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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Businesses To Invest In For 2021

 What kind of small or big businesses would be good to invest in,in the coming year 2021?What kind of capital would one need to kick start the the small or big businesses?


  1. Stella, if I say you be witch shey I will look like a bad person?

    How did you know this has been what I've been up to online since I woke up? I've been looking for skills to learn online that can fetch money online incasw there's a lockdown (God forbid). I've been asking friends for ideas since today.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. Food items sale
    2. Car parts business
    3. Mini importation of hair and cosmetics products
    4. Hospital equipment sales and repairs
    5. Oil palm storage and resale
    6. Fish wholesale
    7. Green/fresh Coconut sales for coconut water or drinking
    8. Housing Agent
    9. Logistics business
    10. Chicken and egg business

    1. Crypto currency
    2. Forex trading
    3. Digital marketing

    1. E be like say you think say money full everywhere lol. Stella know wetin she dey ask o. Na confused state question o

  3. Food business

    Whether it is a provision store, a restaurant, buka, selling of food stuff and frozen food,groceries. You can never go wrong with food business. Good or bad economy, people must eat.

  4. If your money is running into millions and you know truly that you can't do business yourself;meet a transport company like GIG motors,GUO etc,then ask for their car investment plan..

    They would give you a criteria to meet(standard of car and model to buy) and you get it or pay for it and it will be included in their transport business and they would be remitting to you on a weekly or monthly basis..

    You just go around your normal business and be getting steady alert based on your contract with them..

    Another Business is the interstate logistics;start it today...
    A good denstar bike(or other good one) is around 350k to 400k and if you can get like two or four;business has started..

    This is one business that the demand increases daily and can't be saturated..

    Partner with major brands like Jumi*,Konga etc so that if Covid Lock down comes again;you can easily get your "Essential permit" as their partner and still be in business..


    1. Iv been honestly thinking about this,still thought of this dis am.
      I have some money i want to invest in a business,it was in FD before but Rate of fixed deposit is just ridiculous right now at 1%. Transport biz scares me because drivers give me headache. My friend used his 2nd car for uber,gave it to some guy,he returned it in a mess. He had to angrily sell off the car.
      Who can give me ideas with minimal risk to my money pls

    2. Currently most FD is being moved to insurance sector which is offering abt 5% but its strictly from 2years, I haven't received the any new rate for now sha

      Also Agriculture, My Brother runs a fishpond for business sake not consumption and he sold some fingerlings last week and got paid

      Personally am still saving up for Uber na the risk I dey consider yet

      Forex is a NO for me since its even restricted as employees

      OAP ADA

    3. Every investment is risky. Many with ideas are seeking for investors to finance their ideas currently. Reason why you see many investment platforms springing up recently mostly forex trading or agricultural products.

      With forex, don't get too greedy going for those with the highest ROI, go with competence. We have individuals and companies trading forex currently and I'm advising you go for the one with little or no distractions (i.e avoid those handling lots of businesses). Forex trading requires extreme concentration in order to monitor when the market becomes favorable to trade. The greedy ones who don't know when to pull out or who don't want to specialise in a particular field of forex are usually people who loss money. Tips: Before you invest, ask that person or company which area of forex trading they specialize in. Run, if they can't specify or engage in multiple. My mentor Les Brown says to respect the one who masters a kick 10000times than the one who masters 10000kicks (I didn't quote😜).

      From my personal point of view I prefer agricultural based investments. These people use people's money to increase their levels of productivity and supplies into the market. They trade with your money and the ROI is encouraging.

      Just work with competent CAC registered companies and ensure to read or research on the sustainability plans as regards to the ROI they are offering.

      Having a mentor to guide you on business investments makes it less risky. As a child having your mom around you in the kitchen teaching you how to prepare her special soup will minimize or even eliminate mistakes.

      Don't just invest to loss money, invest to make money, therefore ask questions and follow who know Road.

    4. Bed and Roses, there's money in Uber when one does it him/herself.

      Giving a car to driver most times na one chance.

    5. @Beds and Roses;every business involves a certain percentage of risk,so you have to choose the one with the "Better" risk..

      Giving your car as uber or higher purchase to "An individual" is a big risk;but giving it to a Good company(possibly well known brand) is a lesser risk,because they care about their reputation to the general public..

      The difference is that individual would remit a higher money hence why people go for it and forget the bigger risk;but a company would give you a "not too reasonable" profit but most end up paying and everyone is happy..

      Trust and honesty is a luxury most humans lack;and I would advice you invest with a company and get your profit no matter how little..

      Also if you dislike long talks and confrontation;invest with a company..

      Also some companies make provision for you to use their name(paint your car the colour they represent and brand their name on it,then give them their percentage after each trip you do from their park)..

      So if you as an individual prefer driving the car yourself;it's a win-win...


  5. Replies
    1. Nothing come out for provision store oo

    2. @anon 15:54 leave them to dey shout food food everywhere. Dem think say food businesses dey like recharge card lol. When food increase everyday shebi na saliva you go use stock as usual. @big man sef dey shout logistics lol. like he no know wetin dey happen. No be until Corona Allow you do the logistics sef? Of all he wrote only hospital equipment made sense trust me. Even housing agency set no Dey move cos people are looking for what to eat now and not even where to stay. The situation is not good at all but God is in-charge

    3. Provision is the worst business to go into. No profit, just #50 and #10 profit. I started it last year with nothing to show for it. Abegi don't go there!!!

  6. Egg business that is sales of raw egg in crates. With 10000naira, you can start something. Just look for a poultry farm around you

  7. I'm looking at 3 businesses

    1. Poultry. I'll sell both eggs and birds.
    2. Logistics. Who has an idea how I can partner with either Jumia or konga? I intend to use one of my cars. Get a driver who can be doing the delivery. Pls someone should shed more light on how to partner with Jumia or konga on this.

    3. Transport business. Uniport transport. Get a mini van to hustle just inside uniport. Someone told me if I can get a reliable driver that this can be a cash cow.

    Hope this helps someone who is looking for a business idea for 2021.


    1. Great ideas, hopefully someone will be kind enough to provide answer to No. 2, i am very interested in logistics business and wont mind partnering with the above mentioned companies.

  8. I have 500k. I want to buy good quality lingerie, bra/panties from UK and ship down here but I don't have a serious connect yet. Do I buy from their sites and then use a shipping coy send it down or just use a personal shopper who buys for me and take a commission and then send my goods down to me. I m so confused.

    1. I am a personal shopper in the UK, I can help you order from stores like M&S,Next and all. Mail me at

  9. Pant seller u better dont waste ur money have u seen d current rate of exchange. Try doing a business that doesn't require fx for nw

  10. Food business is a good business for now

  11. Transportation business if you will drive it yourself.depending on the area,I have 18 seater bus which I drive from sango to oshodi every morning.i normally do one trip but if road is okay,I manage to do two.after removing all cost,I do safe 10k daily.excluding charter services which cost 50k plus outside lag and 30k 35k within lag.

  12. MBA Forex. We die here!

    1. I'm sure you're one of their goons. They've paid you to promote them here so as to lure new investors when they haven't paid ROI for 3 months now. MBA is fraud people!

  13. Agriculture..... I'm about to start planting cucumber,it grows within 35days and a bag is sold for 5k here,heard it's 8k on Lagos,a friend just harvested and just yesterday he sold 35bags,and he hasn't gotten to half of the farm yet,the seed is 18k,and you can use a bag like three times


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