Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 296


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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Labour Room Drama 296

Oh Dear..............

Hi Stella,

I gave birth to my first child 2 months ago and I had a deep cut.

Well this is how it starts, I found out I was pregnant, the next month after I got married, it’s just me and hubby over here, so we shopped online for all baby stuffs because of the pandemic. 

My first trimester I had no appetite and I lost weight, no one could tell I was pregnant except for close friends we told. 

I started my prenatal at approximately 3.5mths, I was so scared to go to the hospital because of the pandemic, in the second trimester I discovered I had fibroid and I had fibroid degeneration, Stella that shit is so painful I cried for two days, hubby was just consoling me.

 It feels like your insides are being twisted, the pain was too much. After two days it subsided, within those two days I was admitted at the hospital and was given drips. Then in my final trimester everything went smoothly and got back my appetite, I ordered food everyday, I craved Nigerian local dishes like gbegiri and ewedu. 

My hubby had to travel for active duty when I was 8 months pregnant. 

I went for my appointment regularly and I did comprehensive test again at 37 weeks. The result came out and no one from the hospital called. I had high blood sugar, actually when I got the result I didn’t read meaning into it, I did a lot of tests and I figured if there was anything, I would get a call from the hospital, but since I didn’t get any call, I thought it wasn’t that serious.

 At week 39, I went for my appointment and I just decided to show my doctor the result and asked if she could interpret it. When she saw the result for the blood sugar she said it was a little above average and asked to go to labour and delivery.

I didn’t pack anything from home, I wasn’t prepared for it. I went to labour and delivery, and was admitted from there. I had a family friend around, and called her to help me get the key to the house and directed her to pack my stuffs. 

Mind you my husband was at basic training, so he didn’t have access to his phone till the Sunday, I got admitted to the hospital on Friday, they induced me for two days and broke my water afterwards.

 I asked for epidural, and when it was time to push I tried and tried till I was tired and screaming for help when the doctor said I wasn’t pushing enough. I asked him “ what do you want me to do, help meeeeeeee” the doctor cut me and I tried pushing again, they will count 1 to 10, and I had to push before taking my next breathe. I called hubby’s name lool, I was frustrated bcos it felt like I wasn’t pushing but I actually was. 

I pushed again and they started saying they could see the baby's head, this gave me more morale. I pushed again and the baby came out, my beautiful daughter was born 6 pounds. It was a beautiful moment I will forever cherish.

Guys this is where it gets deep, I had a 3rd degree tear, Oh my Goodness that shii painful as hell . The cut was oozing blood and was deep, I couldn’t sit for long I had to get a pillow sitter, I couldn’t sit on anything too low and to crown it Stella my stitches came apart 5 days later..

 I went to the doctor to check myself cos I didn’t understand the pain I was going through and I knew something was wrong. When the doctor checked me, he had to call another colleague to come check it, they both used a speculum to check me, that shii painful, I cried ehn, the pain was too much.

 They wheeled me to ER immediately and scheduled me for an operation to get it stitched again. Guys I didn’t know after getting stitches you had to rest, I was climbing up and down the stairs entertaining visitors, my neighbor who was a nurse advised me to stop entertaining people and rest but I didn’t listen, I thought I was superwoman Lool.

 Anyways this time around after I got my stitches done again I made sure to be comfortable and not to climb up and down the stairs.. I bought anything that could help me be comfortable, I bought a docatat for the baby so she could sleep next to me and I won’t have to stand up and down to put her in her bassinet.

 I arranged all her stuffs around me to help with easy access. It took me about 2 months plus to heal. I add different color of discharge, I have been to two different hospitals, and I was taking stool softeners, and was on two different types of antibiotics back to back. 

Nobody tells you about postpartum...

  I reacted to an antibiotic and had to call 911, or was like my enemy was going to die. I couldn’t breath, my chest was so heavy and I felt I was going to faint.

The recovery process was so intense, I cried so much. I wanted to be strong for my baby, I also wanted to breastfeed exclusively, but couldn’t the pain was too much. I started using probiotics to get back the good bacterias in my system, vitamin c, b complex to help heal. 

I’m in a much better place now, but it was a traumatic experience. Anytime a doctor wants to check that area I start shaking and crying Lool. 

I’m able to walk properly now, I’ve lost 20 pounds from all the pain I endured, and I feel little to no pain . Hubby is back now and I’m so excited to start my little family. My baby is so beautiful and so calm. She didn’t give me any wahala at all, so I was able to focus on my injury.

The end

I had serious goosebumps reading your story and imagining the degree of injury you sustained trying to birth your child....Congratulations,soon you wont remember anything about the pain when una resume


  1. Hian.😳
    Congratulations o

  2. God bless you and your family in Jesus name. Mothers are priceless jewels. kiss your baby for me.
    I don't know why USA's healthcare is not the best.

    1. Did she mention USA? So one experience made you conclude USA healthcare is bad? Are you listening to yourself? We have one of the best healthcare’s here periodt!

    2. Lol. Honestly when I got to the part that no one called to tell her that her results were bad, my mind just told me"na Amelika be this". Blacks are endangered species in the healthcare system. Check the stats . Its there

    3. Can she not follow up?? Why was she waiting for them? This is her life and her baby for goodness sake. Had the same high blood sugar and was immediately referred to a dr that handles that. Was placed on insulin due to gestational diabetes. Or maybe hers wasn’t so high. Regardless, Anon 14:14 can’t jump into conclusion about all healthcares are bad in the US. Naija folks come here all the time to give birth. No healthcare is 100% but common now. Thank God for safe delivery poster.

    4. At least we know we can't compare to Naija own.

  3. I can relate to the fibroid pain. It was worse than labour pain for me and lasted for weeks.

    I had goose bumps too reading about your tear. Labour and delivery is not easy at all.

    I thought I would easily forget all the trauma but I haven't.

    3yrs later I m still terrified at the memories, I had vagina lacerations, then got stitches, the pain was out of this world even tho I got anaesthetic before the stitches.
    The experience is too barbaric.

  4. Wow! Congratulations Madam, you have been through it all.

    Funny enough, I had no idea what fibroids degeneration was, until I suffered severe pains at 22wks and was admitted for 2days... that pain was so bad I thought I had gone into preterm labour, but to God be the glory, it's not so bad anymore.

  5. Congratulations my dear. May God bless you, your beautiful baby and family. May she be a blessing to you.

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. Sorry dear.

  7. Congrats new mum. Thank God you scaled through.

  8. Congratulations on your bundle of joy......

  9. So dear..
    Congratulations. May God bless and keep the new born.

  10. Congratulation.

    Things women go through in the labour room, I hate the aspect of when you are being check and recheck. Thank God you heal fast.

  11. Congratulations and thank God for his healing upon you.

    Stella, did you say when they resume duty😂😂😂😂 they may resumed already o it's part of healing process 🏃🏃🏃

    1. Madame koinkoin A.K.A "PeaceMaker "24 November 2020 at 16:45

      hahahahahqhqha Stella comment off me, Congratulations poster May God bless your family and More fruitful years ahead.(Amen)

  12. Mothers are priceless! Sorry about all you went through. Thank God it ended in praise.

    1. Father's got price tag Abi ?????Congratulations ma'am ..

  13. Wow! Congratulations poster on your bundle of joy 😍

    My body was shaking while reading your story... May God bless all mothers. Amen

  14. The fear of having a nasty tear almost made me crazy during my pregnancy. I had none at the end of the day, but I can relate to the fibroid thing. Couldn't walk straight for 3days, and I was so worried about my baby. I had so much anxiety throughout the pregnancy, but when the D-Day arrived, it was the easiest thing ever (the beauty of epidural) slept like a baby and pushed so easy. Fear is a terrible emotion to harbour during pregnancy. May your lovely family always experience joy and good health, and congratulations on your amazing bundle of happiness.

  15. Congratulations on your bundle of joy.

  16. Congratulations to you and your baby. Thank God for a safe delivery.

  17. Ewo this made me feel somehow in my body.. you really tried, I thank God for you

  18. The fear of vagina tear gives me goosebumps. Congratulations

  19. Wow!
    Such an intense story, I was holding my breath!
    So happy that it ended in praise.
    Congratulations and 😘😘 to baby.

    1. My heart was just doing kom kom kom while reading. Thanking God for your recovery poster and congratulations.

  20. So many lessons here. Madam please I beg you if you decide to have more children, GO FOR AN ELECTIVE CAESAREAN!! Yes I am shouting. Also, when your test results look abnormal, do not hesitate and make a huge fuss. If you are in the US you may have a case for malpractice. Also, all this entertaining visitors when you had just given birth. Really??? I thank God you are well and your baby is hale and hearty but please don't put yourself through all that again.

  21. Congratulations dear it's not easy..may she bring u and ur family joy


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