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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Couch Convo - A Teacher Is Everything.

 You will not Understand the role a teacher plays in a child's life until you stand up as an adult and realise you learnt nothing....Bad foundation led to a derailed educated future....

I have every reason to be grateful to the Teachers that tutored me whilst growing up......

What do you think about teachers?Must adults can't read these days!


  1. If you can read this you probably are a teacher.

    Well I'm thankful for the quality education I had both at home and school,
    I'm thankful the teachers back then wanted the best for me and aided me in areas they could.
    I'm thankful for the good teachers out there. But right now quality of education has deteriorated and is still deteriorating and there are a lot of unqualified teachers and corrupt teachers.

    1. I had teachers who cared less, as per government school. The majority only came to class if they knew external invigilators would show up.
      Most of my childhood education was seriously interrupted by lack of fees and being moved from one house to another.
      Thank God for how far He's brought me.

    2. Good teachers are priceless. I had a teacher in primary school who believed in me and told me i could be the best .I went from coming last position to being over all best student, just because a teacher saw and understood my short coming. Today I'm an engineer with vast years of experience. Thank you Mr Ekpenyor. You where one hell of a teacher. No student was a dullard by your book.

  2. Teachers are priceless, I know the hours I spend during school session to do homework for the kids and how I have to rein in my impatience.
    I wonder how they cope handling so many children.
    Teachers I hail you all 👐👐👐

  3. Some teachers are Angels. They go all out, take their time to make sure the kids understand perfectly. But you see some, the fear they'll instill in you eh, it won't allow you understand or love the subject sef. My Maths teachers in secondary school no be am. Always carrying pankere to class, and they must use it. 🙄

  4. I am teacher with LASG in level 13.i am building my third house now with nice ride.teaching is a good proffession.

    1. Thus post is not about what you have achieved for yourself as a teacher, rather your impact on the students that passed through you..

    2. Anon. 13:24,

      You are a teacher, yet do not know how to spell PROFESSION! How can you teach effectively, when you cannot even write a few sentences without spelling and grammatical mistakes? I pity your students!

    3. @ anon 13,24 onye nkuzi odo akpu is that what they asked you.

    4. May my children never meet a teacher like you,with your bad written English.

  5. Good Teachers are everything. There were a few back then who truly gave their all. I say Thank you to them.

  6. oh how much I love good teachers. I think I was lucky with teachers. From primary to secondary. University lecturers are mostly perverts, no offence to any lecturer here. Would particularly not forget the one who taught me how to tell the time in primary school. Lol I was among those who had a hard time telling time. That man use my eyes see pepper. But thinking about it now and how funny it all was, I'm glad he did what he did.
    If theres anything I'd like to be in future, I would really really really love to be a teacher.

  7. I credit everything I am today to Myself First and then to 2 teachers who patiently taught me physics chemistry and Maths. I learnt enough to pass Jamb. the rest is history.Thank you

  8. Our first foray into teaching comes through our parents and GOD bless you if your parent was a teacher, you have to have a vast well of curiosity, a hunger for knowledge the information they throw at you, the books you read...
    Not easy teaching but the joy is when you see the children and the appreciation shown by parents.
    Painful that various government, school owners and some parents tend to disrespect teachers and don't value education, this attitude actually make teachers question why they even bother although there are some you question how where they able to graduate and teach....
    To all the Teachers that made and are still making positive impact we say thank you and may you continue to enjoy all accolades and appreciation;
    For others(you know yourselves) ,try to improve,grow, learn and realise the sun and moon don't shine in your backyard alone; you are molding the lives of people.

  9. I know, I know
    The little I know
    I can never forget
    God bless my teachers

  10. As a graduate of chemical engineering but found myself in the teaching profession,I must say that is been fulfilling teaching these Young minds brings satisfaction

  11. Teachers are a special breed. Bless them


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