Stella Dimoko The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 52


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Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Adventures Of Oko Ashawo The Uber Driver - 52

Oko Ashawo says Uber Work has made him smarter............#yimu!!!

Drivers on the Uber and Bolt platforms are in their thousands and belong to various WhatsApp groups. One of the major advantages this offers is that we share information as relates to our welfare and safety. 

We also share information about fraudulent customers with their details so that other drivers can be aware of them. Very difficult and stubborn customers are not left out too. There is a recent case of a popular cake maker whose info was shared. Drivers avoid her because she is too troublesome and rude. 

Recently, a driver shared the phone number of a lady who swindled him of 10k in one of our WhatsApp groups so that we can be on the lookout for her any time she places an order with that number. The lady collected 10k cash from the driver when he arrived to pick her, which she used to pay for something she bought from a shop. She promised to refund it on the way to her destination after withdrawing money from the ATM. 

As the driver stopped for her to use the ATM along the way, he didn’t pay much attention and only realised after about 10 minutes that the girl had ‘disappeared’. Very fine girl o …. Anyway, dem no dey write thief put for person face. 

There was nothing he could do but to count his losses with his teeth until he met with another driver who gave him the idea of sharing her phone number on our WhatsApp platforms. 

Most of us saved the number as ‘10k girl thief’ and luckily, she made a request for a ride with that same number a few weeks later while the driver that went to pick her apprehended her. He quickly sent a message with his location to our WhatsApp group and a few of us who were close by swiftly moved there. 

She was held down till the driver she swindled came around. By this time, a little crowd had gathered and her picture was taken. 

She was to be dragged to the nearest Police Station but some elderly women intervened on her behalf. Eventually, she had to make several calls before someone could send money to her to pay for her debt. 

This job don teach me how to get sense by force. I no fit borrow customer money lai lai. Even if customer wan pay with bank transfer, I must confirm before letting him/her go. Once bitten, plenty times shy.

WOW...she was not smart at all....


  1. The country is hard and people are trying by all means to outsmart others of their hard earned money. Na to dey shine eyes remain so. December is at hand and criminals are putting in their best efforts, devising new means everyday.
    Na wah

  2. Onye oshi
    Dem suppose drag am go station male she sleep for there small

  3. A thief is always a thief, beauty or not.
    Its good you guys have learnt your lessons, even bank transfer too can be faked.

  4. Oko plenty women you are getting there gradually.

  5. Stealing from someone that is hussling.(wickedness)

  6. After the video of the women that stole hair. You can't trust Nigerians, I'm convinced how the woman dressed up and wore ring was all part of her disguise and thanks to covid mask helped her. What pains me when I read stories like this is that these thieves, will think country hard, no be all of us dey endure Buhari's torture? Imagine how many rides the uber driver did to get 10k, he will buy fuel and service the car. What if he took the car on hire purchase or worse still he has an amount to deliver to the car owner every week? Is your selfishness worth causing havoc to someone working hard to make ends meet?

    I'm a woman and I will say never underestimate a woman, don't be swayed by beauty or deceptive angelic appearance always be alert.

  7. Na Women dey thief pass. Yes, I am a woman and I said it

  8. Good afternoon to you al
    I recieved my data.Thanks stella may your pocket never runs dry

  9. It serves her right. Can you imagine the trick?

  10. Wow. I love how smart the drivers have become. Well-done

  11. That's a smart move by the drivers. Saboteurs are everywhere

  12. This is so bad. Thank God to the elderly woman who intervened sha, there are still people with hearts of gold out there. Let’s hope the embarrassment was enough for her to change her ways. She would have had sleepless night over the next few days.

    1. I hope the girl learns that disgrace is her lot if she continues stealing

      Not get angry because she was caught


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