Stella Dimoko Minister Of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi Says Those Who Destroyed Public Property Must Face The Law


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Monday, November 23, 2020

Minister Of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi Says Those Who Destroyed Public Property Must Face The Law

Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has condemned the destructions that followed the peaceful End SARS protest in October.
he said the perpetrators must face the law.

“If we don’t punish those who caused these damages, others may do it again,” he said on Sunday.

Amaechi spoke during an assessment of the damages at the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) headquarters in Lagos..

“This is completely disastrous. It is not enough to vent your anger about police brutality in this manner. How does damaging government property concern the police? Whether you like it or not, this will be refurbished or rebuilt with government funds.

”That means the funds also belong to those who have set this place ablaze. Those who commit crime should be held liable and appropriate punishment meted out on them. I was a student from 1983 to 1987, that was a period when the Nigerian students were always out on the streets, we never burnt down anything.

“The rights to protest is defined in the laws of Nigeria, it doesn’t include burning peoples houses or places, it doesn’t include blocking major highways or minor roads. The law said you should protest by the side of the road, it didn’t say you should protest and block the roads because there are other road users.

“I may not like police brutality and I didn’t protest. It is legitimate to protest but it is illegitimate to take other people’s rights. The rights to protest is defined in the constitution but it does not include burning people’s houses and government properties”, Amaechi stressed.

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  1. How about those dat have been syphoning public funds....u will NEVER see politicians lobby for dat. Why dont u lobby for severe jail term for looting politicians so others dont do it again.
    Ya'll have been looting and bleeding d country dry for 60yrs but wont let us hear word bcos hoodlums u hire for politics looted for 1day.

  2. Stella is this still your boo πŸ˜‚. I need to know so i can know what to tell my thunder.

  3. What about those who killed innocent Nigerians? They should be hanged or fired to death as well. You only speak when it affects you people but will turn a blind sight when it doesn't affect you people.

    The tsunami that will hit you people soon is coming. Just wait for it.

    1. These people are mad. They are still not facing the main thing, them be making properties more important than lives

    2. Every time the lack knowledge about Nigeria .sprry to say these politicians are smarter and gen most of you.hard truth and that's why they know their ways smartly around the nonsense they do!learn

    3. What he said right or wrong ? Answer honestly ? Tomorrow you will call God !

  4. Idiot.
    What about-
    1. Those who attacked peaceful protesters in Alausa
    2. Those DSS packing thugs to attack peaceful protesters in Abuja
    3. Those that attacked the protesters and were caught in Abuja
    4. The killers/Sars police officers of the Nigerian police Force, which holds the title of the worst police force in the world
    5. The army that went to kill harmful people
    6. You bastard that are feeding fat and denying the masses basic amenities, thereby making Nigeria the poorest country in the world etc etc

    You are a bastard if you think you can intimidate anyone to silence.. A stupid bastard

  5. Those that destroyed govt n privates should be arrested n dealt with... That's if they can fish them out.

    They should investigate and fish out those that told the touts to attack the peaceful protesters. If they're able to fish them out, they can as well get those hoodlums and deal with them, because our leaders hate TRUTH esp those from the North.

  6. I really like you sir, please don't annoy me this morning. OK let's agree they will face the law, but how about your fellow polithiefcians?

    We have not heard that James Nwafor or his trigger happy colleague that gunned down a vendor last week has been arrested and prosecuted.


    1. Agreed, but those who have been siphoning public fund by quoting bogus projects should face firing squad because what is sauce for the goose should also be sauce for the gander. Ndi oshi

  7. Those who ordered the shooting and those who shot the innocent nko??
    Oga park well

  8. What are you saying? have you fish out those who ordered the shooting @ toll gate..... ogbeni, go and sit down.

  9. Enter your comment...
    Nonsense talk from Rotimi
    what of all those houses that have being fighting,killing,and burning churches and houses in the north.
    how many have they arrested?
    it is in South south they always have power.

  10. What are you saying? have you
    fish out those who ordered the
    shooting @ toll gate.....
    ogbeni, go and sit down.

  11. How about those that destroyed public infrastructure by looting the monies that are supposed to
    be used to build and repair them?
    You governed Rivers state? Is there any year that refinery rehabilitation billions are not in the
    federal budgets, were the contracts ever awarded?
    And now, you are signing to import petrol and kerosene from Niger Republic?
    A case of lions going to borrow meats from ants? 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

  12. The chickens are coming home to roost

    It will happen

  13. This one don't know that a higher punishment should be given to him and his likes for looting government/public funds. Soro soke end looting jare!

  14. This people no well at all. Nonsense

  15. What did you guys do to those that embezzled public funds. And what will happen to government officials that organised thugs during the protest?


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