Stella Dimoko New Variant Of COVID 19 Pandemic Emerges In Nigeria...


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Friday, December 25, 2020

New Variant Of COVID 19 Pandemic Emerges In Nigeria...

new variant of COVID-19 appears to have emerged in Nigeria, but further investigation is needed, Africa’s leading public health official has said on Wednesday, December 23.

“It’s a separate lineage from COVID-19 in the UK and South Africa,” the head of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, John Nkengasong, told reporters.

He said the Nigeria CDC and the African Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases in Nigeria; Africa’s most populous country — will analyse more samples.

“Give us some time. It’s still very early,” he said.

The alert on the apparent new variant of COVID-19 was based on two or three genetic sequences, he said. However, he added that this discovery and South Africa’s alert late last week were enough to prompt an emergency meeting of the Africa CDC this week.

This new development comes as infections surge again in parts of the African continent.

The new COVID-19 variant in South Africa is the predominant one there, Mr Nkengasong said; as confirmed infections in the country approach a million.
While the variant transmits quickly and viral loads are higher; it is not yet clear whether it leads to more severe disease, he added.

Nevertheless, Nkengasong disclosed that the new strain will not hamper vaccine rollout.

”We believe this mutation will not have an effect on the deployment of Covid-19 vaccines to the continent,” he said of the South Africa variant.
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  1. When they are telling that stubborn president to stop flights fry England he refused,this is it.may God help his children.

  2. Which hope naija get for this kind thing, when president still dey keep malice with his people Mtsheeew

  3. This is serz.. Heal the World please Lord!

  4. Americans due to the ignorant leader & white supremacist evangelicals were stiff-necked and are paying the price. We were boasting that third world Africa had fewer cases but you guys will not stop the Owambes and endless unnecessary parties or be creative and deploy maximum resources during religious services. May God help us because the vaccine was developed with the strains that were in existence at the time of development so the vaccine may not help with some mutants. Its the reason flu vaccines are developed annually to tackle about 3 to 4 strains giving us both quadrivalent and trivalent flu vaccines plus the concentrated one for seniors. Owanbe will not kill Africans and religion is wicked when perveted to make it seem you have to go somewhere to meet God. You should go to church or your worship place under normal situations but my New Testament says I am God's temple, all believers are God's temple. The greed of some is endangering others as they fear they will lose control if you don't come. I haven't been to any worship place since march but my God knows me and I know and worship and pray till its over. "Wisdom is the principal thing, get wisdom... and in all thine getting, get understanding". "Be wise as serpents but harmless as doves". Its from the Bible, not from me. Covid19 has killed 300k plus in the country with the BEST healthcare facilities on the planet. I bet a lot of folks in naija that died after a brief illness may have died of Covid19 and not identifying their cause of death and cremating the dead victims is a future public health hazard.


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