Stella Dimoko Married Man Reportedly Set Himself And Side Chic Ablaze Because She Turned Down His Marriage Proposal +Side Chic Also Dies


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Monday, November 16, 2020

Married Man Reportedly Set Himself And Side Chic Ablaze Because She Turned Down His Marriage Proposal +Side Chic Also Dies

A married man, and an indigene of Benue State whose name is revealed as Nicodemus Nomyange, has burnt himself and his side babe alive at her apartment.

 According to the report, the man took the dreadful decision after his marriage proposal was rejected on several occasions by his long time girlfriend, Shininenge Pam.

Pam had had reportedly refused to accept Nomyange’s proposal because he is married and insisted that she would prefer to marry a single man.

The 40-year-old man reportedly visited Pam’s residence during the weekend, locked her including himself in the room and went on to set it on fire and all efforts by neighbours to rescue the two of them were fruitless as the door was firmly locked.

The incident happened on Saturday evening, November 14 in Inikpi community of Benue state.

It was confirmed that the jilted lover, Nomyange died in the fire while Pam died a few moments later while on her way to the hospital. The dreadful event has been confirmed by Benue Police spokesperson, Kate Anene

 Naija News reports.


  1. May they get married in hell.
    What a wicked world we live in.

  2. You prefer to date a single man, but spent so long with a very married man.

    Foolish husband.
    The wife has my sympathies.

    1. Wicked man .
      He didn't even consider his wife and children.
      Silly girl , she didn't want to marry a married man but was dating him , if she was anti polygamy why engage in such relationship?
      May the wife find strength to move on speedily .

    2. Asked that question myself Choco. Poor wife

  3. So this man forgot he had a wife and probably kids at home and preferred to take this route? Hmmmm.

  4. You want to be side hen. But you don't want to marry . You wan to eat your cake n have it. Sometimes when you jaze them . Be ready for the outcome.

  5. Waawu!!!
    Who confirmed this story?
    The DEAD "married" man or the DEAD "side chick"?
    Was there a 'suicide' or 'homicide' note?🤷‍♀️
    There is more to this mahn..
    Naija wey no dey kuku investigate or do autopsy.. Person die, fiam!!!.. Dem Don talk wetin dey 'assume' kill the person.
    Ka ọ dịkwa ka a na eme.

    1. Over wisdom no go kee you o, my sister.

    2. Pam gav up on her way to the hospital,there in lies the answer to your ajuju. She might have told those that tried rescuing her.

  6. Saw this on another blog and I’m appalled by how people analyze situations, so before you start throwing stones and dragging side chics and what not remember Being burnt to death shouldn’t be a punishment for rejection regardless of the situation.

  7. The Devil will gladly officiate their wedding for them in HELL..

  8. What a pity.
    Any married man that is coming to date you can kill. Yes, if he is able to
    do that to his wife whom he claims to love, why won't he kill a "strange" woman
    who is opening her vj for him? ��������

  9. If the married man isn't good to be "married," why date him?

  10. Pam only went for the money,why didn't the foolish man get the memo? Alakoba oshi.

  11. Chaaaaaai!!!

    My condolences to the wife..

  12. Mumu hoseband/leakbrain. What a pity.

  13. Another angle is maybe someone did it, fled d scene and neighbours couldn't access the apartment due to lack of fire extinguishers and all sorts, so we cant verify if d door was locked from inside or outside. A disgruntled single boyfriend or a scorned wife?

    Anyways...if he actually burned himself, I hope he left enough money for his wife to flex...foolish married man and an equally foolish side roasted chicken.

    1. Hmm another angle that needs to be thoroughly could be a disgruntled single boyfriend

  14. Side Chick can date a married man but cannot marry him?

  15. Like I said in the First Post

    1 Down!!!
    Many Mor To GO.
    # Say No to Married Man.

    Evil Path.

    They are Deadly.
    They know You are WITH Them for the Money so They are extremely Possessive.
    I am Single and Until I get My Bone of My Bone, I am free like the Air

  16. Normal story for side chicks. Date married men, marry a single guy. YOU CANNOT EAT YOUR CAKE AND HAVE IT

  17. I pity the wife and kids. Losing a husband and father in such circumstances.
    If it's true what the man did then I bet you he's a psycho.

  18. Who am I to judge the man and his side chick when I am not God who died on the cross of calvary for their sins?

    I leave everything to the perfect God who sees all heart to judge them faithfully.

    My their soul rest in peace

  19. I don't understand this comments. Is the side chick suppose to expect marriage? Especially when majority of married women are ready to die in that marriage. Una sef.

    1. we dont understand your english


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