Stella Dimoko Actress Amanda Ebeye Says The Social Media Is A Curse And A Blessing..


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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Actress Amanda Ebeye Says The Social Media Is A Curse And A Blessing..

The role interpreter , in an encounter with Saturday Beats , noted that though social media was a blessing , it could also be a curse.

She said, “ I don’ t believe in flaunting wealth. This is as a result of my upbringing and belief system. There are many young people on social media who are influenced by what they see.

We that are older and admired ( should) stand as teachers to them . Whatever they see out there is what they would copy. Before I take any action , I ask myself, would I want my child to do this ? Inasmuch as social media is a blessing , it could also be a curse for many people. People do all sorts to get ‘likes ’ on social media.

If you have a beautiful house , I don ’t believe you necessarily have to post it on social media. Nigerians have become a lot more vain than what obtained when I was growing up .”

Asked which pays her better between being a filmmaker and an actress , she said, “ Being a filmmaker pays one more than being an actor because if one is a filmmaker, one is the one employing people. Also, one would ultimately reap the benefits from the project . So, being a filmmaker pays more than being just an actor .”

On if she believes Nollywood is financially rewarding , she said, “ I do not agree that Nollywood is not lucrative. One needs to understand the way Nollywood works in order to thrive ( in it).

For example , if one is an artiste and don't incorporate one ’s native language into one’ s song, it would not do well . One needs to know the ingredients that would make one ’s project viable . Nollywood is lucrative , though I am just getting a grasp of it myself. If one creates projects that suit the people , one would succeed in Nollywood , though it’s a very competitive industry .”

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  1. I haven't seen her on the screen for a while now. She's right on the vain part of Nigerians though, I always tell people, if you can't sieve information, then you are not old enough for sm.

    1. Social Media is responsible for at least 80% of divorces in America today and it is becoming that way for the rest of the world. Any couple that wants their relationship or marriage to last have no choice but to leave social media, especially Instagram.

    2. Social media is not responsible for any 80% divorce!!!

      If as am adult, you can't filter what you see, hear, read, learn, etc.... Then the joke is on you!!!

      Let adults learn to accept responsibility abeg!!

  2. I don't know any Nollywood lady for whom social media is a blessing. The blow it there. 😎😎😎


  3. social media has caused a lot of havocs in marriages. It is supposed to be good but this good is being evil spoken of.
    The wise woman builds her home, but with her hands, the foolish one tears hers down. If you want to have an enduring marriage, take it off social media.πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

    1. It's not enough to take your marriage off social media, you both have to close your social media accounts, especially Instagram.

    2. Bullshit. Married for 5 years with social media marriage still strong. Only the weak minded fall

    3. So social media will come and tell a man to cheat or a woman to beat her husband???

      People that are off SM do not divorce abi?? You people should keep blaming everything else but yourselves oooh

  4. Well said, social media is more a curse than a blessing these days.

  5. Firstlady blessing12 December 2020 at 20:21

    Seriously,social media has turned into something else


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