Stella Dimoko Nigerian Govt Extends Deadline For Linking NIN With Simcards...


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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Nigerian Govt Extends Deadline For Linking NIN With Simcards...

 The Federal Government of Nigeria on Monday December 21,2020 announced that subscribers with National Identification Number (NIN) now have three weeks deadline extension till January 19, 2021 to link their SIM card with their NIN.

Subscribers without NIN now have up till February 9, 2021 to get one.

Why are they giving deadlines?why not make it a continuous exercise until it is sorted out?Must there always be deadlines given?Nigeria is too stressful!!


  1. When we have stupid government in place. What about the old people that cannot go out, so they will lose their lines.

    It will never be well with this APC government

  2. Very useless government.

  3. Oh you know now, Nigeria is hell.
    Full of selfish people who want to enrich themselves and pull others down.
    After linking they tell you that nimc will confirm/validate and they will send you sms.
    Till now I haven't received sms saying they have validated my own. Something I did since friday

    1. this country doesn't have the infrastructure and discipline to start tracking n blocking lines. they will start and get tired n cancel the thing. no be naija again. only reason they extend it is that their family abroad need time to get nin. by the time one of them complains or is unable to get it, they will cancel the whole thing. I like how most people are unbothered cus they know their country.

  4. I still won't do mine and nothing will happen

  5. Mtchewwww.... nonsense and buhari.

  6. I used my passport and did capturing at mtn office when I did welcome back for my sim last year July.. even when I log into my mtn app, it's my name that shows.. I don't know what this nonsense is for again since they already have my profile..

    Not like I don't even wna do it,, my passport would expire next year and I know I'll need NIN to renew.. I went to run it by Sept, they told me they're yet to resume since the covid 19 break.. I went again last week around 7am.. saw a large crowd outside but me just by passed and entered.. went to the office, they showed me a list containing over 100 names and said they were even going to answer only 20 people that day cos they don't have light- whatever that means..

    They were yet to even start and were advising I come by 5am to write name and all..

    Omo, anyhow them won do am make dem do. I no fit stress my life Ontop nonsense.. like it's going to reduce the insecurities in the country.. they know what to do if they want to get things done but they always beat about the Bush and stress people. I'll run it whenever I notice there's less crowd.. if them won block my sim make them carry go. I would even like to be off the radar for a while..

    Kisses Lol

    1. Rubbish government officials everywhere. Looking for who to waste their time. Nonsense and Buhari.

  7. Useless government.
    They claimed covid19 is in Nigeria and are busy shutting down people's business and still sending the same citizens (even the old) to go and register NIN and link it to their sim.
    Is this not the easiest way to expose the citizens to Covid19?
    Useless, clueless and heartless government.

  8. Nonsense people
    bad government
    useless leaders
    wicked people
    Shameless leaders...
    As for me let them block if they like am tired already.

  9. not like I was gonna stress myself over this Christmas break. heard some banks are doing it for their customers sef. na just time to stand for one yeye line i no get

  10. I've been trying to get this thing done since 2016. Each time I get there, I will meet like 1000 people struggling to write their names on a sheet of paper for the officials to use to call them in. They are now giving an unreasonable deadline ? With the covid restrictions? This must be some sort of joke.

  11. They can block my line, I'm not doing it.

  12. Stella Over Stress dey worry Nigeria.
    Their own too much ooo.


  13. If you're in Abuja, enter any zenith bank or specifically the last one on Gana street, maitama. There is an NIMC staff there.

    They will take your details plus your photo and send you a text on when to collect your ID either from them directly or their offices at Wuse. I did that last year and was able to get altho it took about 2months so I dont know how they want to do this in 3weeks. I had to do it for some reason (don't even remember) and it hasn't been useful until now.

    I use that branch alot and that's how I found out that they were there to help those without an ID to open an account.

    OR you can a meet "friendly" staff and sort him like 5k, you will get your NIN within a week. It sucks but my friend did that and he got it.

    I hope this helps.

  14. Please my people ,its not compulsory to register for your national I'd card before you get NIN ,go to your bank,go to customer service unit and request for it because it can be retrieve from bvn data base. Note immediately you register for bvn your NIN will be automatically generated with or with national I'd card registration.or *346#


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