Stella Dimoko Nigerian Traders in Ghana Issue Press Release On Their Desire To Be Evacuated From Ghana


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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Nigerian Traders in Ghana Issue Press Release On Their Desire To Be Evacuated From Ghana


Nigerians living and working in Ghana under the auspices of Nigerian Union of Traders Association in Ghana, (NUTAG) have presented a Save-Our-Soul LetterRequesting to be evacuated from Ghana.


Nigerian Traders in Ghana.

Nigerians living and working in Ghana under the auspices of Nigerian Union of Traders Association in Ghana, (NUTAG) have presented a Save-Our-Soul Letter
Requesting to be evacuated from Ghana.

The Letter was presented to Chairman/CEO Nigerians in Diaspora Commission Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa in Abuja Wednesday. The delegation was led by President, National Association of Nigerian Traders, (NANTS) Dr Ken Ukoaha alongside the President of Nigerian Union of Traders Association in Ghana (NUTAG) and other members of the Association.

Their request is among others to secure a peaceful and secure evacuation of Nigerians in Ghana back home to Nigeria. The letter has a list of 753 members who signed To be supported to return home.

They explained that the evacuation has become necessary because of the constant and consistent harassment, intimidation, torture and threat to life as well as a total lockdown of their means of livelihood, as their shops have been locked For almost one year by the Ghanaian Authorities. More so, since all diplomatic niceties at the highest level between Nigeria and Ghana have not yielded positive results. "Now, landlords are coming to ask us for rent . How do we pay with our shops locked up for so long.

We are dying here”, they lamented .

However, the Chairman/CEO, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa once again called for peace, stressing that all relevant Stakeholders will continually be engaged.

She said it is indeed sad that their Shops have not been reopened for almost one year citing draconian conditions against ECOWAS Protocols of Free Trade and movement of goods and services.

The NIDCOM BOSS however, pleaded again with the Traders not to allow tempers rise as she will convey their message for support to relocate back home to the appropriate authorities for further consideration and to speed up the process with strategic Ministries and Agencies..

To bring a lasting solution to the issues. Mrs Dabiri-Erewa also said Nigeria will not hesitate to gladly and safely welcome her Citizens back to the Country.

Gabriel Odu,
Media, Public Relations and Protocol Unit,




  1. This is what Ghanaians wants. Very sad. What goes around comes around.

    1. I dont understand this letter. If you live somewhere and you are not happy where you live for whatever reason, isn't the solution to pack up and go and live somewhere else?.

      What is with writing letter to government to be evacuated. Pack your things, load them in a container and leave their country. How does this concern government, must they trade in Ghana?

    2. Maybe they don't have the money to return home... maybe

  2. Na so so frustration everywhere. You stay, problem. You leave double wahala. This our great nation is currently a mess. Truth be told. Why is our border closed pray tell. So that Dangote and others will have lesser competition abi?.

    1. Is there any company in Nigeria that's competing with Dangote cement and BUA cement. They were only given waivers to export cement. I really don't understand what the heck is wrong with Nigerians in Ghana. You must respect the laws of Ghana if you desire to live there. If you don't have the money stipulated by the laws, you come back home or look for another hustle. It's that simple.

      There are businesses that doing well here. Yes, things are bad but then things has always been bad in our federation. People always have a reason to complain and cry about the situation of things. Even in the so called good old days when things were cheap, people couldn't afford alot of things When Volkswagen was 3, 000 and Peugeot 5,000 there were fewer cars in our streets than we have today. Only fresh graduates, senior civil servants and lecturers who were entitled to car loans mostly had cars. Most people couldn't afford to buy cement when a bag of cement was selling 5 naira. As difficult as today is, it's the good old days of tomorrow.

    2. Dangote and BUA cement given concession!!! What about Ibeto Cement and cement companies owned by other non-northerners???

  3. How quickly Nigerians have forgotten "Ghana must go" of the 80s? When the Nigerian economy was booming and people were flooding to Nigeria in the 70s to work... In the 80s, there was SAP - Structural Adjustment Program and they began chanting ghana must go. Ghanaians were hounded into buses from all over Nigeria and they carried the bags that you know today by that name, containing few of their belongings and left. Now, It is payback time. Yes, Nigerians should pray for forgiveness and God's mercy. 🙄🙄🙄

    1. Our economy was not booming as you claimed. The economy was down and president Shehu Shagari introduced austerity measures. They were the first to push out Nigerians from their country in 1969, about 13 years before Ghanaians were asked to leave Nigeria.

    2. Anon 12.28 you are a mad Nigerian. You dont know your history. It was president Busia dat chased Nigerians away hence the retaliation from Nigeria. If you don't know den shut up. I am Ghanaian

    3. Anonymous 12:28, you don't know your history o. Exactly what Alexander said is what happened. My parents were affected then, and they had to leave everything they had achieve and acquired including landed property and their business to come back to Nigeria.

  4. Imagine what Ghana is doing to our citizens in their country and we have a President.Na only to oppress Nigerian youths with social media bill,police and military them sabi.Rubbish and nonsense.I have said it before and will say it again,anyone that is able to leave Nigeria should leave.Dont live anywhere that doesn’t guarantee security of lives and property.

  5. Hmmmnm inside life! They are really saying dey your dey make we dey our dey.

  6. Na who carry una go there in the first place? Evacuate yoursef abeg.


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