seen carrying bodies, the flashlights on their phones the only thing illuminating the darkness as the sound of ambulance sirens wail in the background. It is not known whether these were dead or injured protesters.

In another, there are several injured people, some on the ground bleeding while defiant protesters continued to wave Nigerian flags.
Injured people whom CNN has confirmed were present at the toll gate started arriving in local hospitals -- carried by civilians -- from 7:19 p.m. while the shooting was still ongoing, according to videos analyzed by CNN.

One of the protesters, Mathew, pictured, says he was injured when the army opened fire at Lekki toll gate. Using metadata, CNN geolocated the image to the protest location at 6:50 pm.

CNN has also seen and verified footage from one man who used his car as a makeshift ambulance and transported people to hospital.
Separately, Dr. Ayo Aranmolate, executive medical director at Grandville medical center, told CNN he and his colleagues received around 15 injured people that night with various gunshot wounds and cuts. None of the people they treated died, he added.

"We referred some for treatment to other hospitals," Dr. Aranmolate said. "One of the victims had to have his leg amputated."
The army has denied that anyone was taken to hospital with gunshot wounds, and that they only shot into the air.

Speaking in front of the judicial panel, the army spokesman Brigadier Ahmed Taiwo continued to deny that anyone was shot.
Multiple eyewitnesses told CNN that ambulances were prevented from reaching the scene by the authorities.

A video filmed at 8:49 p.m., according to metadata, shows ambulance workers in a van at the scene saying they are unable to get through.

When contacted by CNN to share the findings of this investigation, a Lagos State government spokesman declined to comment. "Talking about that subject now will be sub-judicial since the matter is already before a panel of inquiry. Until the panel concludes its investigation, the subject will not be open to any discussion or comment by any State official," the spokesperson said.

Members of the judicial panel visit the Lekki toll gate on October 30.

DJ Switch said she wanted people to see what was happening which is why she started broadcasting.
"I didn't want anybody to come on and twist the story. I wanted people to see. So, I just went live."
At one point during the broadcast, there were attempts to resuscitate a man in red clothing who had passed out.
Later, DJ Switch can be seen helping to extract a bullet lodged in another man's thigh as he screams in agony. Someone in the crowd says, "you will live, you will not die."

As the live broadcast ends, people are still trying to apply CPR on the man in red, while DJ Switch can be heard saying, "this guy is dying."
DJ Switch told CNN that protesters lifted bodies with bullet wounds and put them at the soldiers' feet.

"I said, why are you killing us? Why are you doing this," she said. "He expressly told me: 'I am acting on orders from above.'"
CNN has examined bullet casings found at the scene and confirmed with current and former Nigerian military sources that the bullet casings match those used by the army. Two ballistics experts have also confirmed with CNN that the shape of the bullet casings indicate they used live rounds, which contradicts the army's claim they fired blanks.

CNN has verified that bullets fired at Lekki toll gate are from live ammunition. This one was manufactured in Serbia in 2005, and is currently in use by the Nigerian army.
And working with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, CNN has established that several of the bullets from the Lekki toll gate originated from Serbia. Export documents CNN has seen show that Nigeria purchased weaponry from Serbia almost every year between 2005 and 2016.
After the army withdrew from the scene, members of the police, including the SARS police unit -- disbanded by authorities on 11 October -- moved in, according to multiple eyewitnesses CNN spoke with.
In a video obtained by CNN and geolocated to Lekki toll gate at 2:36 a.m., one eyewitness, Legend, whose second name we're not publishing for his safety, can be seen with the Nigerian flag around his head saying, " hand is broken, my leg is broken, and police are still shooting at us."

"I couldn't count how many dead because I was running for my life."Legend
"They are shooting anything that moves outside...Stay safe through the night. And if I don't make it through the night let it be known that I died fighting for our freedom, for what we believe in."
Legend, who survived, told CNN his father was a police officer and that he recognized the SARS uniform. About 200 protesters remained at the toll gate when witnesses say police and SARS arrived, he added.
"I couldn't count how many dead because I was running for my life," Legend said. "If I stood my ground five more seconds, I would be dead."
While CNN has not been able to independently verify that SARS members were present, multiple eyewitnesses said they saw police officers, accompanied by officers from the unit, at the scene after the army left.

A Lagos State police spokesman declined to comment because of the ongoing panel investigation. But police have denied any use of force against protesters on Twitter, saying, "....our police officers never resorted to use of unlawful force or shooting at the protesters."
The widespread looting and damage that occurred across Lagos in the aftermath of the Lekki toll gate shooting has led to the authorities clamping down on people who took part in the protests.

Workers clean up the Lekki toll gate on October 24.
Many feel they are being scapegoated for taking part in peaceful protests -- wrongly blamed for the looting -- and fear has descended on the movement since the shooting.

Moe Odele, a prominent lawyer who was giving legal advice to demonstrators arrested during the protests, says she was recently prevented from leaving the country after her passport was seized. Odele told CNN that her passport has since been returned.

The country's central bank has obtained a 90-day court order freezing the accounts of those who took part in the demonstrations, according to media reports, while a journalist who covered the protests was arrested and detained for five days before being freed on bail.

Several eyewitnesses have fled the country, while others are living in safe houses. Some told CNN they were offered money to recant their initial testimonies.
CNN has seen some of the messages received, though it is unclear who is sending them.

"We're hiding because our lives are in danger," an eyewitness named Sarah told CNN. "We can't go out, our jobs are on hold right now, and it's really sad because we did nothing wrong."

"All we did was ask for change."



  1. I lack words 😭😭😭😭

    1. Stella please, I need someone to tell me all will be well and the truth shall prevail.

      My heart ache of that day just reopened as I dare to hope that CCN's report will go a long way.😭😭😭

    2. If that animal called Eesah shld come here to type anything insensitive i will personally curse his out.
      I know someone whose relative up till now they cant find him. This boy is just 18. He left the house which isnt far from toll-gate to join d protest, till now not found anywhere, hospital nor morgue.

    3. Thank you CNN, for revealing this blatant truth!! You just gave me hope that the ICC may do something, eventually.

    4. I watched the report this morning. I'm truly ashamed of the government. Sanwolu should just resign immediately and also jubril should step down as the president. What a shame. You would see the military driving to the scene and when fire was opened on the protesters. Before they say it's photoshop again. Poor excuse of a government.


  2. It will never be well with APC government. Those that keep saying nobody died, it will never be well with them AMEN

    1. This is pure investigative journalism not like channels tv that's the media arm of the govt. Kudos to CNN for exposing the lies of the Nigeria army and APC govt under buhari

  3. "All we did was ask for change."
    My heart bleed so heavy seeing how innocent Nigerians holding the Nigerian flag, a symbol of it sovereignty, singing it national anthem were killed.

    Where did we go wrong? Who did we offend? I hate everything Nigeria at this time and wish I was born in a saner cline. Good I am beginning to hustle hard at this time in order to either leave this country or have my wife birth our kids overseas. I can't pass through this mess and allow my kids experience the same.

    It will never be well with all who have hands in the killing of the peaceful protesters. Having confirmed the Army did killed youths protesting for a good governance, I hope the ICC will prosecute the perpetrators of this heinous act. They will surely die a miserable death along side anyone defending them.

  4. Babajide Sanwo-Olu how do you sleep at night? This is what we call investigative journalism,NBC can't sanction them neither can you threaten them. CNN thank you oo

    1. It shall NEVER be well with that man called Sanwo-olu. Him and Oshibanjo have sold dere souls and conscience bcos of politics.

    2. Adamu Garba enroute to court to sue CNN for $1Millionpoundnaira for fake news.

    3. Adamu Garba is wasting his time, this is real journalism

  5. After watching this report by CNN, I wonder what Nigerian army will say about this report.

    1. It was doctored, born liars.

    2. They will simply say it's photoshop now as usual.

    3. They can't say anything, the lies they have been telling has caught up with them

  6. is well. We will never forget.

  7. what a read! any way Nigerians already know the authorities are lying so this is to make it clearer. How can people be shot at directly and you say no one died ?

  8. So after reading this gory piece I'm heartbroken. Stella I know this is your blog and you have a right to enable any comment but please can you not enable any comment gloating over this Lekki shooting? Especially BV Eesah's comment. I'm sorry if I'm passing my boundary but seeing such comments makes me really really depress and I'm very sure I'm not the only one. Thank in advance. Nigeria is a zoo

    1. You arent passing your boundary dear.
      He is down there showing what he is truly made of.
      Funny enough people like him are cowards in real life. Even if buhari stands in his presence today, he'd be tongue tied, not cause he is star struck, but bc he's dsnt really have anything intellectual to say asides 'well done sir'.

  9. Hmmmm...breeze don blow, fowl yansh don open. See all the back and forth from the government to Police and military authorities. God dey

  10. The naked truth has been exposed!!!

  11. ALL THIS IS NOT EEVEN NECESSARY. WE KNOW WHAT THEY DID EVRYBODY KNOWS. THEY KNOW TOO. THE PROBLEM IS All the evidence in the world cannot brig them to book. SO SAD.

  12. You see a group of young people gathered and you have the mind to shoot at them? It is disheartening to see even goats and pigs being shot at not to talk of human beings. Nigerian government don't understand dialogue. This is sad for a democratic setting. If the government had said things the young people wanted to hear and immediately use tactics to calm the situation down, it wouldn't have degenerated to that level. The youths expected the president to come live often to address the country and assure the youths something will be done but no all we ever have is a recorded broadcast after things already go bad.

    We are deceiving ourselves if we think we are in a democracy when the only language the government understands is force and fire

  13. This is the truth that will kill people.
    Quote and unquote

  14. 1. Why is CNN not using the word MASSACRE?
    2. Why are they not using the pictures by the celebrities that led to the burning of Lagos?πŸ‘‡
    3. Why is CNN not reporting Oyigbo?

    You can’t use lies to prove truth. If it was true, you don’t need lies. People like us who only stand by the truth don’t take instructions from Twitter mobs, EndSARS hoodlums and IPOB terrorists.

    Was there a massacre at Lekki, no prove yet, not even one single real proof, but if you think CNN has the evidence, they should pls take it to the Panel of Inquiry and we will see it. We are not interested in Blackmail, we need the truth, the hard facts. Not allegations of a Massacre with them say them say reportage from the likes of CNN.

    BTW, All l need to know about CNN has been said by the US President.

    1. Everything bad that looks good to you shall forever get stuck with you. Wicked soul eesah werey

    2. Uncle so sorry to say this, these your analysis you just wrote is baseless.
      Panel of inquiry that is still lead by this same government, i don't trust this panel at all because positive answers won't come out from it. I hope you remembered the oputa panel????

    3. Look at him government houseboy! When they finish paying you I hope you won't come here to beg for money!

    4. Easah you will die a miserable death

    5. Abeggi...Keep quiet! Senseless human being!!! Despite the glaring evidence, you chose to be blind. May people be blind to all your predicament. Amen!

    6. Even after reading and watching this video, you Eesah mr nobody has refuse to admit that people lost their love ones, Nigeria was unfair to their citizens who was just asking for a good governance. Today I wish you all what we as a citizen and the decease's family are passing through.

      You and your family will be suffering and everyone around you will assume you are very fine. I send all our pains and denials to you. Did you even know what it is to loose a love one? Instead of being human and be quiet if you dont feel our pain, you decided to add to our misery by commenting without sympathy. 600years of suffering to you.

    7. See how this one is just gathering curse on top his generation.

    8. @Eesah, if you see the truth will you recognize it? And you are not ashamed to show your face in this blog. Now I understand when a man's heart has been seared with iron. He really doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. That's what indoctrination does. Because PMB is about your brother you can't see the wrong.

      With humans like you, it will be hard to have a peaceful Nigeria.

      May you experience what does who have lost loved ones have suffered.

      I don't want to curse or insult you. I see you are cursed already. So no need.

  15. FRIDAY 20.11.2020 will be one month of telling a MASSACRE lie without no bodies and bereaved in LAGOS and covering up true MASSACRE in Rivers and attack on Muslims in SE.

    Anyone who is hungry to see MASSACRE should go to Rivers and Anambra states and you'll see real Massacre. Why aren't CNN doing their stupid investigations reports there? One call from Atiku and they'll publish this nonsense

    1. Shameless person like you!! You had to go so low and tribalistic..Shame on you and you are so delusional..Shame shame shame on you!!

    2. Son of a NOBODY!!!!

      Leave Atiku out of your demented hunger inspired rants and face your damned life!

    3. Look at this empty barrel, they should come to Rivers State and see what?

      And see that you Muslims have been trying to take OVER THE STATE AND Mr Wike is nicely applying the brakes.

      How many Christians can do half of what you do In your so-called states? Yet you come to the south and you want to take over. It's your way, once you are given a chance you believe you are better than even the owners of the land. Who can behave like this IN katsina, Kano, or Sokoto. Pls don't let me hold you by the jugular. Anyway, I know what is driving you. I will not be lured to roll in the mud with you. What drives you and your lot is a bad spirit. And we know.
      Are the Bokoharam not your brothers, can you say how many Christians and churches have been burnt?

      What about your fulani brothers sacking villages and killing indiscriminately. How many have been arrested and tried?

      Eesah pls shut up your mouth. May the judgement of God fall on those who support all forms of wickedness in this country on them and their loved ones.


  16. Stella abeg free my comments o. We all have rights and freedom of expression on this issue

    It doesn't matter the pot from which a LIE is cooked, it can't become the TRUTH.

    1. Everything evil that happened that day shall be your portion by God's grace, so that you shall continue to have proofs

    2. Amen!!!! Good prayer Ciao.


  17. Nigerian Army/Govt, cover your face in shame. If you have faced BH with this same force and vigor they would not have become the monster they are now. BH on one side, Fulani herdsmen on one side una not fit defeat but can face citizen wey no carry arm. All the innocent blood will hunt you all and unfortunately your children will share out of it.

  18. Conspiracy of denial from the Army, and government.

    Thank goodness the facts ( overwhelming evidence, videos) speaks for itself.

    You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time.
    The actors, producers and directors of this massacre, heaven is watching.

    May all those we lost their lives, injured persons, properties and means of livelihood please be consoled.

  19. I can ever support a lie over truth. They so wished to see dead bodies but there can be no dead bodies when nobody died! No single dead bodies from all the live vidoes made that day.


    If CNN, IPOB terrorists and EndSARS hoodlums want to dispute, they should go present facts at the panel then we will know they are saying the truth

    1. I used to get annoyed at your comments but today, I realise that you're not okay upstairs. You need to see a shrink, you are mentally ill. For real for real

    2. Someone that is raving mad. The only thing remaining is for him to start picking nylon on the streets

    3. YOU'RE EVIL @ Eesah.. Pure undiluted evil that shouldn't even live amongst wild animals in the forest talk more of humans..
      Heartless being

    4. Why are you asking for their dead bodies? So you can eat them right when you see them abi..Are you now a cannibal..





    6. Not today satan
      Not today !!
      No not today!!!!

    7. You are delusional. Skoin Skoin at work. Very obvious. Chei!. Who gave birth to this one. Oma se.


  20. Someone sitting at the comfort of his house now,will come and say this is all lies. Tufia.

    The truth shall prevail,sanwolu and Buhari can keep lieing to themselves.

  21. And they're still lying about it. I feel so sad for the families that don't even know where their loved ones are. It will never ever be well with those animals wearing uniforms, and the govt.

  22. Who send me to open this post o?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. My dear don't cry but smile!! Because the truth is been unveiled!! And they will suffer for what they did..

    2. As in.. I have goosebumps all over my body just from reading and imagining the events that went down that day and the fear in their hearts

  23. The army didi the same thing to the Shiites in Kaduna, killed and buried many people in mass graves. They need to investigate all these crimes

    1. This is detailed enough for anyone to believe. The government is behind the massacre. God should just remove all bad leaders whether by death or sickness in Nigeria

  24. I have no words, this is just sad

  25. I hope those denying this incidence in this blog are reading this. I weep for my country, her citizens.


  26. Let the whole world beam its searchlights on Buhari and his Fulani cohorts.

  27. I just the CNN exclusive video now and it's very laughable. It did not show anything new from the fake videos & narratives been peddled by the sponsors, promoters of EndSars & all the enemies of Nigeria within & outside since almost a month now”. And if the is anything to go bye, they ended up reducing the casualty figure in the "MASSACRE" to ONE. Such a shame


    2. Shame,shame on you!!! Gerratahia mehn! You can only come here and shout. Bloody worm

  28. EndSARS sponsors are very heartless. They are doing all they can to justify the killings and destruction of properties that took place after the fake news but God won't let them go free. Nemesis shall catch up with all of them. All the people who sponsored the news of LekkiLies which led to the killings of hundreds of Nigerians and destruction of trillions worth of properties,they shall all pay for it

    I don commot for here

    1. You are still calling God. I pray HE answers you with the very punishment you deserve, for calling HIM blindfolded spiritually.

    2. You guys really need to stop replying this dimwit! He thrives on the negativity, he enjoys the insults. It just tells you, the kind of sick person, you're dealing with. Trust me when I say he and the rest of his family are wallowing in poverty
      APC nor Buhari know he exists. He just likes to be seen as somebody who is not following the bandwagon. He is just as poor as the average tout. Ignore him people, he will go away on his own, he is an insignificant ass hair.

  29. we need to keep refreshing this story because the orchestrators of this massacre are believing that people will forget and the world will move on... let's not let that happen.

  30. I don't have anything to say, but what goes round comes round. There is no way they would escape God's wrath.

  31. Stella where is my comment to essah? This is not time to censor comments abeg. He is being insensitive here,he therefore deserves any negative thing said to him. Alainironu omo.

  32. Advincii come and carry your convulsive brother Essah

  33. Stella, why are you approving some people's comments to Eesah and not approving others. That's not fair.


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