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Monday, December 07, 2020

End Of Year Blog Awards...

 It is time for Stella's blog end of year Blog visitors awards.............

We would like to compile the different categories first with your help and then after the compilation,we will do another post for blog visitors to be nominated into each category and then another post to announce the winners...

When you suggest the different categories in the comment section,the Blog PA will compile the list and then we are good to go with the Nominations...

Let me start......Please do not add any names for any categories yet.

-Most Valuable Blog visitor

-Most trouble some  active blog visitor


  1. Best Chronicle Adviser of the year
    Best Chronicle of the year
    Favourite Column of the year
    Annoying Column of the year
    Blog Comedian of the year
    Best Political analyst of the year
    Best behaved blog visitor of the year
    Most Intelligent blog visitor of the year
    Best Columnist of the year
    Most Friendly blog visitor of the year
    Resourceful blog visitor of the year
    Favourite column of the year
    Talkative blog visitor of the year
    Annoying blog visitor of the year

    1. Stella's special award for the most outstanding blog visitor
      Best engaging and interactive blog visitor of the year
      Best worded blog visitor of the year
      Early bird of the year
      Most commenter of the year

    2. I love this Phoenix😘

    3. Phoenix you did well with these your compilation

    4. You deserve an award o. 😘😘😘

    5. nice one phoenix.......nothing to add......e be like say you don go award ceremonies well well

    6. Thanks for doing the job. Good one

    7. Phonix nne, i ji ya. Dalu.

    8. Nice one babes

      Lmao @ captain cutie hahaha

  2. Most active blog visitor
    Most interesting bv

    1. Hottest blog visitor Male

      Hottest blog visitor Female

      Both to be decided by BVs choosing the most appealing male and female BVs who have won face of in house news competition this calendar year.

  3. Most popular blog visitor.
    Most supportive blog visitor.
    Most encouraging blog visitor.
    Most regular commenter.
    The SDK blog visitor of the year.
    The newest kid in the blog.
    Most jovial blog visitor.

  4. Most loved blog visitor

    Most controversial blog visitor

    Blog visitor with the most content

  5. Most regular blog visitor of the year
    Most responsive blog visitor of the year
    Most behaved blog visitor of the year
    Most interesting column of the year
    Best chronicle of the year.
    Worst chronicle of the year.
    Most friendly blog visitor of the year
    Most troublesome blog visitor of the year
    Most beautiful/handsome creative face of in-house news of the year

  6. Most reserved BV
    Most hilarious BV
    Most outspoken BV
    Most versatile BV
    Most petty BV
    Most beautiful/handsome BV
    Most sought after BV

    This is definitely going to beπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ.

  7. Most annoying blog visitor
    Most insensitive blog visitor
    Most mature blog visitor
    Most peaceful bv

  8. Most controversial BV
    Most resourceful BV

  9. Most Reserved BV
    Most Versatile BV
    Most Arrogant BV...

  10. Most entertaining bv
    Most runaway bv but comes to take awoof and runs away again
    Most cool,calm and collected bv
    Say it as it is bv

  11. Most reliable bv of the year
    Most rude
    Most friendly
    Best personality bv

  12. Helpful bv of the year

    Smart/intelligent bv of the year

    Irritating/mannerless bv of the year

    Kindest bv of the year

    Mysterious bv of the year

    Outspoken/blunt bv of the year

    Enlightened/ versatile/ informed bv of the year

    Sweetest bv of the year

    Gbagaun bv of the year

    Classiest bv of the year

    Hypocritical/judgemental bv of the

    Fornicator advocate bv of the year

    Braggart bv of the year

    People pleaser/pushover bv of the year

    Humble/modest bv of the year

    Proudest bv of the year

    Misogynist bv of the year

    Generous bv of the year

    Fake IDs bv of the year

    Most beautiful and handsome bv of the year.

    Bv with the correct grammar.

  13. Wow this will be interesting.

    Nice one ma'am Stella.

  14. Blog irritant nko?

  15. Nice one Stella. It'll be interesting to read.

  16. To forget to add the "omniknoweth all" category, they deserve an award.
    They know every celebrity like they live with them,one dare not argue with them.

  17. Blog couple of the year
    Most stubborn bv of the year
    Most arrogant bv of the year
    Most humble bv of the year

  18. This is gonna be interesting and hilarious 🀣

  19. Reformed Bv of the Year

  20. Mr.& Mrs Goody too shoes of the year
    Most hostile bv of the year
    Most responsive bv of the year
    Most smartest commenter of the year
    Most beggy beggy bv of the year
    Most annoyingly annoying bv of the year
    Most joke cracker bv of the year
    Most prayerful bv of the year
    Most inspiring bv of the year
    Most aunty gwegwegwe of the year
    Most ITK bv of the year
    Most punctual commenter of the year
    Most supporting bv of the year

  21. this would be. very interesting

  22. Most popular
    Most Active
    Advisor of the year
    Most Annoying blogvisitor of the year.

  23. Hahahahaha see what bvs are writing. It will be nice

  24. Most controversial of d year.

  25. Most funny comment of the year ( Harvested from funny comments post)

  26. Agbaya bv should be included

  27. Wow nice suggestions.

    Most troller Bv of the

  28. Mr and Mrs most emoji user of the year


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