Stella Dimoko Former VP Atiku Urges Nigerian Govt To ''Halt'' All Flights From The UK As Nigeria Battles 2nd Wave Of COVID 19...


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Monday, December 21, 2020

Former VP Atiku Urges Nigerian Govt To ''Halt'' All Flights From The UK As Nigeria Battles 2nd Wave Of COVID 19...

Nigeria’s former vice-president, Atiku Abubakar, has urged the federal government to ban flights to and from the United Kingdom (UK), as the second wave of COVID-19 takes over.

Atiku Tweeted via his official handle on Sunday evening.....


''The reason Nigeria took a harder than necessary hit during the first wave of the #COVID19 virus is that the Federal Government failed to heed the warnings of well-meaning Nigerians, like myself and others, to shut down our borders once the virus became a pandemic.
Hindsight is 20/20. Nevertheless, we must learn from history, or we stand the risk of repeating it.

The new strain of COVID19 that has erupted in the United Kingdom, and specifically, London, can add to Nigeria’s health emergency if we do not act with an abundance of caution and temporarily halt all flights to and from the UK until this new strain is brought under control.

Already, prudent nations are taking prompt action, and Nigeria must take necessary precautions due to the volume of air traffic between Nigerian airports and London, where this new strain has erupted''.


  1. He is right though. But they won't listen until rhe situations gets worse. That's nigeria for you. We don't act till it starts getting out of control

    1. He is very right. EU countries are banning flights from UK to prevent contamination from the new strain of Covid. Nigeria should act quickly to stop it from entering here. We were lucky with the first strain, no one knows how the new strain would affect Nigeria. You people don't want lock down, then focus on prevention nau.

    2. This new strain that's harder to detect and affects mostly younger people scares the shit out of me.
      I hope the govt listens to him

  2. The chief adviser himself, when they are not in power that's when their brain will start functioning well

  3. Abeg oh. No flight should be halted. Which kind advise be this na.
    People should take precaution.
    This covid19 isn't as bad as its been painted, its the lockdown that is worse.
    Me I don't want another lockdown in my area.
    See how people can't travel to & fro Australia yet there is still covid19 there ,booming. Even while their borders are closed. Its annoying

    1. So imagine if there were no restrictions! Covid isn't as bad you say? You talk like this because you have not seen what those in the risk groups go through. Do you know that the new variant has even worse symptoms? Go and read up what is happening to Sweden because of their stubborness on this lockdown issue.

    2. It's like you don't have a TV and oblivious to happenings around the world

  4. He is very right dou....i know someone dat just came back from d UK and next thing she posted she tested positive for covid.

  5. Naija, ban flight ke? Until all the new strain has full Nigeria. If it don't come, how will they see what they will be jumping upandan like grasshopper and declaring big big money for?

  6. Oh so there is a new more dangerous strain of covid19 from UK ! Wow isn't this whole covid business getting more dangerous?
    Abeg o, make we take precaution o.
    It is well with peeps in the UK.
    God heal our land & our people

  7. Halt flights ke? They just opened borders nau. They will wait till it enters Nigeria fully(God forbid) before doing anything

  8. For once, he has spoken well.


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