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Monday, December 21, 2020

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



Dear Stellacious,

I hope this email finds you well, I don't know where this fits, but help me post I am really heartbroken, destabilized and feel ending it all will not be a bad idea as I am tired of my life and all the struggle now.

Is all started on 11th December 2020 I got a message from a brother in my church saying how I wish u have a phone I would have called you to discuss something with you....

I lost my phone at Eko Hotel Roundabout, Lagos on 25th of September 2020, things have been challenged which I believed God for a change, so when I saw that on Facebook messenger via my office computer, I sent him my number with a small phone I Put my sim not android, he called latter that some couple members of our commission in our zone saw his wife in a program that our commission usually hold once a year and told her that God will answer her prayer because she's TTCing, the couple now went forth saying that, most times when a couple get married and the woman did not start having children everyone will think it is because of the woman not knowing it’s the sin of her husband...

 The TTC sister now asked the couple what they meant, they told her that don’t you know that your husband was dating and sleeping with sister so so and so (let me call myself sister ‘A’) before you both got married?

 I got married in 2006 and this TTC Couple got married in 2015 so how can I be married and be dating this guy, besides two of them were living together before they got married officially, how could that happen? Meanwhile, she said its not true, they started feeding this TTC sister with so many things that is not true about me sister A, that I sleep around with men, and are very greedy and high taste, that was the reason why my husband had a problem trying to meet up with my demands and found himself stealing and company wanting to arrest him he ran away to avoid going to jail, that the man left me because of my harloting lifestyle. 

We lived together for 11 years as husband and wife he never bought me one dress or wrapper, I don’t care because I work so I do meet up with my demands, which is why this gossip is choking my breath.

Stella NOTE; I was working when I married the man, I have never been a sit at home wife, my salary has been high than his, 95% of what we were living in that house through God assistance came through me, I was living in that house a 2-bed room flat he was in one room, after the wedding he moved to live with me, I married him because I loved him, not for WEALTH, and thereafter change the ownership of the house to be on his name, meaning he paid for Agent and Agreement for the house rent to be in his name and not mine again since we are married now. 

This man called my husband aka (father of my children) lied that he graduated from ABU, University of Zaria and studied Political Science, it was when he lost the job he was doing when we got married that I told him to get his papers so that I can talk to my bosses in the office to get him another job, that was when he told me "which paper? I go school?" I go get a job no worry yourself"..

 I enquired and found out he does not even have O’level, he has just been getting a job through his smartness and experience in fishing work, secondly he lied about his genotype, my three children are SS, which I trust God for a miracle which has not been easy on me alone too. 

meanwhile, we got married 2006, he lost his job in February 2009 when I was pregnant with my 2nd son, He was that jobless till 2015, but in 2011 I had a piece of land I bought and we were given quit notice to park out, other tenants in the compound where making arrangement to move, my salary can’t get us a decent house since that’s where we feed on, and pay school fees and all other things, so I decided to sell the land to empower him and for us to move out of the house, so I asked him what he will do, that he cannot continue to stay at home only me paying all the bills, he told me he was looking for a job, I now suggested if he will like to travel abroad, that I have a friend whose husband has promised to help him if he comes, he said he was not going rather he said I should get him a bus, that he will register it at the airport to be carrying luggage and use it in their former office to carry fish for customers, then the days he did not see any of such to carry he will use the bus as town service..

 I saw it as a brilliant idea and told him to get a befitting vehicle suitable for the business which he found, I took a mechanic to go examine the vehicle, the mechanic certified it okay, and I paid for buying it in his name. we took it to a mechanic to work on it and change tires, repainted it and put it fit for the business,

Stella, BV'S this vehicle was brought home and my DH said he has a phobia and cannot drive, meanwhile some of the brothers in our church drove this vehicle conveying members to church with it as our the church is outside Lagos, including this couple gossiping and destroying my name now, the husband drove the vehicle severally to church..

The major reason or purpose the vehicle was bought was not achieved, prior before the vehicle was bought he requested he wanted to go and perfect his driving test as it has been long he drove, I gave him money for that, and get his driving license, I gave him all he required to get it done, I just needed him to be responsible and ease off stress for me, but all that was defeated, at a stage I suggested we give the vehicle out on hire purchase so that I don’t lose everything I have invested, he agreed initially, the day the man came to carry the vehicle he refused to append his signature on the HIRE PURCHASE AGREEMENT, the man left and the vehicle went back to only taking it to church, one of the Sunday's we were taking the vehicle to church which was driven by one of the deacons in our Zone the vehicle nocked engine at Oshodi Isalle and it was towed back home, I vowed I was not going to add a kobo to the vehicle since all the ones I have been putting in there nothing has come out of it, I sold the vehicle to my boss’s driver for 300k, I invested the money on online business the business swallowed it, that was 2017, because I was looking for money for rent and school fees.

Meanwhile when I bought that land I sold to get us back financially he was working then and could afford to buy the land but when I told him he said ''when I am ready I will buy no be u go tell me when to buy land''. Fast forward to him finally getting a job with one multinational company on the 14th of January 2015, this job is the beginning of my woes and pains::

During our annual 21 days prayer and fasting as a fishing storekeeper (he was given 4 cold rooms to oversee), I knelt down and pleaded with him to stay away from any kind of crime that will make them sack him again, that I have suffered so much in this marriage but I am willing to make it work, that with the love he has for his two sons he should keep this job I know he doesn’t love me but I was not bothered, about his love anymore I just wanted to stay married like that since my father forbid me talking about divorce or separation..

So I went to do International passport so that I can save for one year as he has gotten a job and start my desired business. 

Stella and BVS, you can’t believe that same 2015, towards November, he had already started having problems, with his supervisor’s, customers and colleagues, finally he had a deal worth millions and the business backfired, without me his wife knowing anything, all I noticed was his lack of concentration in the house, and loss of appetite, always on phone, if I am coming he will stop talking when I leave he will continue, one day he was sleeping and I got one of his closest friend’s phone number who happened to be a member of our church and i asked him if his friend my husband was having a problem with his work, he said yes, I said what happened ?, he said one of them had a shortage of 600 cartons of fish and my DH gave him the 600 cartons to cover up so that when he received fresh supply he will give him back and his colleague defaulted by not returning the fish and a customer came to buy that specie of fish, in the admin computer the fish was not sold meanwhile in the cold-room the fish was not available....

They now invited both my DH and the guy that collected 600 cartons of fish for questioning which was on the 3rd of March 2016, which happened to be on a Thursday, the father of my children ran away from that company and called me, I told him to go back and not run if he knows that he is innocent, and besides its not a murder case why running? because running is going to espouse to the trouble and his guarantors too, as stubborn as he is and never consider me important but only a tool to bring children, he refused to come back instead he went to arrange for Dubai Visa and travelled.

These two couples got his contact and started feeding him again that I don’t sleep at home, I club, and dress irresponsible, abandoning my children to sleep around with different men. When he called me I told him he has done so much damage to my life and should not allow people to destroy his home, there was nothing like that, but he would not agree, but he refused and kept on bothering me...
 I blocked him because I was facing so much, church accused me of knowing what happened and why he ran away because one of the guarantors was a pastor, his uncle who was former Inspector of Police was fighting me too, the company did not spare me either, police took my international passport-seized all my means of identification, took my phones, and his uncle threatened to deal with me if I don’t provide him, and thereafter I was inflicted with elephantiasis my leg was swollen I couldn’t wear a shoe or anything for more than 7 months..

 I almost lost my means of livelihood which is my job, I became a shadow of myself, He made me enter the police station for the first time in my life, till God, vindicated me. He the father of my children came back from Dubai and did not come to our house but went to stay with this gossiping couple they all devoured me with their tongue, the father of my children was going from one member house to the other telling them what those couples told him I was doing and the members will come back and tell me...

This is a man I married for Love, his enthusiasm in the things of God in the church and gave him everything, always thinking well and supporting him in any way I can, for our children not to suffer. The day the father of my children ran away we left the house together to where we do pray in the morning before we leave to our various places of work, there was no iota of misunderstanding, quarrel or any problem between us.

 For this couple to be peddling lies and spoiling my name is what I don’t know, up to going to SHILOH ground to discuss me with somebody who is desperately looking for the fruit of the womb, Does God bless people with children on the ground of righteousness? That God will deny them children for sin committed by the TTC lady’s husband? I want to take the matter up but the husband of the TTC sister said he does not want his wife’s name to be ringing around, that I should leave it, my question to BVS is what should do? I am heartbroken, no one to fight for me or stand for me.

I have been living alone with my 3 children since he left us as though I am a widow, meanwhile I am not, he doesn't care how they feed, go to school or pay rent, I am suffering to make ends meet praying to God to change things for me and send me destiny helper but this two couples VOWED not to let me be. I want to divorce the father of my children and relocate out from where I live now to another area,....

I am so sorry I may not be coherent in this write-up and it's long I am just pained and emotionally unstable.

*This story is so sad ...
What do you want to confront those people for?Thats petty!!
You have three sick kids to keep you busy,please forget all this drama and move out of that area,leave that church and move on............MOVE ON!!!


  1. Poster, if you can, change your home address. Stop attending the same church, and DO NOT confront them. It's bad enough you have 3 SS kids to take care of, you do not need such irrevelant people adding to your burden. It will be well with you.

    1. Which kain sad story be this abeg oh.
      Three SS children
      Lying and grossly irresponsible husband
      No money

      Poster, please fast for three days and pray one prayer ‘FATHER YOU ARE MY SHEPHERD, SHOW ME A WAY OUT. SHOW ME WHERE MY GOLD IS’
      With enough money, 60% of your problems are solved. Forget about that sham of a marriage, e no good for you.
      About your children, give them holy communion daily. Write out daily confessions for them.

      No matter what happens never harbour bitterness towards your husband. Pray for him so as to rid your heart of all ill feeling towards him.


    2. Chai...
      God will help you, keep trusting Him no matter what.

      Leave everything to God.

    3. this matter is deep. let it go please, he and the couple are not worth the stress

  2. Don't confront them, they are not worth it. If you can move away from that area please do. Besides, whatever they are saying about you does not matter as long as you know yourself. It is sad you married an irresponsible man. But nothing spoil.

    1. One thing i learnt from this is never to marry a man extremely lower than you,go to the hospital together to check your genotype. Poster did they tie your soul to that church? Hian!!!!

  3. I agree with Stella. Just move on and focus on your live and that of your children.

    "Nothing can influence you unless you agree to it...
    Knowing who and what you are is your greatest power. No external fight is necessary, only an internal revolution can set you free.

    Stand in your own sovereignty."

  4. Oh stella you said it All, if you knew how you have wisdom at your age, the way you speak makes sense this chronical is full of pain. Your words have already healed this womans heart.

  5. Your problem started from CHURCH.

    1. I swear that church isn't worth calling a house of God

    2. Shut up.. Stop vilifying the church. Her problem did not start from the church... Her problem started from her poor choice and very low self esteem. She just wanted to answer Mrs. Anyway why am I not suprised by your comment? Demons always attack anything church first... Ewu

  6. U mean a supposed born again brother messed ur life up like dis? Oh God, worldly guys get comma, christain brother too?

  7. It is well! Poster please just continue to pray to God and let him fight for you...

  8. You don't need this added stress of "church gossip" in your life right now. Forget about "wanting to end it all."
    Live with your children and trust God for safety and health. Get out of that church fast and find a house fellowship.
    I suggest you seek God in prayer and fasting to know which people to have fellowship with.
    And I tell my other sisters here; seek God before you say yes to a man. Seek God in fasting and prayers as a habit even
    before the man shows up. God alone knows the heart of man and will reveal those hidden things and lead you in the right part.
    cheers. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

    1. Pity your children poster and leave there

      Live strong
      Live well
      Protect your mental health and sanity

      Anything disturbing your peace from their angle is your enemy

  9. couple should be confronted for them to know their character assassination is in the open.

    And to all association of bvs that specialize in "all I read were I did this , I did that. You were the fault I saw in your post. You must be terrible for the man to run away", food has landed.

    Since Oga decided to not take responsibilities as a father and listen to gossips, does that mean he did not know you while you guys lived together? You have been living as a single mother and his presence a distraction. May the Lord strengthen you.

    Good luck.

  10. Keep moving. God will vindicate you. Stay strong.

  11. If I am going to church in a place I am not getting encouraged and spurred to good deeds, I quit. You know why? Let's see:

    Hebrews 10:24And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, 25not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

    This is one of the most misquoted and misapplied Scriptures of our time. Please We will meet together, but note that the purpose is for "Love and good deeds and encouragement." People do not meet together to gossip in the name of worshipping God.

  12. Stella just said what's in my mind,which I think is a good idea.

  13. This chronicles of today be like novel, make I go grab snacks...will return.

    1. Idiot it will be like novel as no be you dey face the matter. Make that popcorn scatter that ya teeth dia...

  14. Forget that man and move on. I know it’s hard but that what needs to be done. He’s if no help tonight either physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally. Pls poster find the strength to move on. Good luck

  15. Its so Easy for everyone including Stells to " Say Do not Confront Them"
    Stells You write Memos to Faceless people in your Blog,You call out Anonymous whenever they write out Lies about You.
    BVs,you all come out with Blazing guns writing long Memos to Faceless people whenever their Comments do not go down well with You.
    Dear Poster,Do what will maje You Sleep Well at Night.
    Sometimes Confrontation is the Best Deal.
    Meet them,Ask them Outrightly Why they are Peddling Lies about them.
    I bet You,After the Confrontation, You will Sleep well at Night

    1. So very true!. Sometimes confrontation is needed!. Even if it seems to have made no difference! At least you have gotten things off your chest and said your piece!

  16. So sorry poster, but as educated as u are am sure after ur first child u discovered he/she was a sickler why did u continue to birth more?? Now u both ve brought those kids to suffer. Ur hubby is terrible, just try to move on with ur life, as hard as thismust sound but u have no choice.

    1. As in ehh. People remove religion and wear your thinking caps mba. I am sure she was waiting for miracle. Otherwise she for leave the marriage tey tey upon the first child ss discovery but... kpelee

    2. Why do people keep poppi g out kids in a bad marriage! Its sickening!.

  17. What a tale and what a man you had the misfortune of marrying. What did you love about him that you ended up marrying him? He cannot outrun his character, he will do in Dubai and will pay the price.

    Leave that place like Stella said. That town sounds like it is full of foolish people. I know during Covid it is hard to move, but just protect you and your children and move on. You need to divorce that man and you should have petitioned for a divorce from the police incident. You may have loved him but I doubt he ever loved you. You were an opportunity out of poverty for him and he got a maid and sex out of the deal. What you had was not a marriage, a marriage is first a spiritual union before anything else. You were just a physical outlet for his needs for food, sex, and shelter.

    I wish you and your children all the best.

  18. Confront them if not you won't know peace. Confront them and move on. Leave that church. You too slow ma and you like suffering. How you manage to keep having children for such a man I don't know. You have serious problem ma. I just pity you.

    1. Lemme perch here, poster please confront them not just that couple including the person that told you too. Go and report to your head pastor let him call all of them and let this issue be trashed out even if they don't ask for forgiveness let this issue be discussed in public so you can talk , cry , clear your name and then move on because if you're like me you would continue thinking about this issue for the rest of your life so it's better you call them out in the church. Go and report to your parish pastor and let him call all of them, I hate these people that always drag the name of God in the mud.
      For your husband, poster please pray, Cry to God to come to your aid. Fast and pray, if you want him to return tell God, if you want another source of income so you can just take care of your children tell God.
      Your story is so painful but please don't desert your children, please don't end your life.
      God would come through for you.

  19. It’s really sad what has happened and is happening to you. Leave the couple to God, he is the only one that can truly vindicate you. Marrying wrongly is so stressful and draining but it’s always best to selfishly guard your interest in a marriage that you can see clearly will eventually crumble, especially when you have done and given all you can. You can also try taking this gossip matter to your church board if you know there are fair and true people on the board. What is real and what is true finds a way of being’s only a matter of time. False witnesses have their own punishment so don’t bother yourself about the dead lions who are jealous that a living dog is actually better than them. Cry to God for vengeance if your soul thirsts for it.

  20. Am sorry you had to go through this misery all because of church 😞. Leave that area, leave that church,leave that efulefu and rewrite your story again and may God see you through in JESUS NAME AMEN ✌️

  21. Via Poster

    Leave the church, toxic petty low thinking, finger pointing, village cooperating people behind

    Church na hospital
    Some never well
    Some no gree well


    Because he possesses an organ, looks human and breathes doesn't mean he is husband material

    You are neither a rehabilitation center nor poverty alleviation programme

    Age doesn't change the fact that there are geriatric criminals on the loose looking for women to scam

    If you marry down
    They drag you down

  22. Must you go to that church? Must you be married to a liar, a thief and a cheat?
    Do you deserve happiness? Are you truly born again?
    If you can answer all these questions, truthfully, then, you are on your way to recovery.
    I wish you well

  23. Confront them, in the presence of your pastors.
    You must confront them.
    It's because you failed to do so, that's why they have continued to spoil your name.

  24. Leave the confrontation and pick up the pieces of your life. Your children's health challenge should be your main concern now not all those asirikasi! I wonder why you allowed that man to impregnate you three times knowing the chances of you giving birth to a sickler are high. I also wonder why it took you so long to realise that you married your destiny killer and should have left him earlier for good irrespective of whatever anybody is saying. Na waoooo

  25. church people are sometimes the WORST. Madam, dry your eyes quick sharp. Stop going to that church, change your address and face your children. If your snake of a husband slithers back to you, don't give him another chance o. I have been in your shoes and you sound like a hard working and enterprising woman. Those church people just want to use you as a scape goat and object of ridicule. Some people are built like that. They delight in tearing a string woman down. So listen well please. CUT THEM ALL OFF and face your children. Ask God to handle them, bless you and vindicate you. Try not to think about them after that and watch how he will deal with them.

  26. As for me,I will confront them.

    1. Thank you ooooooo
      Exactly my thoughts
      Confront them
      Shame them to silence
      Let us hem deny everything they said

  27. I’m curious as to why you remain in that church.
    Before anything, leave and cut all ties. This your story is heavy and I can only imagine how heavy your actual life is.
    Cut off everyone for a year or two, including your father who doesn’t want to hear about divorce.
    You need to be physically, mentally and financially strong for yourself and your kids.
    Please cut every one off and face your life squarely

  28. If to say you be my sister many people for don collect ontop this matter o even your so horseband for don collect for Dubai too....

  29. Dear poster, I am so pained On your behalf. Your chronicle made me cry. Ah! The heart of man is indeed wicked...

    Well, the deed has been done and frankly at this point, you have to choose YOURSELF, your mental wellbeing over EVERYTHING. you must find courage to move on. If you are the type that hardly forgets issues, you might have to confront that couple so you can truly heal. If not, please, cry if you must but please do not kill yourself. I know it's hard but God truly sees our heart.

    That marriage was built on a faulty foundation, lies, deceit, wickedness and all what not. You may seek for an annulment, there are more than enough grounds for it.

    You have to love yourself enough and choose you henceforth. You are the one wearing the shoe and know where it pinches. Follow your instincts!

    Above all, cry to God, tell him what you want, be specific
    God loves you! Will pray for you too. Sending much love and plenty hugs your way. Don't end it pleaseπŸ™

  30. Too sad .
    What a long sad story.
    This life sha. Sometimes when you see people problem you go know say your own dey learn

  31. Please do not let a man tell you his genotype by mouth. Go to the laboratory, do the test and get the results together

  32. Sadly you must for love but you were not mature enough and definitely did not seek God's face before you married this guy. God is not wicked, if you seek him he gives answers. No marriage is without problems even those God gives clear directions but you see this man you married, I am dead sure you did not listen to anything but just wanted marriage. Going forward, gossip is the least of your problems. Leave that church and leave that man. You are not a lazy person, loving and committed. Use your energy to build yourself again. Don't allow anyone in that church in your personal space. Build your relationship with God privately and then ask him to lead you to another church again. Yes we need the body of Christ to fully live our purpose as believers. As for you kids continue to pray and trust God for their healing cos he is able to give you a miracle. We all make mistakes and yes God gives us second chances if we truly repent and seek him. Forgive yourself too. Pls think of your kids, you have to be strong for them. Big hugs. You can make it

  33. So you are having suicidal thoughts for some fools. Who will laugh upon your death. Must you go to that church sef?

  34. My dear God is your strength, you know what the bible says it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of God and vengeance is his. Hand them all into his hand and watch what he will do. Also if you could move out of that area please do so. Your heart should not be cutting whenever you are going to church. Also check out NSPPD fire prayer every week day on facebook,instagramme or youtube. Many testimonies about change of blood group and other things I wish I have your contact to send you the link. Follow the prayers and see that what God cannot do does not exist.

  35. This is indeed a Chronicle, I'm so sad reading this right now..may God grant you the needed wisdom for the next step the doctors in the house is it possible to birth 3sickel cell kids? Doctors in the house please enlighten us ...never seen AS couples birth 3sicklers in a row like this...

  36. the audacity of the "which paper? I go school?", tire me.

  37. Na wa oo. Look at what only one woman is going through. Please, move on!!!!. Your sanity matters more.


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